Michael and Lauren arrive at Murphy’s trailer and Lauren is shocked that Katherine Chancellor would be living in a trailer. Michael agrees but says he is going to represent her anyway.

Jana comes in from her conference and says she can’t believe Katherine is really alive but Kevin tells her it is true. Amber walks in from the patio on the phone trying to call the police but no one is taking her seriously. She notices Detective Wallace sitting there so she tells him the owner of the coffee shop killed Mrs. Chancellor and she demands that he arrests him.

Cloe and Cane are in the bookstore when Cloe takes down a cook book and she asks Cane if he thinks she should buy it for her mother. They hear someone giggling only to find Billy and Lily in the next aisle over kissing. Cane says it looks like someone needs to get a room.

Phyllis is at Restless Style thinking about her conversation with Brad when he told her that he told Nick everything when suddenly she looks over and Nick walks in. He just stands there staring at her.

Katherine seems to maybe recognize Lauren in some way but it is a struggle trying to remember her. Michael tells Katherine she seems rather comfortable living there in the trailer. She says she knows she use to live in an elegant home but she says Murphy tells her this is her home now. Lauren is amazed at the resemblance between Marge and Katherine.

Phyllis shows Nick the photos of Cane and Billy and Nick seems to like them. He says that he has other things on his mind right now though. Phyllis admits to him that she did send Brad to New York and she is the one that sent the credit card receipts to Sharon. She tells him he knows her, and he knows there is no way in hell she is going to let anyone break up their marriage. She says she will do whatever it takes to keep it safe. He tells her she can spin it anyway she wants but there is no way in hell that he is going to let her off the hook.

Detective Wallace tells Amber that Katherine Chancellor wasn’t murdered, she died in an automobile accident with substantial blood alcohol levels in her body. She tells him she has evidence until Daniel interrupts and asks what she thinks she is doing. She tells him she is reporting a crime.

Jana is still in shock and then Kevin explains to her how he gave Murphy the money to bail Mrs. C out and they returned $38,000 of it and then he gave it to Michael to defend her so basically they are broke again.

Michael tells Katherine that he will start with a warrant for DNA testing and it should be clear cut from there. Katherine is told about the kidnapping a few years back and she says that explains why Jill treated her as she did. Michael thinks Katherine should see a doctor but they say they have no insurance and medical bills are expensive. Katherine says they will work things out though. Katherine asks Michael point blank if he believes she is who she says she is. Michael says again the DNA test will clear it up so Katherine thinks that means he doesn’t believe her.

Cloe tells Lily about the photo shoot with Cane and Billy. And then they leave the bookstore. Billy and Lily decide that running into Cane and Cloe wasn’t awkward at all. Billy watches Cane with Cloe as he thinks back to feeling the baby kick. Cloe goes to a computer and pulls up the WebMeet.org site.

Phyllis and Nick argue over her actions concerning Sharon. Nick asks if their marriage is so fragile that she had to sick Brad on Sharon. Phyllis defends herself since she remembers that they are together because Nick cheated on Sharon with her and she worries he might do that again only this time cheat on her and perhaps fall in love with someone else as well. Nick assures her that she is still the one and only and it is she that he is in love with.

Jana tells Kevin that he did the right thing and she is not mad at him. She tells him he brings her absolute joy as she kisses him. Amber walks up with Detective Wallace pointing to Kevin saying that is him. The detective takes out his notepad and tells Kevin he’d like to ask him a few questions.

Katherine tells Michael how she sort of inherited Marge’s name and her job. She says they assume they were in the car together but no one knows where they were going. Lauren says that must be painful. Katherine says she doesn’t want to upset anyone but she does need Michael to represent her but she also needs him to believe her. She says she just wants her life back saying she lived it and earned it so now she wants it back. She says she is no fool and she also says she likes Michael.

Nick admits how messy it was and painful when they got together but he says they chose to be with each other. She tells Nick not to act like she has nothing to worry about. She says he was in love with Sharon. They grew up together and lost a child together. When she mentions the kiss in Paris she says she isn’t done with that yet. She says she doesn’t want to lose him because she loves him. She accuses Sharon of probably telling Nick to go home and lay the law down to her but Nick tells her that Sharon actually told her to take it easy on her.

