Amber and Daniel wake up on the floor in their living room lying next to each other with their clothes off. As they get up grabbing for their clothes. Daniel whispers and says this didn’t happen. As they get up from the floor, Kevin and Jana walk in and catch them. Amber nervously says she has to hurry because her shift is just about to start at the coffee house. Jana says not to worry, she is heading over there right now and she will cover for her. Amber says she needs a shower. When she walks out, Kevin looks at Daniel and says ok? Daniel says a gentleman never tells.

Jack and Nick and Sharon and Phyllis all meet at the tack house to discuss the magazine. They agree that they are going to need a new office. Phyllis shows Jack a photo album. He likes the pictures. He wants to know who took them. She tells him her son Daniel. Jack says he doesn’t think Daniel is experienced enough to run the photo shoot alone. She says she agrees but would he consider starting him out small so he can get experience and learn. Jack says sure if they can find room for him in the company. He asks Nick what he thinks. Nick said actually he was hoping he would agree to it. He thinks it would be a great idea. They discuss clients that they will need to get started. Nick tells them they could always use Jabot now that his Mother has taken over. Jack is surprised to hear that. Sharon asks him if he knew about that. He says no but he knows now.

While discussing the magazine Jack’s attorney calls him telling him that he thinks he might have an idea about how to get Gloria out of the house. He tells him he would be willing to try anything to get rid of her. Nick admits to Jack that he is a little concerned that Gloria could be a distraction to him when they need his full attention on the magazine. Jack assures him he will be fine.

Nikki speaks with Jill about her first meeting as CEO at Jabot. She wants to make sure there is nothing else she needs to know before starting the meeting. Jill tells Nikki Jabot is in her blood and handing it over like this isn’t easy but she has all the confidence in her to take it. Jill tells Nikki that she feels she should tell her that Victor tried to get them not to hire her as CEO.

At the meeting Gloria tells Nikki she thinks she will be a perfect CEO. Brad walks in after the meeting and he asks Nikki if her offer for him to come to work at Jabot is still open. She tells him she would want his word that he wouldn’t use the job at Jabot as leverage to get back at Newman. He tells her if her offer is what he expects then he is in 100% with Jabot.

JT tells Victoria that he thinks it is time for them to move back to the loft with Reed. Victoria doesn’t want to move right now because she is worried about leaving her mother there. JT says she will be fine and besides she has David to look after her. He says but living there at the ranch he feels like he is living under Victor’s thumb so he would really like to move out before Victor comes back. Victoria says ok if that’s what he really wants to do.

When Amber gets to work Jana asks her exactly what went on between her and Daniel. Amber says he is her best friend. Jana says well he use to be. Now that they have slept together he is no longer going to be her best friend. She says things between them will never be the same again. Amber says nothing will change between her and Daniel. Jana says ok if she says so and walks off. Amber sits at a computer and tells herself the first thing she has to do now is to move out of that apartment.

Jana talks to Kevin about Amber and Daniel. She thinks they would make a perfect couple. Kevin thinks that’s a bad idea for her to get involved with and makes her promise to stay out of it.

Victor arrives at Hope’s house and finds her in bed sick. Hope tells Victor she is glad he is there. She wants to know what is going on in his life. He tells her that she is the one person that would always listen to him. He tells her that he and Nikki are divorced. He asks her where their son is. She says he is away. He is living in New York.  She says she hasn’t told him anything yet. Victor asks her how come she hasn’t told him yet. He says she should have. She says she just couldn’t do it. She said she just didn’t have the heart to tell him. She said when she found out he was coming she called Victor Jr. and told him to come home. She was hoping once he is there that he will help her tell him. Hope tells Victor she thinks they need to tell Victor Jr. about him being his father when he gets there.

Nikki and David go out to the ranch and Victoria tells her they are planning to move back to the loft. Nikki is worried that they are going so soon. Victoria tells her that besides she is sure that she and David will want to move off the property themselves. David tells Nikki he has been meaning to talk to her about them moving to their own place. Nikki says she doesn’t think it is time yet. 

Kevin pours some of the poison into Gloria’s tea and she gets sick saying she needs water and runs out the room. Jeffery walks in and is surprised to see Kevin there again. He says he has noticed that he and his mother have been spending a lot more time together since they moved into the mansion. Kevin says he and his mother have a lot of Jabot business to discuss. Jeffery says she shouldn’t be discussing any business. Jeffery tells him that he is falling in love with his mother. Later Gloria comes back in and tells Kevin maybe he put too much poison into the tea. Kevin says he doesn’t think so. Jeffery walks in and finds Gloria holding her stomach and asks her what is wrong.

Jan Barrett

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