Jack visits with Gloria in jail to serve her with the civil suit papers and a check. He wants her to sell her share of Jabot stock to him and if she does he will ask the judge to give her leniency. When she refuses she asks him doesn’t he know what she went through to get those stocks?

Murphy tells Katherine it is probably just a simple problem like needing vitamins. When Katherine sounds down he tells her not to go quitting on her. He assures her that he believes in her.

Daniel, Jana and Kevin discuss their plan to break into the pawn shop but Kevin says when it comes to breaking the law he is the jinx so count him out but they want him involved.

Amber sees Jill so she talks to her and tries to convince Jill that the woman is actually her mother. Jill doesn’t agree and tells her to please do not try to help this woman. She looks at Amber and says her mother is dead and then walks away. Amber repeats herself several times saying she is wrong (meaning Jill is wrong).

Nick thinks the sales figure from the latest issue is impressive. He tells Phyllis he needs the number to Jack’s cabin where Sharon is since her cell phone appears not to be working. Phyllis wants to know why he needs it. He says he needs to check if Noah is allowed to join the ski club and top make sure she is ok. He asks her if she has a problem with that and of course she lies and says no.

Sharon thinks back to Brad’s promise to always be there for her and then how he kissed her. She admitted she never really loved Brad though.

Nikki runs into Victor by surprise. He tells her how he feels about Adam is none of her business. She tells him that he is no longer the center of her universe. Nikki tells him it is just that she was merely expressing empathy for him.

Jack sees Jill at Crimson Lights and he can’t wait to brag to her about him running his father’s company again. He tells her that he will be getting Gloria to sell her shares soon, he is sure of that. Jill doubts that since Gloria is pretty stubborn.

Paul is shocked that he is finally working on a case that doesn’t conflict with his daughter. He tells her how Nikki is taking it with the imposter but they are going over there to observe the woman. Heather tells him that the death of Palin has been declared undetermined by the Mexican government. She says Adam sits in jail and Victor gets his life back, where is the justice in that.

Victor tells Nikki that she tried this I don’t care act before. She tells him she is happy that he is getting along with Nick and Victoria again but his involvement with Ashley and Abby is another story. He looks up and asks if she is finished and she says indeed she is and turns around and walks out.

When Sharon gets back at the cabin from getting some groceries she finds a fax that came in asking about Noah joining the ski club. The note also says he hopes she is doing ok and to holler if she needs anything. Signed love Nick. She smiles as she thinks back to when Nick and she were married and how he carried her over the threshold. Then her thoughts went to their fight when he had his affair with Phyllis and then to their kiss in Paris.

Noah asks Nick why his Mother went to the cabin. Nick tries explaining that she just needed to go somewhere to clear her head. Noah thinks he should go see her saying she shouldn’t be alone. Nick tells him that Sharon is stronger that he thinks. Phyllis happens to see a fax coming in before Nick does from Sharon which also has a copy of the one Nick sent to her saying she is just fine just a little lonely. She folds it up and pockets it.

Amber is willing to join Daniel, and Jana in breaking into the pawn shop. Kevin remembers them spending the night in a closet when they broke into Nick’s house and decides he wants to be left out of this. He says he believes in Mrs. C but he won’t risk 15 years for anyone.

Paul asks Nikki to keep an open mind when she sees this woman. Murphy answers the door and Paul admits he is a private investigator hired by Michael. He apologizes for lying but says he only wants to get the truth. When they go inside Katherine tells Nikki she didn’t intend to upset her the other day. Paul tells her who he is and says he would like to ask her a few questions. She asks if it is to prove who she is. Nikki says or to prove who she isn’t.

Jack goes to pick up Noah and asks if he heard from his mother. Noah tells him no. Nick gets another fax from Sharon saying there seems to be a problem with the generator because the lights keep flickering on and off. Phyllis mutters oh that is too bad as she leaves. She is in the elevator when she takes the other fax out of her pocket and reads it. She makes a phone call and says she needs to see them right away, at Jimmy’s.

Amber makes a few suggestions as to how they get inside the pawn shop and then Daniel tells them of his way. Kevin tells them they will all end up in jail when he hears their plan. He tells them he would disable the alarm system. Jana teases and asks if he will visit her in prison. Kevin gives in but only if they agree to do it his way.

