JT and Victoria go to the Baldwin’s to make sure Eden isn’t going to be going to Brad’s funeral. They tell Michael and Lauren that Brad died while he was saving Noah’s life. Eden comes out the room and says she has to see Noah and asks that they just give her a second. She goes off to get ready as Victoria says she doesn’t think it is a good idea. They say Abby is looking for someone to blame and right now Eden is the one.

Nick asks Jack where Sharon is saying he is surprised she isn’t here. Jack tells him she went to the cemetery to pay her respects herself. Nick is worried saying that is where Phyllis is.

At the cemetery Phyllis isn’t surprised to see Sharon there. She tells Sharon she knows how much Brad meant to her. She says she and Nick did such a great job in raising Noah that she is sure they will help him get through this. She says that’s what families do.

Ashley tells Victor that Abby needs to grieve for her father now. Victor says he would have thanked Brad profusely for saving Noah’s life. Ashley says Brad had saved her life too. Billy walks up and tells them there is more food in there if they want any. He asks Ashley if she is ok and she says not really. She says she keeps expecting to see Brad coming down the stairs. Billy says he is sure that Abby will appreciate Victor’s support saying he would definitely want Victor in his corner. Victor tells Billy thanks while Jack watches them together. Tracie tells Colleen Victor is there for Ashley and Abby just like she is there for her. When Lily answers the doorbell she is surprised to see Cane standing there with a platter saying he is there to pay his respects to the family.

Victoria tells Lauren and Michael that she doubts that Brad even knew who it was that he was saving, not that it would matter. Lauren tells them that Brad was a rock for so many people. She tells them she and Brad had a lot of adventures together, some they just wouldn’t believe. Eden comes out and Lauren tells her it isn’t a good idea for her to go and Michael agrees. Eden says Abby blames her and then tells them this is all her fault.

Abby tells Noah there is no way she can hate him. She says this is not his fault and she needs a friend now. Lily thanks Cane for coming saying Colleen appreciates him showing up. Cane says he knows how important it is to have people around you in times like this that loves you. Billy walks over and tells Cane no worries there.

Nick asks Jack if he has heard from Sharon yet. He says he hasn’t heard anything from Phyllis yet either. Jack tells Nick that Phyllis tried to drive out to the cabin but the roads were closed. Nick says she never mentioned that.

Phyllis tells Sharon she owes her an apology for letting Noah go out without checking their story first. Sharon says well she did call Michael at least. Phyllis tells her how sorry she is. She tells her she has no idea how much she regrets that. She says she is sure they all wish they could undo that evening.

Nick tries to comfort Colleen and then he goes to Abby saying he is so sorry. They both tell him that they are glad Noah is ok. Colleen says that her Dad would be upset if he hadn’t have gotten there on time. Noah walks up when Nick tells them how much they both meant to Brad. Noah says he will never forget what Brad did for him.

Tracie thanks Victoria and JT for being there for Colleen. Victoria sees Victor and hugs him. She picks up an elephant figurine and tells JT she bought that for Brad for his birthday. It was suppose to bring him luck. She remembers him telling her once he didn’t care what she got him for his birthday as long as she didn’t bake him anything. She says she was the only person Brad knew that could screw up a cake mix.

Lauren sees Nick and Noah and is happy to see Noah is ok. She says Eden stayed home because they didn’t want to chance upsetting anyone. Noah says he thinks Abby would have been cool with her. He begs Nick to let him go see Eden and promises to go there and straight back.

Phyllis is still at Brad’s grave as she kneels down and talks to him. She asks how come he just didn’t stay at the cabin. She goes back over all the things she hated him for saying at one time she wanted him dead. In spite of everything she feels bad and it is all meaningless now and she doesn’t understand that. She says she is forever grateful to him for saving Noah’s life and she thanks him for that. She says she thanks him for it because she doesn’t think Nick and Sharon could survive losing another child.

When Sharon arrives at Brad’s house she talks to Nick about seeing Phyllis at the cemetery. She tells him how she apologized and that she was downright civil towards her so she assumes he didn’t get the chance to say anything to her. Nick says he didn’t have to. She took one look at his eyes and she knew. Sharon is surprised that Phyllis knows but didn’t say anything to her. Nick says that certainly doesn’t sound like Phyllis does it.

Michael tries assuring Eden none of this is her fault. He starts listing all the coincidences that led to Brad’s death that couldn’t have been her fault. She tells him to stop making fun of her. The doorbell rings and Michael welcomes Noah in. Noah tells him before he asks his Dad does know he is there. Michael is happy to see him saying it is perfect timing. He pats him on the back and then goes off to check on Fen leaving Noah there with Eden. Eden tells Noah all this is her fault, this whole thing is on her head.

Victor sits next to Ashley who tells Abby that Olivia is having a tree planted in Israel in honor of Brad. Victor asks if she would like it if he donated a million dollars to a charity in Brad’s name. She says she thinks that would be a neat idea. Colleen interrupts telling him that it is sick with him being there after the way he left that message for her father. Victor says he understands her pain but would she kindly get her facts straight. Colleen says she knows the facts. She knows he wanted her father off the board and out of Abby’s life. She asks how he dare come there now when everyone knows how much he hated her father. Jack starts clapping telling Colleen bravo. It is about time someone’s telling him like it is. Victor tells Jack he is not one to talk. Victor says he understands Colleen’s pain and admits that yes he and Brad had their differences but he didn’t want this to happen. Ashley asks for no more fighting as she hugs Abby and Jack and Billy comfort Colleen.

