The morning after their wedding Neil takes Karen in his arms and they kiss when there is a knock at the door. Neil yells out that they are not home. Tyra is there telling them that she heard from Rafe and he told her that they might be able to get to the judge today so Anna could be home by tonight.

Victor goes to his office at Newman and sits behind the desk when Nick walks in and is surprised to see him. He tells his dad he didn’t know he was coming in today. Victor says it feels good to sit in his own chair and hopes he doesn’t mind. Nick tells him that chair will always be his. Victor tells him he is ready to take over again at Newman.

Michael tells Lauren that it shouldn’t come out that any of them knew anything about the face cream fiasco. Lauren notices that he is different. Michael tells her he just wants to start the New Year out right saying he is ready to take on the world. He says he needs to get Gloria out of jail.

Gloria tells Katherine they were good friends and that she was married to one of Katherine’s oldest friend, John Abbott. Gloria tells her that she and her daughter Jill fought a lot. Katherine starts remembering the old days when she and Jill use to fight all the time. Gloria tells Katherine her daughter is a power hungry witch and it wouldn’t surprise her at all if Jill wanted her out of the way.

Jack is at Jabot which upsets Ashley. She tells him if anyone gets the wrong idea and thinks he is back working there it could be trouble for the company. Jack answers back to her that he IS back!

Neil calls Rafe and lets him know that he and Karen got married last night and being able to bring Anna home would be the best wedding gift ever. Neil says he plans on making everyday of his life a honeymoon with Karen but first things first. They have to put this family back together.

Paul gives Heather a kiss telling her it is for New Year’s. She said she is happy he was around for the holidays. She tells him she spent New Year’s Eve organizing her closet and address book. She said her New Year’s resolution is to not fall in love with liars. Paul invites her to have lunch with him and she accepts.

Victoria comes in and is surprised to see her Dad at the office. Nick tells her that Victor is coming back to Newman to work. Nick tells him it will be a boost to the company for him to come back and then he can go back to work at Restless Style. Victor thanks Nick and Victoria for doing such a great job holding the company together and says he wants the company to be a family run company again and tells Nick he is more than welcome to stay working there.

Ashley is mad saying she won’t release any memo’s and press statements announcing that Jack is returning to Jabot. Jack says Gloria’s arrest and trial will let the public know that it wasn’t the company’s problem. He reminds Ashley that they were the victims and that’s the truth. Ashley is still worried that Andrew Gibson will reopen his lawsuit. She looks at Jack and tells him she hates him so much.

Michael thanks Paul for finding time to talk to him. He tells Paul he had a dream that he helped him once so now he is hoping he can help for real. He tells Paul about the product tampering case file and tells him that he can knock down the chain of evidence but the cops want to pin this on someone. Paul points out that Gibson also had filed against the restaurant. Michael wants him to dig deeper to try and prove that Emma could have died of other causes such as food poisoning. He says if not Gloria is going to go to jail for 20 years.

Dennis finds Heather working and hands over the face cream file telling her he is giving her the case. Heather promises to get Gloria exactly what she deserves.

Gloria thanks Katherine for being so generous in her will by giving her the stocks. The guard comes in telling Katherine she has a visitor again. Katherine tells her that Murphy has saved her life and he took care of her and he is a true friend.

Rafe comes in and tells everyone that he has pulled some strings and Anna just might be coming home tonight. Devon goes to make sure her room is clean, Neil goes over the paperwork. Karen assures Tyra that she and Neil got married because they were in love, it wasn’t just to get Anna back.

Victor meets Ashley at the club and she tells him she is happy that he is back at Newman saying that is where he belongs. She tells him about Jack coming back. Victor thinks it is a good thing for Jack to be back which confuses Ashley.

When all the papers are signed, Rafe tells Tyra he thinks it would be better if Tyra stayed there instead of going to court with them. Neil agrees saying the judge might not approve. Devon says he will stay there with Tyra. He says he just wants them to bring his sister home.

