Victor arrives at the office and surprises Neil and Nick. Neil tells him he is surprised to see him there. Victor says well he doesn’t know why since he does own the place. When he walks out Neil asks Nick if he and his father are having problems with each other since Nick didn’t say anything to him. He tells Neil to ask Victor about it.

Maggie goes to see Heather. They discuss the JiMin case and Maggie talks about all the evidence they have on the case. She says they are ready to make a move on this now. Heather shows Maggie all the evidence they have against Victor which shows only to be all circumstantial. Nothing good enough to get a warrant issued for him.

Heather admits to Maggie that she hasn’t been sleeping very well lately. Maggie tells her if she needs to talk she is there for her as a friend. Heather says that’s all well but since she is dating the main source of her problems it would be hard to talk to her about it. Maggie assures her that her relationship with Paul wouldn’t interfere with their friendship.

JT runs into Paul at the coffee house and tells him the baby has gained another pound. He says how good he is doing. JT asks Paul if he has a few minutes, he wants to ask him about some things. Paul noses around when JT says he is asking about David. Paul figures it out that JT is asking for Victor. Paul warns JT that Victor Newman is ruthless and he will do what it takes to get what he wants. He tells JT to be careful with Victor and begs him not to get caught in the middle of the Newman divorce.

At the Abbott house Noah tries to con his way out of going back to school now that the holidays are over but Sharon doesn’t fall for it. Jack tells him to get his things for school and he will drop him off on his way to work. Before they leave Noah asks Sharon if they are going to come back there after school and she turns to Jack and says yes they are coming back there to Jack and this house and smiles.

Ashley asks Sharon if she can talk to her about Jack. She tells Sharon that Jack was so scared that she was going to leave him. She tells her that Jack looks at her like his lifetime. Sharon thinks this is a lot of pressure on her and they laugh. She tells Ashley she is committed to this and that is why she decided not to leave. She wants the marriage to work. Ashley is happy to hear this.

Victor talks to Nick and Neil about the lawsuit. He doesn’t want to discuss the murder investigation. He wants them to move on with the lawsuit right now. Later Neil and Nick are talking when Karen walks in. After Nick leaves he tells her about the warpath Victor is on when he notices Cane out in the hallway. He tells Cane he wouldn’t advise him to go in Victor’s office right now. Cane says but they have a meeting. Neil says yes he knows but Victor wants him to talk to him about Clear Springs first so they go off to Neil’s office to talk.

Neil tells Cane that Victor is convinced that Chancellor Industries should be sharing the fault at Clear Springs. He says he is considering placing a countersuit against them. Cane says that is ridiculous and he knows it. Cane tells Neil Victor is crazy and he knows it. He tells Neil that he is only saying these things because it is what Victor wants and he storms out of the office.

Nick goes to talk to Victor. He says he has been thinking about something. Victor asks if this has something to do about his mother’s lawsuit. Nick tells him to please stop putting words in his mouth. Nick tells him he needs to stop pursuing the countersuit. He thinks this is a big mistake. Victor refuses to budge on it so he leaves. Victor calls JT and asks him to come to his office.

Sharon calls Brad and asks him to meet her for lunch. He says ok and wants to know if she made her decision. She says yes that is what she wants to talk to him about. Before she gets out the door Ashley walks in and tells her she thinks she is good for Jack. Sharon thanks her and then leaves without telling Ashley she is going to meet Brad for lunch. When Sharon gets to the club she tells Brad it is good to see him. He asks her what is going on. She says well she has made a decision and that is that she is going to stay with Jack. Brad looks devastated. He says oh so you are staying with Jack. She tells him she has thought about this for a long time. He thinks she needs to think about it longer. He thinks she is doing this only for Noah and he doesn’t think that is a good idea. She says she is not perfect so who is she to hold Jack in judgement. She says if he is going to be her friend then from now this subject is closed with them permanently from now on. Brad takes Sharon’s hand and tells her he cares about her so much but he only wants her to be happy. Sharon doesn’t know it but Jack sees her as she grabs Brad’s hand back.

Ashley goes to see Victor and surprises him. He is so happy to see her. He tells her he is so glad to see her. She asks about Victoria and the new grandson. He asks her if she has heard what her brother is trying to do to him. She says of course. She asks him if he ever gets tired of fighting with Jack. He asks if her brother ever gets tired of it.

Devon is in the office when Neil walks in and Neil asks him what is on his mind. He tells him about being with Lily earlier and how he thinks she is still hung up on Cane. He wonders if it would be a good idea if he tried hooking her up with someone else to take her mind off of Cane.

Heather gets a call confirming from the lab that they now have solid evidence against Victor in the Ji Min case. She thanks them and hangs up. She tells Maggie that’s the call they have been waiting for. Maggie also gets a call and finds out Jack Abbott wasn’t the last person to see Ji Min alive, Victor Newman was. She says now maybe they have enough to get that warrant.

As Ashley walks into the elevator Victor is standing there, the other elevator door opens. Maggie comes out with two police officers and tells Victor she is there with a warrant for his arrest.

Jan Barrett

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