Nikki is reading to Victoria. Her phone rings and it is JT so she tells him she is reading to Victoria and wants him to listen to it. He tells her that he is coming out to see her later so if she doesn’t finish reading the book to her he will read to her when he gets there. Then he asks her if she has some time he would like to talk to her privately about something and asks her if she can meet him at the coffeehouse.

Paul tells April that he sees Heather almost everyday and he just had to tell her the truth. He explains that if she can’t handle all this she can go back home and let him stay there and he can work things out with Heather on his own. She says he could have planned this better and let them tell her together. He reminds her that every time he ever mentioned to her to telling Heather the truth she was all against it. April’s phone rings and it is Heather asking her to meet her at Crimson Lights but not to bring Paul with her. After April leaves Maggie comes back and she says she felt bad for leaving so she decided to come back. She tells him he has to give Heather some time. She is under a lot of pressure from the DA’s office and she has been through a lot.

Kevin goes to see Jana and he scolds her for not telling him she was meeting with Heather. She says because he would only worry but she says Heather was very nice to her and respectful. Kevin shows her a shirt he is wearing that he plans on wearing that says “Free Jana” and says he is going to wear it for her campaign.

Jeffery tells Gloria that Michael was there to see him. He says she lied to him about Michael not knowing anything. Just for that he tells her they are not going to wait for February 14th to get married, he says they will be getting married right away. He tells her to write him a check for an even $100,000 and he can start working on the arrangements right now. She refuses to give him a check. She says why she should give him that kind of money so he could just have her locked up then he would have all that money. He says good point so what does she suggest. She says they are going to elope to Las Vegas. He likes the idea and goes along with it. As soon as he goes out the room she calls Kevin to tell him their plan is working, they are getting married maybe tonight. Gloria goes home and tells Michael and Lauren that she has to pack because she has to go on a business trip. He says why he doesn’t believe her. She tells him that he needs not worry that all this will be over soon. She then excuses herself saying she has to go pack. This irritates Michael and he tells Lauren he has got to find out where she is going. As soon as she leaves Kevin comes in and he asks where they are going. They say to find out where Gloria is going.

Heather runs into Colleen at the coffee house and asks her if she would write a letter to help Jana’s case. Adrian gets really upset and tells Heather to leave Colleen out of this. Heather offers to leave them alone so she can talk about it with Adrian but he just tells Heather to leave Colleen out of it.

Daniel overhears them and decides to come to Heathers rescue by telling her that he is sorry he is late and he needs to talk to her about something. Heather thanks Daniel for rescuing her and she says she has no idea why Adrian got so upset with her. Daniel tells her he thinks it had more to do with Colleen than anything else. Daniel invites her for dinner but before she can answer April walks in. Heather introduces Daniel and then he leaves. Heather tells April she really wishes she hadn’t come right now because she is in the middle of a huge case right now and doesn’t have much free time. April tells her she has some advice on this and that advice is for her to stay away from Paul and go home with her. Heather tells her she can’t do that. April says ok if she insists on staying then the only thing she can do is to give Paul a break then. Heather says no she won’t make this easier for Paul.

JT walks into the coffee house and sees Colleen. Adrian calls him over to them and asks him to talk to Colleen. He tells him that Colleen is thinking about backing Kevin in his campaign to get Jana out of prison. JT thinks she is crazy especially since Jana tried to kill her. Nikki comes in so he leaves to go talk to her.

JT gives Nikki a picture of Reed saying he is getting stronger every day. He says Victoria will love that picture. He says he didn’t come there to talk about the baby though. She asks if it is about Victor and he says no, actually it is about David. He tells her that he saw David with a stranger that he has never seen before and they looked like they were in a heated argument. Nikki asks him if he is still doing some spying on David for Victor. He says no, he promised her he wouldn’t and then says in fact Victor fired him when he refused to lie to her about things. He said he came out of the gym last night and just happened to see him. He offers to check around and see if he can find out what is going on but she says no that is ok, she will do it.

Paul and Maggie are at the table when David walks in on the phone and his conversation is getting kind of loud making Paul suspicious of it. He tells Maggie maybe he should try to see what is going on. Maggie says it is none of their business and asks him if he is always this nosy. He says yes, that’s why he gets the big bucks. He goes up to David later and asks if everything is ok and David says sure, it is just business then David runs off.

When Nikki gets home she finds David there waiting for her. She asks him if he is ok. She asks him if he remembers them agreeing to be open and honest with each other and for him not to try and protect her. She says she heard about what happened at the club last night with him having an argument with a man. David lies to her telling him he thought the man was another banker he was hoping he could get the money from for Victor but it turned out to be a reporter looking for a story and he thought he could handle it without bothering her. Nikki falls for it and he hugs her.

Colleen and JT are talking and he tells her he is worried about how he will explain to Reed about his mother if she doesn’t get any better. Colleen is worried about him and asks him if he will please at least eat something. His phone rings and it is the hospital. He hangs up and tells Colleen that he has to go, it was the hospital. There is a change in Reed’s condition. When he gets there the doctor tells him Reed’s lungs are finally strong enough to be taken off the ventilator and breathe on his own and they wanted him to be there.

Nikki is trying to pay some bills online and she is having trouble with the computer. The phone rings and it happens to be the bank. She tells them her problem so they go check it out. They come back and tell her that all her bank accounts and assets have been frozen and a hold has been put on them by Victor Newman.

Jan Barrett

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