Nick doesn’t want Sharon to be upset that Noah went to the Baldwin’s saying Michael is there with them but Sharon is thinking of something else and isn’t paying attention to what he is saying. She is still wondering why Phyllis didn’t say anything to her since she knows she slept with Nick. Nick is about to call Phyllis when she gets there. She says hi guys and asks if it is too crowded inside or something since they are outside.

Eden tells Noah that everyone might be right. She wonders if she and Noah are not good for each other. Noah tells her that is crazy. She tells him to go because she needs to be by herself. Michael says he hopes her seeing Noah helped her put things in perspective. He tells her that they are out of milk so she offers to walk to get some saying the walk would do her some good.

Nick tells Phyllis he just came outside to call her. Sharon excuses herself and goes inside. He tells her that he is surprised she didn’t say something to Sharon at the cemetery. She said it wasn’t the time or the place to talk to her about that. She decided the kids come first. She thinks they should give their condolences and then go home to their little girl.

Tracie and Lauren start talking about the past. She tells Tracie that she already apologized how she treated her when they were teenagers and now she owes her an apology for when they were in their 20’s. Tracie admits she doesn’t think she could have seduced her husband if her marriage hadn’t have already been in trouble. Lauren says it still doesn’t excuse her for how she was. Tracie says she and Brad did better as friends than man and wife anyway so everything worked out for the best.

Lily and Billy try calming Colleen down. They say Victor will be gone soon. Victor says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him being there. He says he is there for Abby. When Ashley goes to get Abby Victor makes a call to Jill saying it is time to put their plan into effect.

Jack drills Billy about him talking to Victor. Billy jokes around with him saying he can’t blame the guy for wanting a relationship with at least one of Ashley’s brothers. Colleen is happy Victor has left. Jack praises her for how she handled Victor. He says very few people stand up to the first class bully. Colleen feels bad for upsetting Abby but Jack tells her Abby will be fine. He says Ashley will make sure of that.

Sharon picks up the elephant figurine and slips it into her purse just before Jack walks over to her. She tells Colleen how sorry she is about her father and makes her promise if she ever needs anything to call her. Phyllis comes up and hugs Colleen saying Brad was a courageous man that she should be proud of. Colleen thanks them for coming. When Nick and Phyllis leave Jack asks Sharon if she is ok. She tells him about her run in with Phyllis at the cemetery. She says she is going and when he offers to go with her she tells him to stay there and take care of his niece.

Lauren doesn’t think Michael really wants to hear about her past with Brad Carlton. Michael tells her that he is sure that they are different from his recollections of the man. He tells her that Eden is beating herself up with guilt and she went for a walk to pick up some milk. Lauren wonders if it is a good idea for her to be gone out alone.

Noah got to the cemetery. He tells Brad he will never be able to thank him. Eden walks up and asks what it is about them and cemeteries. She says she came there to thank Brad too and to tell him how sorry she is. They hug each other.

Cane gets a call and says yes Billy is there saying he will pass it on. He tells Billy their mom wants to see them tomorrow. Billy asks of she want to see them together and why. Cane says he guesses they will know why in the morning. Billy says ok.

Colleen tells Jack that she is going to spend the night at her Dad’s house and her Mom is going to stay with her to keep her company. Lily asks if they mind if she joins them. Colleen says she would love it. Lily walks Billy out and Tracie starts picking up the food. Jack tells Colleen that Brad was smiling down at her from heaven with pride as she let old moneybags have it. Colleen said she always wondered why they hated Victor so much and now she knows why.

When they get back to the ranch Abby talks about what Colleen said about Victor hating her Dad so much. She asks Victor if it is true. Victor tells her that he didn’t hate Bradley. She tells them she will be in her room as she goes upstairs. Ashley feels bad for Abby. She said she feels she has lost both of her fathers. Victor says he feels bad for her too. He says if only they knew the truth. Brad may have been a good father but he when it came to business he was not trustworthy. He tells Ashley not to worry, he will mend fences with Abby.

The detective brings Nick a box of Noah’s thinks that was left out at the lake. He takes the shoes out saying they were Noah’s but he didn’t recognize the lantern. They also found a water bottle out there. Nick thanks him for bringing it to him but said they could have just picked it up themselves. The detective tells Nick to smell the bottle. When Nick does he is surprised to smell whiskey and asks were they drinking. The detective tells him he thought he should know about this. Nick thanks him as he slams the bottle down.

 Sharon walks the floors asking what if she hadn’t have gone to the lake. Then Noah wouldn’t have gone skating and Brad wouldn’t have drowned in that freezing water. She says how hard it was to see both his daughters and how heartbroken they were. She says they loved their dad so much and now he is gone forever and it is all her fault. She lays her head on Doris’s shoulder saying Mama. Doris pats her on the head saying shhhh.

Jan Barrett

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