Victor tells Victoria that he wants her to get rid of Brad Carlton. Meanwhile Brad is complaining to JT that he is having trouble logging onto the board of director’s website. Victor walks up and informs Brad it is because he has blocked his access. When Victor tells him to name his price Brad tells him his board’s seat is not for sale. Victor laughs and says we’ll see about that just as Brad laughs too saying yes we will.

Nikki tells Paul that the “Men We Love” issue of Restless Style is the biggest hit since Nick and Phyllis took over the magazine. She tells him the next issue will be a tribute to Katherine and all the great work she has done but was too humble to mention in her book.

Daniel tells Kevin that Amber went to see Mrs. C again and suggests that they work together on this. Paul walks up and orders two lattes and offers to work with them on the imposter case and warns them that if it really is Katherine then he will do what he can to help but if it isn’t then this has to stop.

Amber goes to see Katherine at Murphy’s trailer. Katherine tells her thanks to Murphy she has a home that is warm and clean. Amber tells Katherine that she needs to see a doctor. Murphy nods his head agreeing with Amber.

Victoria talks to JT about Brad’s position on the board. She says that she blames herself that he got aboard in the first place. She thought he would be good for the company. She talks about how dangerous Brad can be when he is cornered. JT reminds her how bad her Dad can be too. Victoria says this is going to get ugly.

Brad takes both of his daughters out to lunch. He tells them he would like to take a vacation with them both. He tells Colleen since Abby has her new toys now would be a good time for her to hit him up for anything she might need. He says that is what Dad’s are for when she tells him he seems to be feeling pretty generous.

Ashley waits in the principal’s office when Victor walks in surprising her. He tells her he has missed too many of these sort of meetings and he wants to be there for his daughter now. Ashley tells him it is good to see him there as she hugs him.

Katherine tells Amber she just saw a doctor around Christmas time. Murphy said they told her to go to a specialist. Amber tells her that before the accident she was avoiding seeing a doctor too. She says she was having memory issues then too. She tells her this could be a way for her to come home.

Nikki talks on her phone for business so Paul confirms Katherine’s address by checking out her bail form. He let’s Kevin and Daniel know he wants his involvement to be hush hush though. Daniel and Kevin tell him it is a trailer she is living in and they tell him about Murphy. When Nikki walks over to them, Paul changes the subject really quick so Nikki doesn’t hear what they are talking about.

Abby tells Brad how her mother is at the school. Brad realizes he doesn’t have to go but feels he should be there and he says he wants to. Back at the school Victor and Ashley explain that Victor is Abby’s biological father and Brad adopted her. Victor says Abby and Ashley are living with him now so he will do whatever he can to make this easy.

Abby tells Colleen how hot JT is as they look at his picture in the magazine. She comments on how weird it is that Colleen dated him and after they broke up he got with her sister and married her. Just then Victoria and JT walk in and walk over to their table. Abby walks away and so does Victoria leaving Colleen and JT at the table alone. She jokes with him about wanting to get his autograph.

Amber calls and makes an appointment with the doctor for Katherine who is refusing to go because she doesn’t want to hear more bad news. Amber tells her she is the bravest, strongest woman she knows and promises to be there for her if it is bad news. Finally Katherine agrees and gets ready to go. Amber calls Daniel and tells him she is taking Mrs. C to see a doctor. He tells Kevin who is glad she has agreed to go. When they are about to leave Paul arrives and looks through the window and is shocked at how mush this imposter looks like Katherine.

While going over Abby’s class schedules Ashley thinks Abby would be bored with French 1. While discussing it Brad arrives and introduces himself saying he would like to hear what was discussed again from the beginning.

Paul thinks back to how upset Nikki was begging him not to help this woman asking him not to take the case for her sake. He knocks on the door claiming to be working on the census prescreening and would like to ask him a few questions. Murphy invites him in and they talk about Murphy’s bait and tackle shop. As they talk Murphy explains that he got a roommate back in November.

The doctor checks out the lump on Katherine’s head and asks her if there had been any signs of trauma. She tells him that she tends to forget things, like names and places. He tells her he would like to do some tests to see if they can find out what is wrong with her.

