Jill tells Cane she is really happy that he is working at Chancellor Industries because he is the only one she trusts. She says even though they don’t always agree she knows they can really be honest with each other. She wants him to know she loves him. She sighs saying if only she could have talked to Katherine like this.

At the Chancellor Estate, Cloe helps Esther with her makeup and when done she puts her in front of the mirror, Esther seems quite pleased with what she sees and she asks Cloe where did she learn to do this. She apologizes to Cloe for shipping her off to a boarding school when she was young. Cloe lets her know she has accepted that now. She gives Esther her birthday gift which is a gorgeous outfit. She tells Cloe this is way too glamorous to just be going to dinner with her and Cane. Cloe says this brings her to her next surprise. She explains how she has set her up with a date. Esther isn’t so sure about that. Cloe tells her not to worry because she and Cane will be with her too.

Roger is at Indigo with his cell phone sending a text message telling someone he is waiting for confirmation and he will keep them posted, while back at the Chancellor Estate Cloe tries to convince Esther to join them for dinner with the date for her.

Nikki sees Gina at the Club and explains to her that Paul can’t make lunch so she asks if she can change her reservation to one instead. She tells Gina about how ‘Marge’ came to see her and pretended to be Katherine.

Pearl tells Katherine that Joe Jr. is on his way and he is mad as hell about her not coming into work. Murphy tells her to just apologize. She isn’t so sure that will work but Murphy makes her believe she can do anything.

Amber wants to find Katherine to talk to her but Kevin says they wanted to call the cops on him so why should he help them. Daniel tells him that he is sorry about that but there is only one way he can think of to fix this. He thinks the answer would be to find this woman who looks like Katherine.

Cloe still is trying to get Esther to go on this date, convincing her that it would be nice to just to go out on a date for a change. Finally Cloe gets her to go try the dress on that they bought her. When she goes upstairs, Cloe calls Roger and tells him they will be there shortly. When they hang up Roger makes a call saying it is a go.

Gina walks over to Jill and Cane and starts to talk about that terrible woman that is pretending to be Katherine. Jill cuts her off saying she doesn’t want to talk about her. Cane tells Jill he can’t stay because they having dinner with Esther and her date that Cloe set her up with for her birthday. Jill says she will pass on joining them but she did get Esther a gift because if she didn’t Katherine would come back to haunt her.

Kevin tells Daniel he isn’t telling him anything because he betrayed them. He says what if this woman isn’t Katherine Amber will continue accusing him of killing Mrs. C. Amber walks in and begs Kevin to help them. She says if she can find her then maybe they can give her her life back.

Joe Jr. walks in and argues with ‘Marge’ saying he has had it with her. She apologizes to him but it doesn’t work. Instead he ends up firing her.

When they get to Indigo Cloe introduces Esther to Roger. When Esther sees the table with the flowers she is amazed and Roger says he arranged the flowers in honor of her birthday Cloe tells them that Cane would be there soon to join them.

Jill reassures Cane that she doesn’t want to join them. When Cane is on his way out Gina stops him and apologizes for upsetting his mother. Gina explains to him about her connection in the whole Marge, kidnapping story. She tells him that she didn’t know about any of it though, not until the cops arrested her husband, Clint. She tells him she survived it. Nikki walks in and says any table is fine except for the one Jill is at. Nikki suddenly decides it doesn’t matter so she goes over to Jill’s table and sits down.

Katherine has it out with Joe telling him all the reasons he doesn’t want to really fire her. She puts him in his place and she tells him to face it, she is irreplaceable. Finally he huffs out telling her to get back to work. Everyone in the diner applauds ‘Marge’ for her speech to Joe Jr.

Jana agrees that no one would fight harder for Katherine than Amber so Kevin writes down the address and tells her not to make him regret this decision. Daniel tells her they need to talk about this before she makes her move. He wants her to be prepared in case this isn’t Katherine. He says Marge is a con artist and she has fooled people close to Katherine before now.

