Lauren and Michael go out for breakfast and discuss his schedule concerning his cases. Lauren warns Michael that he can not control everything. She suggests that he just let Gloria clean up her own mess. Then he says she is right. He said though he isn’t as concerned about Gloria as he is about Victor. Lauren asks Michael to let her help him with Gloria. He says he doesn’t want her getting involved with Gloria’s schemes. She finally gets him to agree for her to at least locate Gloria since she has suddenly become MIA. He says ok but only if she promises to report to him as soon as she does.

Victor walks in the break room at Newman and sees Nick there. Before Nick sees him, he leaves the room. Nick starts packing his things when he thinks back of things his father told him about his mother and his reasons for doing this to Nikki. Nick has a box of his things that he sets on a desk in the hall when Victor comes out of an office. Victor just walks past him as if he isn’t even there. Nick’s secretary offers to have all his things sent to his home. She says they are all going to miss him. He hugs her and says he will miss them too. She leaves and he picks up his boxes and leaves the office.

Kevin is at the coffee house talking to Colleen when Heather walks in. She tells him she has some news for him. She says she has talked to doctors and Jana and everyone else involved in the case. Kevin asks her if she needs anything else to help. She says no. She tells him that she has talked to her boss and they have decided not to press charges against Jana, they are going to release her. Everyone is happy and Colleen tells Heather that she made the right decision. She says something to them about not having enough evidence to make the charges stick. Colleen asks her if that means she doesn’t think Jana should be released then but before Heather can answer her phone rings and goes out on the patio to answer. Daniel follows her and when she is off the phone he tells her he thinks the reason she is doing this is because she does have a heart after all.

David comes in and Nikki tells him the news about the counter suit. He asks what Victor wants. She says NVP is on the top of his list as payment for the loan. David said well they expected that. She says that’s not all, he wants reimbursement for his salary since she hired him without Victor’s permission and he wants 6 months profits that came from NVP.

Nikki goes to see Victor. She tells him none of her jewelry was bought with NVP’s money, it was all a gift from him. She asks him what he wants her gowns for. She tells him she is not going to give in on this. He tells her she started this war. She tells him she has a proposition for him. She tells him she will drop her lawsuit on him if he drops his countersuit and in exchange she will offer NVP to him and all stock to pay off her loan. He looks at the file she hands him. He says why he would go for a deal like this when he can just take it all from her. She says if he takes NVP she will sue him, but if he buys it then everything will be settled. He says he has given her his answer. He says he wants her back where he first found her when he met her. She asks him if there isn’t some way they can compromise. He asks her what she expected from all of this. He throws it at her about her flaunting her affair with that sleaze ball David Chow. She gets her coat and walks out saying she will have a proposal drawn up and sent to him. He tells her don’t bother wasting paper. He wants her back where she was, on the streets.

Nikki goes to Katherine and tells her what Victor is doing. She says he has got her now. She is broke and has no money. Katherine says they need to go over all this piece by piece. Nikki tells Katherine it is all just a big mess. Katherine tells her she has a solution but it may be one she doesn’t like. She says take him to court right away. Katherine goes to Newman and runs into Nick as he is leaving. He tells her he is now unemployed. She asks him what he is planning to do now. He says he doesn’t know yet, but for now sit at home and enjoy his unemployment.

Katherine goes to see Victor and tries to get him to talk to her. He tells her that he is not comfortable talking to her about this. She says not even for an old friend. He reminds her that they have always been close but quite frankly when she decided to join forces with Nikki and Jack against him that really changed things between them. She mentions his mother and he snaps and tells her not to bring his mother into this. He reminds her that his mother left him alone to grow up in an orphanage so he doesn’t need anyone. He thanks her for coming by and says he loves her but he thinks she should leave.

Kevin goes to Jana to give her the news. She tells him to pinch her but when he says ok she says she was kidding. He tells her the charges have been dropped and she will be released today. She is so surprised, she can’t believe she is going to be free. Jana gets dressed in her street clothes and all packed up and she and Kevin leave the prison.

Daniel and Amber and Colleen plan a surprise welcome home party at Crimson Lights. She is really shocked when she walks in and everyone yells surprise. She feels bad saying she wasn’t expecting this and she isn’t dressed for a party. Amber puts a scarf around her neck for her and says there, now you are and then hugs her. Colleen hugs her and tells her welcome home. Adrian looks a little lost and uncomfortable but says nothing. Out on the patio Jana tells Kevin she feels so strange. She says it isn’t that she isn’t grateful. She says she has to find a way to be her again. She needs to find a place to live and a new job. He says he has it all figured out, she can move in with him and she can have her old job back at Crimson Lights.

Michael tells Victor that the DA has a witness that can say he was at the athletic club about the same time as JiMin’s time of death. He says this witness says he saw Victor there and he was very agitated and he claims he saw Victor stuffing something in his gym bag. Victor says that is absurd, this so called witness is lying and he thinks Jack Abbott is behind this one.

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