Lily and Cane talk together about the Hepburn-Tracey movie marathon on TV the other night. While they are chatting Billy goes over to Cloe and spells out Sonny’s last name that she is looking up and he tells her she can stop looking because he is Sonny.

When Michael and Lauren are ready to go Katherine tells Michael she is counting on him. Michael tells her she can thank Kevin because it is because of him that he is there to help her. When they leave Murphy tells Katherine that is seems that Kevin is the anonymous donor. She says she has got to go thank him as she grabs her coat.

Cloe tells Billy the site on the computer was already open when she sat down at it. He tells her she just had to sniff around. He can’t believe she is going to try and set up Esther. He says if she is really trying that how comes she doesn’t try setting her up with the guy that Cane is meeting with and they both look over at the guy. Billy whispers to her that she is still crazy about him. Lily sees Cloe and Billy and watches them.

Phyllis asks if she is the bitch here and Sharon is the sweet one. Nick tells her she is not a bitch, she is just scared and he understands that she is freaking out. He tells her that he loves her and it won’t ever change. He says the past is the past but the question is can she deal with that.

Cloe gets Cane to introduce her to the guy he is meeting with. She starts in on him about her mother, like how she is a good cook, amazing, fit and youthful, and then suggests they have a coffee date. Roger thinks that is great as he gives Cloe his phone number. Billy laughs while Cane looks upset.

Phyllis tells Nick one of them has to go and relieve the Nanny. Nick walks over to her and reaches his hand out for her and she stands up. He takes her in his arms and assures her that they are forever and at some point they have got to get past all this stuff. She places her hands on his face and then hugs him tight.

Later at dinner Lauren tells Michael the resemblance is stunning and she’s as sharp as Katherine. Michael says he is skeptical of believing anyone after the ordeal with Lowell. Paul calls and tells Michael he will bring home news of Gibson tomorrow. When Lauren continues to talk about Katherine Michael says again, that the DNA tests will give him the answers he needs. He says if that woman in jail is Katherine then that changes everything.

When Detective Wallace is about to leave Amber comes up with things he should be asking Kevin. Kevin tells her to shut up or she will get him arrested. Amber says that is the plan. Daniel tries calming them all down. Jana thinks Amber needs help or perhaps an exorcism. Amber spots Katherine as she walks in and passes out. Kevin tells everyone she is faking it. Katherine and Murphy quickly leave before Amber comes to.

When Cloe and Cane leave Roger makes a phone call telling someone, they will never believe what just happened to him. He says getting in with the Chancellor’s just got a lot easier.

Lily goes to the register to pay for her things. She asks Billy about his friendship with Cloe. He said he heard a lot about Kate Valentine when he was growing up abut only met her a few times on school breaks. Meanwhile Cane fusses with Cloe about setting her mother up. He tells her they better hope this impulse of hers doesn’t come back to bite her on the butt.

When Amber comes to she says that wasn’t a ghost, she says Katherine is alive. Kevin yells that now she gets it. He reminds her that he tried to take her to her but she screamed bloody murder. He tells her she just scared Mrs. C off. Amber tells Kevin to take her to Mrs. C. He tells her no way. He tells her to go find her, herself since she just tried to get him arrested.

Katherine tells Murphy she saw the look on that girl’s face when she spotted her there. She says that is the same girl that wrote the forward in her book. She doesn’t know if she would stand by her saying her own daughter had her arrested after all. She promises she isn’t giving up though. She will just have to stay away from those she used to know.

Nick is going home and he tells Phyllis he and Summer will be waiting for her. He kisses her good bye and leaves. Phyllis calls Brad and tells him to listen to her and to listen good. She says he tried to ruin her marriage to Nick but it didn’t work. Brad says she will blow it, he just knows it. She tells him he made a big mistake taking her on. She warns him that he will regret it and then she hangs up.

Jan Barrett

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