Nick sees Brad in New York talking to Sharon and he asks what he is doing there. Sharon tells Nick she needs to speak to Brad alone so Nick says he will go call Phyllis to update her. Brad tells him while he is at it to ask Phyllis why he is there. When he calls Phyllis he tells her Brad is there and he told him to ask her why he was there.

Adam tells Rafe that he is sure there will be no need for a trial. He says he is Victor’s son and he just can’t imagine him letting him son go to jail so he doesn’t feel there is any need for a plea bargain.

Heather meets with Victor with another assistant DA who apologizes to Victor for him being arrested. They agree that Victor was set up but assures him that it wasn’t anything personal. Heather tells Victor she plans to offer Adam a deal and Victor wants to know what kind of a deal.

Adam tells Rafe that Victor wants him to testify against Jack. Rafe isn’t so convinced that Victor will be there to help Adam and says Victor has been refusing his calls. Rafe tells Adam to wake up and see that his father is not going to save him.

Ashley interrupts Victor’s meeting just as Abby comes in bragging about the new horse that Victor bought for her. While Abby and Ashley talk, Victor tells the assistant DA that he hopes he knows what a serious crime his son has committed. Then when the man walks away Victor tells Heather that she has wasted his time and taxpayers money. He says she is responsible for Adam being behind bars.

Phyllis tells Nick she might have told Brad that Sharon was divorcing Jack. Nick is surprised. He didn’t know she talked to Brad much. Phyllis tells him it was about business and she could have mentioned that they were in New York. When Jack walks in she tells Nick she has to go and they will talk later.

Brad tells Sharon that Phyllis told him about Sharon and Jack getting a divorce and where to find her. He admits that he has loved her for years but the timing was always off. He couldn’t let that happen again so here they are both free and it could be their chance.

Heather thinks it is unfair that Victor blames her since Adam lied to her also. Victor brings out that she lived at his ranch and she didn’t mind spending his money but Heather denies ever taking any money from Adam and thinks this is unfair. Victor says Adam deserves to be punished but Jack is the real guilty party. Heather tells him she has no proof against Jack though. Victor says he figures that makes Jack smarter than she is. Victor warns her that life has a way of catching up.

Adam is insisting that Rafe let him try to get a confession out of Jack. He asks Rafe if he can set it up for him.

Jack heard Phyllis talk to Nick about Brad being in New York too. Phyllis says she happened to mention it to Brad so she guesses that Brad flew there to be with Sharon. Jack remembers how Brad happened to be there with Sharon for New Year’s Eve after she arranged for Sharon to see the credit card receipts. Phyllis denies it all calling it insane. Jack accuses her of sending Brad to New York to see Sharon.

Sharon is shocked that Brad lied to her about just running into her there. He apologizes but she wants him to just go saying she won’t be lied to again. Nick tells Brad he is pathetic. Brad says he is an idiot for listening to Phyllis. He tells Nick to check Phyllis’s phone logs, and then he tells Sharon and Nick both that it was Phyllis that sent Sharon the credit card statements. He tells them that Phyllis begged him to come to New York. He looks at Nick and says he is the one that is pathetic.

Ashley is upset that Victor spent so much money on a horse for Abby who is all excited about it. She tells Abby that spending over a million dollars was going a little overboard for a horse. Abby calls Noah and plans to meet him to tell him about her new horse. Ashley thinks Victor buying a teenager a million dollar horse was a bit much.

Rafe sets it up where Adam can call Jack by plugging a device into the prison phone. Adam dials the number but the phone just rings. Jack is at Restless Style arguing with Phyllis. He tells her this is a new low for her to be in cahoots with Brad Carlton. He scolds her for letting that scumbag torpedo his marriage. He says he expected her to go for the jugular but not his heart.

After having a stiff drink Nick asks Sharon if she is ok. She says well at least they closed two deals for Newman today. Nick can’t believe what Phyllis has done saying she has no right but Sharon disagrees saying yes she did.

Jack ignores his phone ringing when Phyllis told him she tried to warn him over and over again to take care of his marriage but he threw it away by lying to his wife. She said she told him to fix it. She said yes she used Brad to protect her marriage, to keep Sharon from going after her husband. She said she sent Brad to her so she could lean on him instead of Nick. Jack asks was her marriage in that kind of trouble as Phyllis breaks down.

