Cane and Lily talk to Amber and Daniel about Marina and the contest. Cane asks Lily if she is busy for the rest of the day. When she says no he says he thinks they should celebrate. Amber gets Daniel to call the newspaper to ask for the Entertainment Editor for her. When he gets the guy on the phone Amber takes the phone and changes her voice saying she is Marina and she would love to do an interview. When the editor gets there he begins interviewing Marina. As they talk Cane and Lily come in and join them. Marina tells the man she grew up overseas and Cane interrupts saying that is not what she told him. He says that actually he is pretty certain she told him that she grew up in San Diego.

Victor is at the Club reading the paper when he hears David up at the bar. He doesn’t say a word. He gets up and walks out. David sees him with a puzzled look on his face.

Cane and Lily are at the Chancellor Estate going over some DVD’s to watch. Lily says she has always wanted to watch Casablanca.  He says good they will watch it. He puts it in the DVD player and says she will enjoy this, it is the most romantic movie ever. After the movie they talk about it and Lily tells him she loved it. They kiss and suddenly she pulls away and tells him she hasn’t been with anyone since Daniel. He tells her he won’t do anything she doesn’t want him to do. She stutters at first then says she thinks she wants him to.

As they are there on the sofa making out Jill and Katherine walk in and catch them. Lily apologizes but they assure her that it is all good. They tell Lily how proud of her for making it this far in the contest. After Cane and Lily leave Jill tells Katherine that she is worried that Lily may fall harder for Cane than he wants her to. She asks Katherine if she saw the glow in Lily’s eyes when she looked at Cane. Katherine brings up Amber and Jill, says she is so glad that girl is out of their lives.

Nikki is at the hospital nursery to see Reed when the nurse comes out and asks her if she wants to hold him. Nikki is all excited. Once she has him in her arms JT comes in with the camera and takes a picture of them saying Victoria is going to love this. JT says he knows she has court today. He says that has got to be rough on her. She says well she went into this marriage alone, she guesses she can come out of it alone.

Jack and Sharon went for a swim while they are vacationing in the Bahamas. Sharon says in a place like that it is easy to forget what is going on in the rest of the world. He tells her that he can never forget how much he loves her. She asks if he wants to go to the casino after dinner. He says he would much rather stay there and get her out of that robe again. Sharon asks him if he is hungry after they had their time together. He orders them a couple of burgers and fries and another bottle of Champagne. When room service delivers their burgers the man tells them to enjoy their honeymoon. Sharon was impressed asking Jack if he told them they were on their honeymoon. He told her that they never had an official honeymoon so he thought this could be one. They end up back in bed for yet another go.

Victor is imagining about Nikki coming up to him begging him to take her back. He thinks of her as telling him how sorry she is for all the pain she has put him through. He is brought back to reality when the elevator doors at the courthouse open and Nikki comes in. The lawyer walks up and asks Victor if he is ready. David walks up after Victor goes inside. Nikki asks him what he is doing there, she told him not to come. He said he just couldn’t stay away. As they sit waiting for it to begin, Nikki starts imagining Victor saying that his wife was always a loving and caring mother to their kids and she had always been a good wife. She imagines him says he never wanted it to come to this.

The judge walks in and interrupts her thoughts asking if they are ready. Victor tells the judge that he had his business established already when he met Nikki and she repaid him for all he gave her by cheating on him. Nikki says when she fell in love with him he had been posing as the butler to assure she fell for him and not his money. The judge asks Victor what he wants out of this. He tells her that to be honest he doesn’t want what he has struggled a lifetime to build to be taken by a woman because she doesn’t feel fulfilled. The judge says Nikki deserves her divorce and a settlement to match the lifestyle she was use to living during the marriage. She orders the company, NVP to go to Victor completely.

Jan Barrett

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