JT is with Victoria talking to her and showing her a picture of Nikki holding Reed. He talks about how good the baby’s lungs are now, saying how loud he is when he gets hungry. He tells her the baby is coming home soon so she has to wake up.

Victor loses his case in taking everything from Nikki in the divorce settlement. Neil tries to comfort Victor saying how sorry he is. He says the one good thing about this is that they lost the company, and then he walks away just as Nikki and David come out the courtroom. Neil calls Karen and asks her to meet him for lunch. Neil meets with Karen at the Club. He tells her how Victor didn’t get what he wanted, but he thinks the judge gave Nikki a fair settlement. As they look over the menu Neil says he needs to add a different version of their lava cake to the menu at Indigo. She says she thinks he should since everyone likes it. He says he can think of something else they needs to add to Indigo and she says no. He says they have to come up with a way to get rid of her stage fright.

Lauren tells Michael she wants him to take her to dinner. He tells her he can’t because he has to meet up with Victor. She says he can wait. She thinks he should be with his wife or else she might just find another date instead. He says he doesn’t like the sound of that so he agrees to have dinner with her. Gloria walks in and announces she is back. When they question her about her so called business meeting she finally admits that she went to Las Vegas. When they ask for what she says she and Jeffery got married there. Michael is mad and starts yelling. She tells him she did what she had to do. Lauren asks him to let her talk to Gloria so he leaves saying he will be back later. When he is gone Gloria tells Lauren that at least she could congratulate her. Lauren tells Gloria she can’t blame them for feeling like they do. Lauren says she doesn’t understand her. Gloria tells her to get off her back. She says to stop giving her the third degree. She did what she had to do.

When David and Nikki get home he starts pushing her to set a date for their wedding and then to start on the new company he thinks they need to start. He gets a call and pretends it is a financier he approached to get an approval for a loan for her. The man tells David that he wants to see him right now. David says it isn’t possible but the man says yes, he wants to see him in 20 minutes.

Victor calls the ranch and tells Miguel that he wants him to go through the house and pack up all of Nikki’s belongings. He says by the time he gets home tonight he doesn’t want to find a trace of her there because she is no longer his wife.  Michael meets with Victor to go over the night Victor was at the locker room at the club. Michael drills him as they go over what he done that night. Victor swears to him that there was no one else there that night. He said he had a work out and then showered and then he went to eat. Michael asks him where he went to eat. Victor says he doesn’t remember. Michael says that’s not good enough, he needs to remember. Victor says it could have been a number of different places, since he goes out to eat every night. Michael says he doesn’t give a damn about all the other nights. He is just interested in that one particular night. Victor asks if they can continue this tomorrow. He tells Michael about the divorce settlement.

Nikki goes to Katherine and tells her she got a settlement that she deserved. She says now the financial support she offered her is no longer needed. Nikki breaks down and cries saying she thought she would be OK with this but she is having a really hard time with it now. She claims she is grieving the loss of NVP but Katherine says she thinks she is grieving for a lot more than that. Nikki says David wants to start a new company right away. Katherine tells her to wait. She says she wants to invest in a company with David. Katherine doesn’t think it is a good idea to do this right away. She invites Nikki to go with her to a meeting at the Club thinking it would do her some good, but Nikki says she would rather not tonight.

David meets this man at the club and tells the guy the money is finally there but he needs two more weeks and after that he will pay him back everything he owes him in full. The man tells him alright he will go along with that against his better judgement though. The man asks David how he plans to get the money. David says if he must know someone he is very close to just got a settlement and will have the money soon. The man asks him if he is sleeping with her or something. David says it just so happens that he is in love with her. The man says oh well then she must know everything. He says she only knows what she needs to know. He says ok whatever Clark. David reminds him that his name is now David. The man says ok whatever you say David. When David starts to leave he sees JT so he turns around trying not to run into him there.

When Michael comes home Lauren tells him Gloria is packing to move in with Jeffery at the Athletic Club. When Gloria comes into the room, they argue about it. He tells her they can get this marriage annulled. He says it isn’t like she is sleeping with the man. Gloria just stands there looking guilty. He says he can’t believe this as she heads for the door with her suitcases. She stumbles through the door trying to carry them and he yells out to her that she can’t even get through the door without needing help as she goes out.

Victor comes in and finds JT sleeping on a pillow next to Victoria. He asks him if he minds if he spends some time with his daughter. JT says no actually he could use a break. Victor tells him to enjoy his workout. When he is gone Victor tells Victoria that he really needs her now. He says he needs her to come back to him now, because he is a really lonely man. While Victor is sitting with Victoria Nikki comes in and says she is sorry she didn’t know he was there. Victor pats Victoria’s hand and without saying a word he walks out the room. Nikki sits down and cries as she looks at the picture of her and the baby and tells Victoria he is beautiful.

Jan Barrett

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