As Paul starts to end his visit, Murphy tells him that he would like his property taxes lowered. Paul has Murphy sign the form. Murphy tells him his roommate should be back later when Paul asks if there would be a chance that he could interview them too. Paul tells him he will see him at his shop. As he leaves he carefully wraps the ink pen that Murphy used making sure he doesn’t mess up any fingerprints on it.

The doctor tells Amber and Katherine that the tests will have to be delayed since Katherine has no insurance. Amber tells the doctor they can’t wait they need to do the tests now. She said there is no problem because she will pays for it all herself. When the doctor agrees she says let’s get started.

Daniel tells Kevin the best bet they have to prove this is Mrs. C is to find that ring that she pawned. He tells him thanks to Amber the owner at the pawn shop threw them out though. They agree they need to find that ring.

When they are finished at the school Brad reminds Victor that he is Abby’s father and he won’t be pushed aside. He says he will not hand over his daughter or his seat on the board as he storms off.

Nikki asks Victoria how it is for her being back at Newman. She is happy to hear Victoria report to her that Victor has been great to both her and Nick. Victoria tells her mother that she is sure her Dad hasn’t forgotten Sabrina or the years he spent with Nikki. Nikki says she knows how he is and how he just jumps into things. Nikki wonders how long it will last with Ashley this time.

Ashley tells Victor that she understands how Brad must have felt walking in and finding Victor there. Victor claims he is only there to support her and Abby. Ashley tells Victor that Abby loves Brad, he is her Dad. She explains that she doesn’t want her daughter torn between two fathers. Victor promises that won’t happen.

When Brad joins Colleen and Abby again he has new ideas. He wants both of them to move back in with him. He tells Abby she has been living with her Mom for a while now but he would like for her to move back home now. Colleen tells him to remember the last time they tried that, it lasted about 10 minutes. She promises to think about it and then leaves. Brad tells Abby he means it he really wants her to move back with him. Abby tells him she loves him but she likes it out at the ranch and would rather live there.

Ashley walks up and finds Abby in tears and asks what is wrong. Abby tells her it is nothing but it is time to go. When she walks away, Ashley asks him what he said to upset her. He tells her that her boyfriend is trying to buy Abby with his lavish gifts. Ashley tells him that boyfriend just so happens to be her real father and she won’t stand by and let them play tug of war over Abby. When she walks off Brad calls his lawyer and tells him he wants to file for full custody of his daughter Abby. He says he is her Dad and he knows what is best for her.

When Victor returns to Newman he reminds Victoria that he was serious, they have got to find some way to get Brad Carlton removed from the board of directors at Newman. When he leaves JT tells Victoria they won’t have to dig too deep to prove corporate espionage where Brad stole company trade secrets and took it to Jabot. Victoria reminds him that they signed a binding contract not to use that and besides she wonders how her Dad would react if he finds out they covered it like that. She wonders if they should risk it.

Kevin and Daniel continue talking about finding that ring. They agree that if the pawnbroker doesn’t want to give them the information then they will just have to take it. Daniel seems impressed saying that he likes his style.

Katherine wonders if Amber really has the money to pay for all the tests. Amber tells her that she left her a ton of money in her will. Katherine tells her to keep it for now. The doctor comes in and tells them if this is a minor issue like a vitamin deficiency or a thyroid problem they can treat it with medication. He says they will see if the PET scans show it is like a stroke or Alzheimer’s. They ask what would happen then. He tells them they would slow the process down with treatments but there would be no cure. He tells them he will call with the results and they can plan the next step. Katherine seems scared so Amber tries comforting her.

Paul tells Nikki that he needs to talk to her but he makes her promise to hear him out first. He tells her there are people that knew Katherine and they think the imposter is really her. Nikki says but they are only being naïve. Paul tells her he met with Murphy but Nikki tells him he is a con man. He tells her he is having a set of prints run on him right now to see if he can find out anything on the guy. He wants to talk to the woman himself but he would like Nikki to go with him. He explains that she knows Katherine better than anyone else. He says if there is even one in a million chances that she is really Katherine they need to know and if not then she will surely be put in jail where she belongs. Nikki finally agrees but says it is only for him that she will and she says it will be the last time she ever wants to see that imposter.

Jan Barrett

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