Kevin and Jana go to visit Gloria and they find her in one of her moods. When Kevin mentions River’s name Gloria tells him not to dare say that name around him. She tells them that man is bad karma.

Paul comes home and Nikki kisses him welcoming him home just as Michael walks in the door and catches them. They explain that they have been keeping their relationship kind of quiet. Michael says well as long as they are happy. Michael gets a call from Lauren telling him that Eden got another letter from the tax assessor’s office saying they have seized the ashram and they shut it down. He tells Lauren he will meet her at Crimson Lights and then explains to Paul and Nikki that he has to go saying his parent that deserves to be in prison is still causing him headaches.

Anna is all dressed up saying her Dad has an hour to teach her how to dance. They agree to take her to Indigo so they will have the dance floor to practice on. Karen tells Neil he is the sweetest man for doing this for Anna on their way to the father/daughter dance. She says this will make Anna and Tyra so happy. Neil says Karen is incredible around Anna. She tells him he has made it possible for her to experience motherhood

Katherine comes out dressed in her waitress uniform. Murphy teases her for going to her job when she is a billionaire typhoon. Katherine says she doesn’t have any choice besides they could use the money. She says it is a part of a life that she has grown fond of.

All of the Winter’s arrive at Indigo. Neil talked to Rafe who told him that there doesn’t have to be a supervisor present if they happen to run into Tyra in a public place. Tyra notices that Anna has on a new dress. When they go to start the dancing lesson Tyra thanks Karen for the new dress and Karen says it was their pleasure, they love making her happy.

Eden has a fit because they closed down the ashram. She is worried about all the residents that have been thrown out in the streets and now she doesn’t even have a home. Michael and Lauren said she does have a home with them as long as she wants it.

Paul managed to get hold of Andrew Gibson. Paul says after a few drinks, Gibson opened up to him about Emma who had a daughter with another man. He told Paul that the kid caused tension in the marriage but for some reason it wasn’t mentioned in the court papers. Nikki tells Michael that she respects him but not Gloria because of what she did. Michael said he might have agreed with her a year ago but now he says he knows Gloria never meant to hurt anyone. She was betrayed by two men, one she stood up for which caused the other one to set her up. Nikki argues with Michael saying Gloria is in jail because she is guilty of a crime, not because of some noble deed she has done. She says she has to take responsibility for what she has done. Paul reminds Nikki that the coroner’s report of the woman that died was inconclusive. Nikki calls it a malicious act. Michael argues that his mother has changed though and he is giving her the benefit of the doubt. Nikki says his mother was still wrong for what she did.

Kevin stops Gloria as she talks about Katherine telling her that they both know Katherine is legit. Gloria is upset when he tells her that he is paying for Katherine’s defense. She asks if he is out of his mind. She says if Katherine gets her memory back then they can kiss Jabot goodbye. She asks doesn’t anyone give  adman about what happens to her if that will is overturned.

Pearl is happy to see Katherine, thinking she is Marge, back to work but warns her that Joe is pretty mad that she has missed a few shifts. She hands Katherine a gift bag and when Katherine takes out the gift inside she finds a bowling shirt. She says she has signed them up for a winter league and she informs Katherine that she will be captain as always. Katherine jokes around telling Murphy that makes her Captain Marge to him now.

Nikki explains to Paul why she thought Marge was Katherine. She says but when she mentioned the book saying she had read it she changed her mind. She says it is a cruel hoax. Paul lets her know that Michael is handling Katherine’s case and he has asked him to help in the case.

Neil is dancing with Anna when Lily and Devon watch saying he is the best Dad ever. When Karen goes to get her camera Neil asks Tyra to join him to help demonstrate. She comes back in just in time to see Neil dip Tyra on the dance floor. While they are all getting a drink Karen tells Neil she has an idea. She thinks of them being a family now, so she wonders what he thinks of the idea of them adopting Anna and making this permanent.