Sharon explains that Phyllis felt threatened not just because of the kiss they shared in Paris but because of the connection between them. Nick says they have a son together so they will always be connected to each other. Sharon says she doesn’t mean to defend Phyllis but she knows what it feels like to have your husband taken away by another woman. Nick isn’t so forgiving though. He questions what this has to say about their marriage asking if she had to resort to this.

Abby sends Noah a photo to his cell phone but he and Eden can’t make out what it is until Abby arrives and he introduces Abby to Eden after he tells her she is his Aunt even though she is a year younger than he is.

Victor tells Ashley he is not trying to buy Abby’s affection by buying the horse for her. He just wants to be a better father to her than he was to Nick and Victoria and even Adam. He tells her he thinks the DA’s office knows now exactly how he feels about Adam’s trial.

The call goes to a voicemail since Jack won’t answer. Adam slams the receiver of the phone down as Heather walks in asking if his call didn’t go well. She tells Adam she is prepared to offer him a deal. She sits down with him and Rafe and tells Adam that Victor is not going to rescue him at the 11th hour. She tells him that his father wants any deal they offer him to include some jail time.

Jack and Phyllis argue as he lashes out at her telling her that her marriage became his business when she sabotaged his. She tells him all that time she just wanted him to step up and save his own marriage, the last thing she wanted was for Sharon to be free. She reminds him that he lied and lied to his wife and to her. He suggests that she tests her relationship with Nick like she tested his and Sharon’s.

Nick finds a flight back home but Sharon says she hasn’t even thought about a way home. She says she doesn’t need more time to clear her head so they both agree to just go back home.

Abby brags to Noah about her new horse saying is he awesome or what. Noah is shocked when she tells him how much the horse cost but Eden looks bored. She mentions how many people that amount of money could have fed as she walks away to refill her drink. Abby tells Noah she can’t believe he likes that stiff, talking about Eden. She tells him good bye as she has to join her parents. She tells Noah they need to go riding tomorrow. When she is gone Eden tells Noah there is no need to apologize saying he can’t pick his family. She says it isn’t his fault Abby is an airhead princess.

Heather offers Adam a deal. She says 18 months in jail and repayment of the 2 million dollar book advance. Adam tells her he can’t go to jail. Rafe leaves them alone for a few minutes but says this is off the record. She tells Adam that she would hate to take this to trial but she will do her job. She tells him if he refuses this deal he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Victor tells Ashley that he supports the deal that the DA is offering Adam. He says Adam needs to learn that actions have consequences. Ashley points out that she doesn’t understand how he could buy a million dollar horse for one child and then send another one to prison. Victor says Adam committed a felony and asks if she expects him to buy Adam a present. They are interrupted when Abby comes back saying her friends are so jealous. She says this is her favorite week ever saying Victor is the best. Victor says they are a family now so he asks a favor saying it would be an honor to him if Abby would start calling him Dad now. Abby says that is cool with her but asks Ashley if her Dad would be ok with that. Ashley tells her they need to order dinner for now and they can talk about that later.

Adam tells Heather that they would have been planning their honeymoon right now. Heather tells him that deal is gone. Adam changes his mind and decides to take the plea bargain. Heather calls Rafe back in as she looks happy about it. She agrees to give Adam credit for time served and he will be transferred to prison right after court tomorrow.

When Nick and Sharon are ready to head home she says she will text Noah to let him know they are on their way home but Nick doesn’t want her to send the message to Restless Style. She asks him to give Phyllis a chance saying Phyllis just was trying to make sure their marriage was safe. Nick says if Phyllis trusted him she would have known that nothing could have happened to destroy that.

Jack tells Phyllis he warned her too. He tells her she had a good thing going with Nick and then asks how Nick is going to handle this. She says her husband loves her and he knows she isn’t perfect saying he will understand. Jack tells her good luck as he storms out the office. Phyllis asks Brad what he told Nick. Brad said he told him everything. He tells her not to ever call him again as he hangs up on her. Phyllis is worried now. Nick isn’t answering his phone when she tries calling him. Finally it is answered but it is Sharon on the other end. Phyllis asks her why she is answering her husband’s phone. Sharon says he is getting the car and then they will be on their way home and she hangs up. Phyllis looks scared now.

Jan Barrett

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