Lauren and Michael go to the coffee house and ask Kevin if he has seen Gloria. Michael is worried about her and says the last time they saw her she was at Indigo drunk. Kevin says oh that, she was faking it and she was with Jeffery last night. Lauren tells Kevin Gloria is not that good an actress, she says she was drunk. Kevin said he thought she sounded real when he talked to her.

Gloria wakes up in Jeffery’s bed in the hotel room. She hears him in the bathroom whistling and she is sick. She can’t believe she is in his bed. When he comes out he says good she is awake. She gets up and suddenly gets sick and has to run to the bathroom. After she showers and gets dressed she comes out and Jeffery has breakfast. She tells him she knows they didn’t do anything last night. He finally admits that they slept through the night. Then he lets her know he was on to her last night and she just got beat at her own game. She starts crying and he says no one got hurt. She says only her check book. He tells her it wouldn’t be so bad if she would only just go with the flow.

Jack and Sharon are having breakfast when Jack asks Sharon about an idea he has. He says he is thinking about starting a foundation in the name of his father. She says The Abbott Foundation has a nice ring to it. She asks him if he will be running it himself. He says actually he was hoping she would agree to do it. She is surprised and says she hardly considers herself qualified to do so. He says she would be perfect and he hopes she will do it. She says well she will think about it but if she does it will have to be after this publicity tour. Jack says oh then she is going to still do that. She says yes she is. She says Brad put a lot of time and effort in this so she has to.

Nick walks in and tells them how bad things are at the airport right now. He tells them about Phyllis going back to work with Nikki. Jack says good for Phyllis. Sharon says speaking of a trip she needs to get over to Newman to discuss her trip. Nick asks her where she is going off to. She says she is about to go off on a publicity tour. When she leaves Jack tells Nick about his idea of the foundation. Nick sees right away that the main thing Jack is trying to do is get Sharon away from Brad. He gives Jack some good advice.

When Nick leaves Jack happens to stumble upon Gloria coming down the stairs and could see that she is suffering from a hangover. She asks him about her part of the Abbott money and as they talk about it Jeffery comes down and defends Gloria. He tells Jack to watch how he speaks to his fiancé. Jack tells Jeffery to make sure he checks the food he eats when with her and then walks away.

Jack goes to Newman and interrupts Sharon and Brad’s meeting. Sharon shows him a copy of the itinerary. She tells him in between stops she might be able to find time to go home. Then she says she has an idea. She asks him if he could go with her. He says now that is an idea. She asks if he wants to fly to Chicago with her tonight but he says he can’t tonight because he has a meeting in the morning with his lawyer. So they look at the itinerary and he suggests that perhaps he could meet her in Miami instead. Jack tells Sharon the meeting he has with his lawyer in the morning is to come up with a settlement for Gloria. He plans to make her an offer out of court that he thinks she will accept. Sharon thinks that is great and kisses him in the office only for Brad to be passing by and see. Brad goes to his office and calls his assistant and tells her he has decided to go on this tour after all and for her to book him on a flight but make sure it is a different one than Sharon’s.

Heather goes to the prison to speak to Jana. She tells her the guards tell her that her attitude has been well. She says what she wants to know from Jana is why she should not pursue this case. Heather tells Jana that she notices that she has mentioned Kevin a lot in the past hour. She says yes he has stood by her in all of this. Heather says well Kevin has been adamant about helping to get her out of this.

Michael and Kevin talk about Jana’s case. He asks Kevin a lot of questions and then is happy that they agree on things. He says that the interview might be good. Kevin asks what interview. Michael tells him that Heather was meeting with Jana. Kevin says he should have been there with Jana for it. Michael tells him it is ok, and they wouldn’t have allowed him to be there anyway.

Michael and Lauren go home and find Gloria there. They let her know that Kevin told them about her little scheme last night. She says not to worry she has everything under control. Lauren asks just how that might be. She says well they should mark on their calendar the date of Valentine’s Day because that will be her wedding day and she walks out. Michael goes over the three major cases he has to deal with right now. He says Victor’s may be the most difficult case, Kevin’s is almost impossible and Gloria’s, well (as he gets up and says) he thinks it is time he gets to know his new Dad. Lauren just sits there. He kisses her and then leaves.

Michael heads over to Jeffery’s hotel room. He bangs on the door startling Jeffery. When he answers the door, he tells Michael if he is there looking for Gloria she isn’t there. Michael says he is there looking for him not her. Jeffery tells Michael he isn’t going anywhere and that he and Gloria will be married on Valentine’s Day. Michael says unless he is in jail for blackmail. Jeffery tells him he knows he wouldn’t turn him in for that. Jeffery says that he would be accessory after the fact if he did turn him in. He then asks Michael if he would be his best man when he marries his mother. With disgust, Michael ignores it and leaves.

Paul, Maggie and Heather are at the club having breakfast talking shop talk when suddenly Paul looks up and sees April. He stands up and says April, what are you doing here? Heather says Mom, why are you here. Heather is not so happy to see her mother and tells her she shouldn’t have come to Genoa City. She says she is too busy to deal with her and she leaves. Maggie goes after her to give Paul a minute with April. April tells Paul that she told him he shouldn’t have told Heather the truth.

Nick goes to see Victoria and talks to her about things from the past. He talks about how proud he was of her for standing up to their father. He says he would love to know how she did that. He would give anything if she would just wake up and talk to him because he would really like to know how she did that.

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