Nikki is surprised at Paul helping Michael with Katherine’s case saying it is wrong and it is painful. Paul tells her it is job. She says she doesn’t want to interfere in his work but asks him to please turn this job down.

Neil tells Karen this would be a huge step. Tyra tells Devon and Lily that maybe she should go back to Seattle and let Anna go. Devon says no way, that she is Anna’s mother. Tyra realizes he is right as she walks over to talk to Anna.

Michael tells Lauren he will pay the back taxes when he sells the Malibu property and then he will set up a college fund for Eden. Lauren thinks that is a great idea. Michael says he wishes that Lowell had never shown up there. As he sits there ranting on about Lowell Eden walks in and hears him but she runs off before Michael can explain. Michael calls her cell phone and leaves an apology on her voice mail and then tells her to call them to let them know if she is safe.

Karen takes a picture of Neil and Anna dancing and tells Anna of course she can show it to her Mother. Karen talks more to Neil about her adopting Anna idea when Tyra overhears her. She sends Anna off to talk to Devon and Lily so she can scold Karen saying if anyone is going to adopt her it will be her. She says she is Anna’s mother. Karen tells her that if they adopt her then that would mean no one can take her away from the family then. Neil assures Tyra that they are only Anna’s advocates right now and that is only until she can get her back.

Katherine tells Pearl she loves the shirt. She warns Pearl though not to expect too much. She is about to tell Pearl who she really is but Pearl is called away to work. Katherine wonders if living a lie is good but she doesn’t know how to fix it. Murphy tells her that the answer will come.

Devon tells Anna that she hasn’t caused any tension between Tyra and Karen. He says all they all want is what is best for her. Lily doesn’t agree that Devon should have told Anna that Tyra will always be her Mom. She thinks Karen and her Dad should adopt Anna.

Paul finally agrees not to take on the job Michael offered to help prove Marge is Katherine. He calls Michael and tells him he is not available for the job which makes Nikki happy.

Michael visits Gloria in jail and she asks about him representing Katherine. She tells him that yes it is Katherine too and she is glad he took her case. She says she has an idea but Michael tells her the subject is off limits to her and he will not discuss it with her. He tells her since she blew getting out on bail she may as well get use to her new home. She blames it all on Lowell saying she despises that man. Michael tells her she isn’t the only one if that is any consolation.

Nikki and Paul snuggle after he calls Michael. She thanks him for turning down the job as she pulls in tighter with him. She feels so safe and loved when she is in his arms.

Katherine takes a break and talks to Murphy about Pearl. He tells her they have always looked after each other at work. Murphy tells her he knows that one say she will return to her life. As they sit and talk Joe calls Katherine back to work.

Lily and Devon argue over who should raise Anna. They wonder who is more able to provide stability in her life. Devon says she belongs with Tyra no matter what as he stomps off. When Neil and Anna are ready to go to the dance Karen reminds Tyra that she is married to Neil now so hopefully when it is time she will put Anna’s needs ahead of her own.

Kevin and Jana officially welcome Eden into their family saying she should fit right in. Lauren assures Eden that she will always be safe but she can’t say that her Dad will ever come back. She says he could be anywhere, doing just about anything. Then suddenly we see Lowell dressed like a priest thanking someone for their donation saying the children will be thrilled. Another priest walks in saying how great it is to have Father Donavan with them. He says Father Donavan is such a distinguished guest that is welcome to stay as long as he wishes to. Father Donavan (actually it is Lowell) says he sense the Lord has a mission for him there.

When Michael is about to leave he tells Gloria she will be the first to know what Paul finds out. She starts in about Lowell again saying she hopes he is caught and spends the rest of his life in solitary. Michael thinks they will never catch the man. He says Lowell if good at staying underground. Michael whispers to himself that wherever Lowell is now, he hopes he stays because he never wants to see his face again. Then Lowell is seen in a church and he pockets a check that the woman gave him.

Jan Barrett

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