Cane knocks on Neil’s door and Lily answers. He asks her what she is doing. She says she is just studying. She asks him what he is doing there. He says he is there to see her Dad. Since Neil isn’t there Cane and Lily have some time alone together. He claims to know a lot about the history she is studying so she says she is going to quiz him. He answers to her surprise. They laugh and then suddenly they are kissing each other.

Cane and Lily are making out on the sofa when Neil and Karen walk in. Startled to see them, Lily explains that Cane was there helping her study. Cane says he came by to bring Neil some papers and then says he better be on his way. Lily offers to walk him to the elevator but Neil intervenes and says that is ok, he will do it. While waiting on the elevator Neil tells Cane that finding him in there with Lily makes him a bit uncomfortable. He says there is nothing he can do about him and Lily seeing each other but he can tell him one thing. He says he better not bring their little love fling into his home again. Later Lily tells her Dad that she knows she moved back in after her divorce but now she thinks she needs to get her own place. That way she can have who she wants over when she wants. Neil is against it but she tells him she has made her decision and that she has got to grow up on her own.

Sharon opens the door and finds Brad there. He has several excuses as to why he is showing up at her hotel room door. She asks him if he really thought him following her there would change things. He says he was hoping it would. She stands to the side and lets him in. Brad said he came because he knows they belong together but her response is that she doesn’t want to hurt him. He tells her he loves her. She tells Brad she knows he wants her to tell him that she loves him and that she thinks she should be with him, but she can’t. He says if she can look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t love him then he will get up and walk out that door. She tells him she can’t love him the way he wants her to. He says she just won’t let herself. She says she really can’t. She says this is going to hurt him to hear her say this but she doesn’t think she ever really loved him but Brad doesn’t believe that. She tells him she is in love with Jack. He says he doesn’t believe that. She thinks they need to make a clean break and stop seeing each other. He says she doesn’t mean that. She says their friendship meant a lot to her but apparently that just isn’t enough for him. He says he tried. She says his friendship was enough for her. She walks to the door and opens it and stands there as he walks out.

Jack starts to call Sharon when John’s ghost asked him what he is doing. Jack says he is calling his wife to tell her good night. John asks why, doesn’t he trust her. Jack says yes he does, it is Brad that he doesn’t trust. Jack sits down and John disappears. Jack starts imagining Sharon and Brad together and makes him look around for John. He tells John Sharon would not betray him. He gets his jacket and John asks him where he is going. He says he is going for a drive. John tells him Chicago is due south.

Jack goes to the club and is sitting at the bar when he tries calling Sharon but can only get her voice mail. While he is sitting there, Sharon calls him and says she just wanted to call and tell him good night. He says she sounds a little shaky, is there anything wrong. When he starts to hang up she tells him to wait, she lets Jack know that Brad was there. She says Brad followed her there. She told him she just can’t give him what he needs anymore. She tells Jack she thinks now that Brad finally heard her. As they hang up they each tell each other that they love them. Jack has a sigh of relief as he sits there at the bar.

David is happy that Nikki has accepted his proposal. He says he thinks he has an answer for her with Victor that will solve everything. He says she should go to him and offer her part of NVP as payment for her loan to him and then everything will be settled. Nikki says giving up NVP would be too hard. She says that company means everything to her. She says it makes it so hard to even think about giving it up. At dinner they discuss her selling NVP. She says if she does this Katherine and Jack won’t be happy. She says Katherine will understand but Jack won’t. David tells her let Jack go on his own then. She finally decides ok, they can do this.

Neil comes into Victor’s office. Victor tells him he didn’t know he was still there. Neil says he is as addicted as he is. He wants to talk to Victor about the countersuit against Nikki. He has all the papers ready. Victor tells him he wants his wife to be served the papers the first thing in the morning. Neil asks why he is in such a hurry. Victor tells him that he wants his wife’s day to start out just right in the morning. In the suit Victor is asking for NVP and he also wants to be reimbursed for the entire salary given to David Chow since he was hired without Victor’s approval while he was a major stockholder.

Karen comes into the office surprised to see Neil still there, as he is her. They talk about how he is worried about Victor, saying he keeps trying to help him but it is so hard. He says being Victor’s friend also makes it even harder for him.

Nick shows up at the office. He is in Victor’s office but catches Victor out. He sees the papers on Victor’s desk about the countersuit against Nikki. Victor walks in and asks him what he is doing. Victor tells him not to ever look at his private papers without his permission. Nick fights with him over it and Victor tells him end of discussion and to get out. Nick says he will leave him alone since that’s apparently what he wants, then leaves the office.

Victor sees Nick later and Nick tells him he can’t believe he is doing this to his Mom. Victor is surprised that he is always taking his mother’s side. He tells Nick that David Chow is after Nikki’s money. Nick asks what money. Victor gets mad. Nick tells him he doesn’t ever want to end up like him. Victor is in a rage and tells him he is fired. He says if he can’t support him and be loyal to him then there is no place in this company for him any longer. Nick says he is going to walk out of this office and he will be alone. Victor tells him he grew up in an orphanage. He is use to being alone. He tells him to get out. He doesn’t need any of them. Nick heads over to Nikki’s to tell her about what happened. He tells her about the counter lawsuit. He says his Dad is going to strip her of everything.

Jan Barrett

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