Heather is at a breakfast meeting with her boss. He tells her he wants her to put Victor Newman behind bars in this case. Paul and Maggie happen to be having breakfast there too and Paul notices Heather there. He tells Maggie he feels partially to blame for all the stress that Heather is under right now so he doesn’t want to push her into them mending their past.

Heather joins Paul and Maggie after her boss leaves. They mention the Newman case and Paul tries to make it easier on Heather and she blows it all out of proportion taking everything he tells her the wrong way til she finally just says she has to go and leaves. As she is about to leave her office calls her with a phone call they transfer to her. It is a male speaking to her telling her he might have some information that might be helpful for the Newman case. She asks if he can meet her at her office but he doesn’t want to go there so she suggests meeting at Crimson Lights. He says ok right now.

Michael meets with Victor and he tells him he is worried about what the DA has against him including this so called witness. Victor loses his cool telling Michael he has hired him to get him off of this and asks him what the hell is going on here. Michael suggests to Victor that he offers the DA a deal. Victor wants to know what kind of a deal. Michael says self defence. Victor asks him if he is out of his mind, he is an innocent man here and he knows that. Victor says this is unacceptable and tells Michael he is no longer his lawyer.

Michael goes home and tells Lauren that Victor fired him. She asks him why and when he told her she said well she can understand why now. She says she is glad though because he has been under way too much stress lately. He says maybe it is Gloria’s fault. He has been trying to deal with her problems taking away his attention to Victor’s case. Lauren admits to Michael that she really thinks Victor is guilty.

Neil comes into Victor’s office and asks Victor if he wanted to see him. Victor says yes, he wants him to find him a new defence lawyer. Neil asks why, what happened to Michael Baldwin. Victor says Michael is no longer representing him. Neil asks if he would like to hear his opinion of this and Victor say no. He says he just needs a new attorney. Neil wants to know if he wants a high powered well known lawyer. Victor says it doesn’t matter as long as he is a good lawyer.

At Crimson Lights the stranger tells Heather he saw Victor being dropped off around 8:00 which proves that Victor was where he says he was when JiMin was killed. Heather decides to ignore the guy and leaves. Michael and Lauren come in before she leaves but he doesn’t tell her about him being fired. When she leaves they sit down and Kevin sits with them. The man that Heather was talking to comes back in asking if anyone has jumping cables. Kevin tells Michael that’s the guy that Heather was talking to outside about a case. Michael asks if it was about the Newman case. Kevin says he doesn’t know.

Michael gets up and tells the guy he has jumping cables and goes outside with the guy. Michael comes back in with the guy he offers to buy him coffee. He thanks the man for what he just told him and says he will be back in touch with him. Michael tells Lauren and Kevin he has to go see Victor. He gets to Victor’s office and tells him that he has an eye witness that can verify that he saw him at the restaurant that he went to that night when the DA claims he was at the gym.

Jack comes in at the Athletic Club and he sees Gloria coming downstairs. He is surprised to find out that she is now married to Jeffery. She tells him she met with her lawyers and they are setting up a date for them to settle with John’s estate. He tells her yes he is looking forward to settling this so he can have her out of his life forever. She says that she is so happy that he has finally accepted that John wanted her to have half of his estate. She tells him to mark her words she will live in the Abbott Mansion again. He looks at her and says over his dead body she will. She just smiles and walks away.

Karen comes out of the bedroom in a robe and startles Lily. She says she didn’t know Karen was there. As they sit to eat bagels Neil comes out saying he is in a rush because he is running late. He offers to take Karen to work but she says she will need her car today so she will drive herself in. He kisses her good bye and leaves. Karen notices that Lily didn’t tell him good bye and asks her about it. She tells Karen he didn’t even notice it. Karen thinks he did. Lily says she and her father are having problems and Karen wants to know if she has anything to do with it. Lily assures her she is not involved and that she has no problems with her being there all night. She says she doesn’t expect them to leave a note on her door when something like this happens.

Lily thinks about her conversation with Neil about her winning the Fresh Faces contest and how much he is against her modeling. Karen says she is leaving and tells Lily to reconsider about them going to spend the day at a spa as she is going out the door. Lily calls Cane and tells him she has some time before her first class so she wants to know if he would like to come to the apartment for coffee. He says sure, he will be there soon.

Lily tells Cane about her Dad and Karen spending the night together. She says she finds her father being hypocritical since he seems to be doing the same thing as he is accusing her of doing with him. She thinks she should just get her own place. She says maybe he should do the same. They start kissing when Karen comes back in and interrupts them saying she forgot something. Cane leaves and Karen tells Lily she won’t say anything to her father about this and Lily tells her it is ok, she doesn’t care if she does or not. Karen says she won’t say anything, so Lily thanks her.

Kevin tells Gloria that Michael wants him to hack into Jeffery’s phone records. Gloria asks him can he do it and he says of course he can. She wants Kevin to help her come up with a plan to make it look like her new husband is trying to do her in, in order to get his hands on her money. Kevin tells her he has a plan.

Jan Barrett

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