Nikki sits at Jill’s table and says she has something to tell her. She tells her about that woman coming to see her. Jill tells her when Marge came to see her she thought it was Katherine and even hugged her and then she realized she wasn’t. She says she will never forgive her for that.

Kevin tells Jana he thinks Daniel had a point when he said if anyone can reach Katherine it would be Amber, but it is weird that Jill didn’t even know her own mother. Jana laughs at Kevin asking him is he is starting to doubt himself or is he thinking of the money he gave to a stranger. Kevin says he still thinks it is Katherine but would like proof. He says maybe Jana can help!

Murphy takes off for a meeting just as Daniel and Amber walk into the diner with Amber in a disguise wearing glasses. She spots Katherine telling Daniel there she is. Marge asks if they want water and they say it would be great. They watch when Katherine sets Joe’s orders straight. Daniel says it is hard to believe that woman has memory problems she could have fooled him because she is as sharp as a tack. Amber still thinks that there is a reason for everything.

Roger gets a text message and then starts a conversation with the group there. He asks all sorts of questions being quite the charming guy claiming he has never met just the right woman for him. He claims he managed to save quite a bit of money but now finds his retirement is boring.

Jill and Nikki talk to each other over how they miss Katherine. They talk about auctioning off Katherine’s clothes for charity. They both remember the site of the accident seeing Katherine lying there dead. They agree they do have something in common. Nikki says if only it wasn’t something so bad.

Jana is surprised that Kevin is asking her to contact the dead. She remembers that she promised him that she would never use that séance thing again. He tells her there has to be a happy medium. Kevin thinks this should tell them if Mrs. C is there with them or upstairs.

‘Marge’ takes Amber’s order and even though Amber tries to get her to recognize her it doesn’t work. She tells Daniel she was so sure it was her as she sounds disappointed. She says she guesses she has got to accept that she is gone. ‘Marge’ tells them to have a nice day when they get their order and start to leave. As they go out the door ‘Marge’ smiles at Amber again.

Nikki and Jill find themselves talking about things that Katherine loved and the mention of jewelry came up. When Jill starts to get up Nikki tells her she believes her about the ring and asks her to calm down. Jill apologizes and tells her that she was hurt because Katherine had left her something so personal. Nikki tells her that Katherine left her the company, saying she can’t get more personal than that. Nikki points out that Chancellor Industries is hers.

Esther blows out the candle as she makes her wish, that someone else was there. Roger apologizes saying he has to excuse himself for a minute and he runs out the door into the alley. He runs into a guy and raises hell with him for text messaging him every 5 minutes asking why he is so jumpy calling the man Clint. Clint claims this is just too good to be true. Roger tells him he is going to screw this up. When Roger joins Esther back inside he claims his mother had been texting him all night long about the remote control for the TV he bought for her. Then he manages to get an invitation for a night cap back at Esther’s place.

Nikki tells Jill she is sure that Katherine was smiling down at them right now. Jill realizes that her mother loved them both and she admits how jealous she was over the bond her mother had with Nikki. Nikki admits to Jill that he hadn’t always been so nice to Jill either. So they both agree it is time to break their old habits and move on.

Jana asks for a sign from Mrs. C. She tells Kevin that something should have happened by now. They agree that maybe she isn’t up there. He says he will forget what Daniel said and until it is proven otherwise, he will believe that Mrs. C is still alive.

On a hunch Amber goes back into the diner claiming she forgot something. When she picks up a cell phone Katherine tells her that isn’t hers. She tells Amber that hers has pink sparkly things all over it. Amber is shocked and asks how she knew that. Amber’s eyes get big and she looks at Katherine and says OMG it is you! Katherine looks at Amber and seems to recognize her as well. She says Amber, it’s you, I know you, and you know me! She says Dear God in heaven it’s Amber and she whispers to her thank you, thank you as they hug each other closely.

Jan Barrett

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