JT is at the hospital with the baby when Nikki comes in to see him. She asks how Reed is doing and JT says see for herself. Nikki looks in the nursery and sees he is off the respirator now. Just then Victor walks up and asks if there is any news and he tells him the good news. They let Nikki go in first. Nikki talks to Reed telling him he has been through so much for such a little guy. She tells him how important he is to his mommy and daddy and her and even to his grandpa. She tells him he has given her so much strength.

Jack tells Sharon that he is meeting with his attorney tomorrow to discuss a settlement for Gloria. She says she is so happy to hear about this. He tells her he keeps telling himself this is what his father wanted. Sharon says ah that’s right but to remember this is the new Jack and he agrees. She tells him she loves him. Neither of them know that Brad is in the background watching them.

Cane and Katherine and Jill meet at Crimson Light’s and Amber waits on them. She asks them about the contest but Jill asks her why she is so interested in this. She says she isn’t, she was just asking questions. A crowd comes in making a lot of noise so Jill and Cane and Katherine move to another table out on the deck. Amber is standing at the bar watching Cane’s every move. Daniel teases her telling her Cane can feel her staring and that is why he moved. Later as Cane and Katherine and Jill talk Cane suggests that the three of them go on a family vacation. He says he would love to show them where he grew up in the outback. Jill seems to think that’s a great idea so they decide to try and make arrangements to go. When they get up to leave Katherine has a dizzy spell.

David goes to Victor and tells him there is something they need to talk about. He says Nikki’s assets and money has been frozen. Victor tells him she defaulted on a sizable loan what can they expect. David calls him heartless. Victor calls him a SOB and tells him to never approach him again with this. He says to tell her to pay her damn loan and she would have her money. Then he walks away. Nikki just came out the room when he told David that and she just rolled her eyes shaking her head.

David leaves and Nikki tells Victor that David has nothing to do with this. He tells her that he has everything to do with it and she knows that. He tells her to drop the damn lawsuit and things would change. She says she will if he forgives the loan and he says hell no. He says not unless David is out of her life. She says David is a good man and that just won’t be happening. Victor tells her then from now on she is nothing to him. They have nothing else to say to each other. She tells him she still owns part of NVD and he tells her not for long he can assure her of that. He leaves her standing there as he goes in to see the baby. She is just standing there shaking her head when David peaks around the corner after he had listened to everything. At home David tells Nikki he knows about Victor wanting him out of her life and offers her to walk away from him so she can have everything back. She tells him she is not going to give in to Victor and she isn’t going to give him up for Victor. She tells him she loves him and she doesn’t want to be with anyone else.

Victor is talking to Reed telling him how proud of him he is and that he loves him. He sees how strong he is getting and smiles. The baby smiles. When he comes out JT tells Victor the doctor told him so far everything is going well with Reed. JT tells Victor he is sorry about what went on there earlier between him and Nikki and David. Victor tells him not to worry about that. He wants him to just continue concentrating on Reed and getting him out of the hospital.

Colleen talks to Brad trying to get him to tell her what’s on his mind. He says it is nothing but she says she knows him better. She tells him she thinks he is upset because the problems with Jack didn’t split him and Sharon up. She says she wishes he would accept the fact that Sharon is going to be with her husband. He denies it completely saying he admits he still thinks their marriage is a huge mistake but if that is what Sharon wants then so be it. Colleen says ok and walks away. Brad gets a call confirming his flight out tonight. He says he will drive himself to the airport.

Later the man from the front desk comes in with a fax for Brad asking Colleen if her Dad was still there. She says she will take the papers for him. She looks at them and says oh no, her Dad is going to follow Sharon on her trip. When she gives Brad the papers she says so business trip huh? He tells her he knows what he is doing and after all he did organize most of the trip. She asks if Sharon even knows he is going or is he going to just surprise her. Brad tells her not to worry about it. He said he is only looking after Sharon as a friend. Colleen tells him that obviously Sharon loves Jack or she wouldn’t be staying with him. Later Colleen goes to Jack to warn him about what Brad is doing. As Colleen is about to tell Jack, Sharon is at her hotel room when there is a knock at her door and she finds Brad standing there.

Heather meets with her boss. He wants to know what all she has on Victor’s case. She gives him all the information. He tells her that is a good start but it still is all circumstantial. He wants her to find a witness. He tells her it is crucial that they win this case. She tells him yes sir and then he leaves. As she is leaving Victor comes in and sees her, saying fancy meeting you here. He tells her he noticed her boss leaving. He told her she is messing with her career by pursuing this case against him. She asks him if he is threatening her. He says he is only telling her that she is messing with the wrong guy here and then walks away.

David offers to move out of the hotel room to try and save money if that would help Nikki. She tells him only if he will move in with her there. He is surprised and asks her if she is asking him to move in with her permanently. She tells him yes and that she has fallen in love with him. She says she is accepting his marriage proposal.

Jan Barrett

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