Victoria gets ready to walk down the aisle with Victor. She tells her Dad that she loves him. He asks if she is ready and she says yes so they walk down the aisle. Victor hands her hand over to JT. The ceremony begins. Brad walks in just as they begin. They start saying their vows to each other. The preacher says before God and family and friends he pronounces them man and wife and tells JT he may kiss his bride.

Amber and Daniel are at home and she is making up a batch of punch saying this is her secret ingredients. She tells him to taste it but he doesn’t like it. She says she has decided to put all her miseries aside for the night as she tastes the drink. She says she is going to have fun even if it kills her. People start showing up for the party and Amber comes out in her newly designed top. Everyone says she looks great and Jana says she wouldn’t mind having one of them herself.

Heather walks in and tells Daniel it has been a long time since she has been to a party like this. She says in high school she spent more time studying than partying. He tells her well maybe its time she has some fun. Amber notices all the couples and feels left out. She brings out the karaoke machine and says ok it is karaoke time. Colleen tries first and they all boo her. Amber takes the mike and says ok who is next, she looks at Heather and says she is next. Heather says no she can’t sing. When Amber tries pushing her into it, Heather gets irritated and says she means it, she doesn’t want to do it.

Daniel breaks it up before a fight begins. Heather goes to the kitchen to pour herself some more wine. Adrian follows her in there. Kevin and Jana watch Heather and Adrian together and Kevin makes the remark about the lovely couple and he wonders what up with them. Jana says they seem a little uptight in there. Colleen leans over and tells them Heather is but Adrian isn’t, not normally anyway. She says they are probably discussing books that they have read. Jana tries singing but Kevin tells her they are going to have to get her some singing lessons. Heather is planning on leaving but Daniel gets her to stay for one more drink. Amber takes the mike and starts singing and everyone loves it. Heather leaves and after she is gone Amber whispers that there goes Cinderella and she didn’t even leave a slipper.

After everyone is gone Daniel asks Amber if she wants one more cup of punch. She asks him if he meant what he said about her being sexy when she sang her song. She tries to get him to sing and he is fighting her off saying he doesn’t want to. Amber stops and looks at Daniel and then she kisses him. He stops her saying wait, what are they doing. She says she doesn’t know but she isn’t stopping. She takes his shirt off and they kiss again.

Victor goes over to Victoria and tells her she is the most beautiful bride he has ever seen. David comes up with Champagne for everyone but Victor walks away. They all make a toast to the bride and groom wishing them both all the best. Victor walks outside and Nikki follows him. She asks him if he is preoccupied with something else. He says yes he is. She asks what about and he says it is nothing and walks away. David comes out and Nikki tells him she is really worried about Victor. David says he does seem grumpier than usual. She says no she thinks it is something else. David says well maybe seeing his daughter so happy makes him realize what he lost in her.

Katherine notices that Victor seems to have something on his mind. She asks Nikki if she knows what’s wrong with him. Nikki asks her if she noticed it too. She says she just mentioned that to someone that has no sympathy for him. Katherine corners Victor outside and tells him she knows something is wrong and she wants him to tell her what it is. Victor tells her that Hope is dying. He says it is so ironic, his daughter is beginning a new life and Hope is losing hers. Katherine asks him where Victor Jr. is. He says he has no idea. Katherine tells her she is so sorry to hear this.

Sharon comes in at the ranch and tells Nick she came to pick up Noah and tuck him into bed. Nick tells her she should go talk to Victoria. He knows she would be happy if she did. They hand her a glass of champagne. She congratulates them. Nick tells her there is Noah so she excuses herself saying she has to go. As she is about to go out the door, she sees Brad and they have idle talk then she tells him she has to go. Brad tells Paul he heard they are investigating Jack now for JiMin’s murder. He says they have found their man. He thinks Jack is guilty. Sharon overhears them talking and looks worried.

JT and Victoria cut the wedding cake. And take the first bite. Nikki asks Nick if he knows where his father is. He says he has no idea. Nikki says she is really worried about him. He says maybe it’s because he feels he has no family left.

Victor goes to Victoria and tells her that he has to go away for a while and he doesn’t know how long he is going to be gone. He tells her he can’t tell her where he is going. She says something must be wrong but he assures her he is ok. She tells him she loves him. He says she is the one bright light in his life and he loves her.

JT and Victoria start their first night as man and wife upstairs at the ranch. Nikki and David discuss starting to make the plans for their wedding and they kiss. Victor comes downstairs and sees them but doesn’t say anything. He goes out the door carrying his suitcase and leaves without them seeing him.

Jan Barrett

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