Amber works with Katherine to try and help her get her memory back. Colleen and Lily talk about Lily’s relationship with Billy. Then Billy talks to Cloe about her baby.

Sharon runs into Jack at the club and he asks her to come to the party at Restless Style. When Jack’s hooker lady friend comes up she tells Jack she wants another drink. Jack tries to explain to Sharon that it isn’t what it looks like but she gets mad and stomps off. Jack runs after her telling her that it is the same hooker he hired to distract the forger and that is the truth. Sharon tells him if it comes out of his mouth he believes it as the truth. He says the truth is he wants her in his life. She walks off saying too damn bad.

Brad is at Restless Style thinking back to his conversation with Sharon in New York when Colleen interrupts. She asks if he is ok and then he offers a father daughter date at Indigo with her and she agrees to go. She says even if it makes her sound like a dork.

Billy invites Lily to go to Chicago with him instead of the Restless style party. She turns him down and reminds him that they want to take things slow.

Daniel and Amber show up at the pawn shop and the man denies buying the ring from Katherine saying he never seen Katherine before. Amber doesn’t believe him and gets upset accusing the man of lying and starts in on him heavy when Daniel pulls her out of the shop. As soon as they are gone the man makes a call asking if they got rid of that ring. He is told yes so he says good thing they got rid of it but makes them promise to never tell where they got it.

Phyllis pulls Nick to the side and they talk about payment for the photo shoot. She says Renato didn’t get paid and he is freaking out over it. She asks if he forgot to mail the check. Nick says it is possible so he tells Phyllis to mingle while he looks into it.

Lily asks Billy to get her a drink to break up the two brothers as they start to argue. Cane tells her that Cloe is in the bathroom. Lily mentions to Cane about how well Cloe and Billy get along. Cane thinks his brother is out to take everything away from him. He tells her that Billy doesn’t deserve her.

Jack talks with Nikki telling her he is on his own tonight and Sharon wasn’t going to join him. Jack meets Shiva Rose who tells Jack he is as bad as his brother when he flirts with her. She admits she knows Billy and Cloe and when she sees Cloe there she asks if Billy and Cloe are still together but before Jack can answer she walks away and heads over to Billy and Cloe.

Brad tries to apologize to Sharon but she doesn’t want to hear it. She says if he cares as much about her as he says he does then he will just stay away from her. She says she has had enough of him and everyone else like him.

Sharon calls Nikki and asks if Phyllis is at the party yet because she has to go to Restless Style and didn’t want to run into her. When Nikki worries about the kids Paul reminds her that they are adults now. Nick introduces Phyllis to a model, Shante. Since Nick apparently doesn’t find the check important enough to take care of right now, Phyllis goes back to the office to write another one.

Jack calls Billy quickly and lets him know Shiva is on her way over to him. Billy warns Cloe quickly who is shocked that Shiva is there. Shiva spots Billy and he introduces his brother Cane and then Lily who Shiva recognizes but Lily says she isn’t modeling anymore. Then she spots Cloe and is shocked that she is pregnant and the nervous Cloe rushes over to Cane and says yes and this is her husband. Then Shiva is rushed off to somewhere else at the party.

Katherine is soaking her feet in a foot spa as she complains to Murphy when he offers to go talk to the pawnbroker. They talk about how important it is for them to get that ring back. They figure that would be one way to prove that she really is Katherine Chancellor.

Sharon gets to Restless Style to get Noah’s books when Phyllis walks in and asks what she is doing there. Sharon asks her what the hell is wrong with her. She says yes she and Nick did kiss each other but that is all that happened, she says it didn’t go anywhere else. Phyllis warns Sharon to keep her lips off of her husband. Sharon asks Phyllis how can she love Nick and not know what matters to him.

Victoria tells Nick that their mother is worried about his marriage. She asks just how bad it is anyway. He admits that he screwed up but tells her not to ask. Victoria admits she isn’t exactly a fan of Phyllis’s but she has to ask does he love Phyllis. He says of course he does. She advises him to go to her and kiss her like he means it then.

Sharon tells Phyllis she is not a threat to her marriage. She tells her that she won’t keep Nick with threats and manipulations, because he gets enough of that from his father.

Amber wants to talk to Kevin about Mrs. C when he pretends not to recognize Daniel on the cover of Restless style’s magazine. Cloe spots Shiva talking to Cane so she walks over to him and asks him to get her something to drink. She tells Shiva that Cane doesn’t know about her knowing Billy before and wants her to keep her beautiful lips shut about it. Sharon arrives at the party and asks Jack if he meant what he said about doing anything for her she needs a favor from him.

Outside from the party Amber tells Kevin what’s new about Mrs. C and she apologizes for accusing him of killing Mrs. C before. She wonders where he got the money to bail her out of jail though. Meanwhile Katherine talks to Murphy who is encouraging her that they will find a way to prove who she is. They say for now they are just happy to be together as she says there is no other place she would rather be. He kisses her saying he likes coming home to her now.

Shiva talks to Lily about Billy who asks her how she knows Billy. Billy walks up as soon as she asks and whisks Shiva away from her. He tells Shiva that Lily is a keeper for him and he wants her to keep quiet about knowing that he and Cloe knew each other before.

Nick tells Phyllis she is doing a fantastic job running Restless Style, saying without her he would be lost. She kisses him passionately as Victoria tells them to get a room.

When Colleen and Lily talk she talks about her dinner date with her father tomorrow. Billy comes up and whisks Lily away which apparently irritates cane and Cloe as they watch.

Amber tells Daniel that Kevin was no help to her and he just won’t forgive her. He tells her not to worry, he knows she will find a way, she always does. He kisses her assuring her that he is glad to be by her side for the ride.

Paul sees Kevin and mentions the look alike to him. Kevin insists to Paul that Katherine is really Katherine Chancellor and admits that she is even remembering some things. When he walks off Nikki asks Paul she asks what he and Kevin had been talking about. Paul lies to her and when Nikki walks away he calls Michael and leaves a message saying he doesn’t know if he still needs him or not but he wants back on the imposter case.

Back at the club Jack hands keys to Sharon for his cabin. She tells him that Nick is going to watch Noah for her and she thanks him. When she goes out the door Brad is there watching as he had been listening to them.

Phyllis and Nick are back at the office of Restless Style and Nick takes his sisters advice and kisses his wife like he really means it.

Jan Barrett

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