Gloria hears on the TV that Andrew Gibson is trying to get the death penalty legal in Wisconsin. Another prisoner tells Gloria thanks to her they could all fry now. Gloria is told she has another visitor. Jill is there to see her. She offers to buy out her mothers shares of Jabot from her and offers more than what Jack would be willing to pay. Gloria tells her to go to hell. She tells her she won’t be making the deal with Jack either. When she is on her way out Jill tells her she will top any offer that Jack makes to her. When she is outside she runs into Jeffery and she tells him to get Gloria to sell her the shares of Jabot that she has and she will make him CEO.

Gloria tells Jeffery she won’t sell her stock not even if she was strapped to an electric chair. He tells her she will likely be slapped with a civil suit and lose them so he urges her to sell them to him before that happens. He hands her a transfer letter. She tells him no because she doesn’t trust him. He tells her she will lose it all if she doesn’t trust someone and then asks what his little Glo worm will do.

Sharon is at the cabin with a fire built in the fireplace as the lights continue flickering. She looks at a picture of Jack and thinks back to their trip to the Bahamas, then about their fight telling him she has filed for a divorce.

Jack tells Noah it is complicated saying their problem is is not as simple as saying I am sorry. Noah tells him he is worried about his Mom. He says she is pretending to be ok but he doesn’t think she is.

Phyllis meets with Brad at the bar. Brad dials Nick’s last two numbers on his phone to get even with Phyllis. Phyllis talks to Brad about Sharon just as Nick answers the phone. He can hear Brad and Phyllis when they talk. Phyllis tells Brad to do something about Sharon before she makes another move on her husband please. Brad tells her he won’t play anymore games with the black widow. He tells her if he and Sharon ever get together it will be in spite of Phyllis not because of her.

Heather goes to see Victor and tells him that the Mexican government has officially closed the investigation down of Palin’s death. Victor tells her he was cleared of writing the diary saying it was a fake and her boyfriend is no in prison for framing him. She says but because the diary was a fake it doesn’t mean that he isn’t guilty and she intends to keep on looking for proof that he is.

At Crimson Lights Jeffery tells Jill that Gloria is refusing to sell her stock to her but he tells her that he might be able to get her to sell it to him. Jana, Kevin, Amber and Daniel are all dressed in black ready to go on their adventure.

Nikki tells Katherine she needs to hear something that isn’t in her book to prove to her that she is Katherine. She tells Nikki she has flash backs but nothing that really means anything. She says she feels like she is Katherine Chancellor and she thinks Nikki does too. She says if a friend could give her some help she just knows her memory would be back. Nikki tells her she is either confused or a consummate con artist but she says she is NOT Katherine Chancellor. Murphy mentions the ring saying she was wearing it but she pawned it. She says she has the receipt but Murphy reminds her that they gave it to the kids. Nikki decides that she does an incredible impersonation but Nikki has had enough and wants to leave.

Jack continues talking with Noah trying to reassure him that no matter what happens he will always love him like a son. He promises nothing will change that. A woman comes up and asks Jack if he is Jack Abbot. She hands him papers telling him he has been served and walks out. Jack tells Noah they need to get out of there so they leave.

Nikki and Paul are back at Crimson Lights and he tells her that he thinks that woman really is Katherine Chancellor. He says he watched her as she moved and even how she drank her tea. Nikki says he is being conned. Since she went through her ordeal with David she has developed a con-radar saying he swindled her every day and she vowed that to never happen to her again. She thinks this woman is trying to take advantage of their love for Katherine and says it just won’t work.

Meanwhile Katherine tells Murphy she wishes she could convince Nikki. Murphy tries comforting her telling her that things will turn out like they are supposed to be.

The kids are working hard trying to break into the pawnshop. Kevin manages to get the power cut to the camera’s and says there is a small window not connected to the alarm system that Amber could probably slip through. Kevin hears a dog growling which is something he hadn’t thought about before now.

Gloria sits in jail thinking about all three of the offers she got today to sell her stock. She tells the other prisoner Imogene that it is more complicated than who is willing to pay the most. She says selling to Jack might improve her Karma, selling to Jill would only set her back to like things were before and she still questions selling to her husband. She says no matter what she does she will get stung. The guard comes in telling her she has yet another visitor. Victor walks in saying he has an offer for her that she can’t refuse.

Phyllis scolds Brad for trying to act like an angel in all this. She tells him he would have broken up Sharon’s marriage by now if he could have. He tells her no, he has learned his lesson but tells her it is time she learns hers. When Phyllis turns around she finds herself face to face with her husband Nick who doesn’t look very happy.

Jan Barrett

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