Amber is dressed as Marina and Daniel tries once again to talk her out of it. He says when he looks at her he sees Amber, not Marina. He tells her doing this will only cause her more trouble. She disagrees. Kevin comes in with Jana and her suitcases. Daniel says hi to her and he notices the suitcases and says it looks like she may be moving in.

Jana doesn’t recognize Amber so she introduces herself. Amber pretends to be Kevin’s friend Marina. She says she is his room mate. Jana asks Kevin how come he didn’t tell her about this. He tells her that she is pulling her leg, that she is Amber. Amber is happy that she even fooled Jana in her disguise. When Jana goes to the room to unpack, Daniel and Amber tell Kevin the apartment is barely big enough for them, there is no room for another person. Kevin says oh that is true huh. He says ok well they need to flip a coin to see which one of them has to move out and he walks out the room leaving them astonished.

Jeffery comes in after being outside in the cold on his morning jog and sees Jill as he comes in. She asks why he didn’t use the indoor track. He says he likes the fresh crisp air. Besides it’s a beautiful morning for a newlywed. Jill looks confused. He tells her oh he guesses she didn’t hear then, He says he and Gloria got married in Vegas. He heads upstairs for a shower leaving Jill telling herself that was fast even for Gloria. Jill tells Katherine about it and she is surprised too. Jill says they even eloped like a couple of teenagers.

Lily is at home nervous about this party. She asks Karen and Neil how she looks. They tell her she is gorgeous and Neil says her Mother would be very proud of her. She asks if the dress she has on is ok and Neil says no she should change it but Karen pokes him telling him to stop teasing. Neil says he is only joking, she looks beautiful. The doorbell rings and it is a delivery of flowers for Lily. Karen tells Neil way to go and he whispers back to her that he wishes he could take the credit. Lily reads the card and they are from Cane making Lily smile.

Sharon comes home early and surprises Jack. He tells her he has a meeting set with his lawyer and Gloria and her lawyer to settle the estate thing. Sharon offers to stay for moral support but he tells her there is no use to her being submitted for a lot of fighting and lashing out at each other. He told her he promised to be fair with Gloria and that’s what he is going to do. Sharon says ok then she will head out for Newman for a progress report meeting on her trip.

When Sharon gets to the office she sees Brad. He says he is happy she is there early so they can talk. She says she doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. He tells her he respects the fact that she wants to keep her marriage but what he is having a problem with is losing their friendship. He tells her they are colleagues so they have to be around each other so he hopes they can remain friends. She tells him they can not be friends because that will never be enough for him.

Gloria questions Jeffery about where he ran off too after they got married. He tells her he intends to retire now. She tells him she was there thinking he was going to support her in the way she is accustomed to living. He says on the contrary, he thinks it will be right opposite. He asks her if she has that meeting with Jack Abbott to with John’s estate. He tells her to hurry along because he has plans of moving into the mansion by springtime.

Gloria meets with Jack and their lawyers at the Abbott mansion. Jack agrees to give Gloria half of John’s estate. He agrees to what she wants. She is surprised he is being so cooperative. He says it is her lucky day, he just wants to make her happy. She says well there is one more thing. She announces that she wants the mansion. He says not a chance. She says she lived there with John and thinks she deserves it. Jack says he lives there now and has lived there way before she set her greedy paws on his dad. She tells the lawyers she is even willing to buy Jacks share out. Jack says he will buy her half and then she can build her own mansion. She says she wants this one. He says his father would die all over again if he knew she wanted to live in the house with her new husband.

Sharon walks in just as Gloria says well they will just have to settle this in court. Jack tells her she should reconsider. He says he made her a very generous offer. She says she wants the house and she will see him in court. When she leaves his lawyer says he thinks a judge will side with Gloria. Jack turns to Sharon and asks her what she thinks. He wants to know if she thinks he is being unreasonable here. Sharon says she thinks Gloria has gone too far with this one. He is so glad to have his wife’s support on this now.

Jack walks around in the house calling out for John. He says there is no way he can possibly give Gloria that house. He says he loves this house. Meanwhile Gloria is at a meeting at the Club with her meeting talking about the possibility of her getting the house. Jeffery asks if there is anyway they would be allowed to move in while waiting on a judge’s decision. Sharon walks up and tells Gloria she would like to talk to her.

Cane announces that Katherine Chancellor will now announce the 4 finalist for the Fresh Faces Contest. Lily and Marina are both chosen as finalists. Lily is really excited. Cane tells her congratulations. Cane goes up to Marina and congratulates her. She tells him thank you and that he has made her very happy. When he walks away she is posing for the photographers. Cane looks back at her suspiciously. He whispers something to Jill and she tells him something back. Cane goes up to Amber and removes her wig leaving her in shock. 

Jan Barrett

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