Billy is surprised to see Jack back at Jabot. He asks if this is his idea of keeping a low profile around the office. Jack says everyone will know soon enough that he had nothing to do with the face cream disaster and then he assures Billy that he will be there helping making decisions along with him and Ashley at Jabot.

Victor explains to Ashley why he thinks Jack being at the office is a good thing. He says with Jack working in the open he won’t be able to pull any of his schemes behind her back. He says despite Jack’s questionable character Jack is an asset to Jabot. He advises her to never let her personal feelings cloud business decisions.

Murphy tells Katherine he went to the bank to see if they would lend him money against his shop and trailer but Katherine thinks it is too much. She tells him she might have found someone that claims they were good friends. Murphy warns her about people stringing her along. He tells her she should keep her distance from this woman. He tells her to think about it, would a good friend of hers be in jail? This gives Katherine something to think about.

When Neil and Karen leave to go to court Tyra complains to Devon that Anna is her little girl and if only the judge could see her heart. Devon tells her that Anna will be home today. Tyra says out loud speaking to Anna to just come home.

When Ashley starts to leave she tells Victor she will think about what he has told her about Jack and she says she will see him out at the ranch later. When she is gone Jack see Victor and says they will let anyone out of jail these days. He asks Victor how many murder raps has he beaten now. Victor says it is easy, when you are innocent. Victor lets him know he heard he is back at Jabot and wishes him luck. Jack assures him that he has big plans for Jabot and the results will blow Victor away, even from behind bars. When Jack walks off, Victor laughs as he makes a phone call asking someone how soon they can get to the Athletic Club, because he has a business proposition he might like.

Murphy tells Katherine to hang in there. He is so sorry he left her alone at the Chancellor Estate. She thinks it is good that he did or else he might have been arrested too. When he leaves he promises to find the bail money from somewhere. When he is gone Gloria asks if Katherine’s friend had any luck with the bail and then offers her a magazine with photos that might bring back some memory. Katherine thanks her but says maybe later, she is exhausted right now.

Heather realizes she and Paul are working on opposite side again and this time it is on the biggest case in the DA’s office, the face cream tampering case. Paul tells her she knows he can’t discuss his cases. She says it is her job to put the guilty away and it is his job to set them free. Paul says he just wants what she wants, which is the truth. Heather can’t let him pay for lunch saying it wouldn’t be right for the DA’s office to receive a gift from someone on the defense team.

Jack tells Billy and Ashley that his lawyer assures him that he is on solid ground. He says the three of them will be running Jabot with a clean image. Billy says that since the three of them will have an equal say here, he suggests that they take a vote on whether or not Jack should stay. Ashley tells him she thinks Jack should stay which shocks Billy. Jack hugs her promising her that she won’t ever be sorry. He says no hard feelings to Billy either. When Jack is gone Ashley tells Billy this was the best option and she even admits that she hopes she knows what she is doing too.

Michael and Lauren visit with Gloria and he tells her he is trying to bump up her arraignment. Gloria tells him she is in no hurry to get out saying she doesn’t want to annoy the judge. She tells them she wants to do this by the book.

When Neil and Karen bring Anna home they break the news to an ecstatic Tyra that she will only be allowed to visit with Anna under supervision of a CS worker. They said it was the best Rafe could do for now. Tyra bites her tongue and says she will abide by the rules. She says she guesses that she isn’t supposed to be there right now either. She hugs and kisses Anna and promises to set up a visitation as soon as it can be done. She tells Anna she loves her and leaves but once out the door she breaks down crying sliding down to the floor.

Victoria and Nick talk about Victor coming back to work but Nick still isn’t so sure he wants to work for his Dad again after he had been fired once before. They agree that Victor seems like a different man but he can still be cold and calculating. They have to wonder which one came back today though.

Jill walks in at the club and walks over to Victor saying he said he had a proposition for her. He invites her to sit with him and asks her how she would like to regain control of Jabot again and crush Jack Abbott in the process. Jill just sits there looking at him and she says she is listening.

Jan Barrett

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