Standing at Brad’s gravesite Tracie telling Brad it is going to take a while for it to sink in that he is really gone. The Rabbi walks up and she tells him how Brad was such a special man. She thinks back to when Brad use to encourage her. She said he always knew what to say to her. She says she wishes she knew now what to say to Colleen.

Colleen tells Lily and Billy that they are having a private service for immediate family only. She asks how you say good bye to your father. Lily says you open up your heart and just say what you feel. She starts crying as she tells them she loves them and then she leaves. Lily tells Billy she will be ok. 

Neil goes out to the ranch and they talk about Brad’s death. He says what a shock it is and Victor agrees. Victor says he didn’t go to the funeral because he has no respect for Brad and his daughter Colleen is upset with him. He says he is concerned about Abby’s well being now saying he is her only father now which he says is the way it should have always been.

Ashley, Abby and Victoria are all at Brad’s gravesite with Tracie holding Colleen in her arms crying. They all gather together hugging each other to comfort each other.

Jack and Sharon bring Noah over to Jack’s house to stay. Noah is sad thinking it is his fault that Brad died. When Jack and Sharon try to make him see it isn’t his fault he runs up to his room. Sharon says she feels guilty also.

Phyllis tells Nick he looks exhausted. Nick tells her he had a long night. He tells her that Nick is with Sharon right now. Phyllis gets upset saying he should be there with them and not at the club. He tells her Sharon is going to be staying at Jack’s temporarily. Phyllis tells Nick Summer is out having breakfast with the Nanny and she has been asking for her Daddy. She says she explained that he was with a friend and snowed in and safe and he couldn’t get back. Then she asks Nick if he slept with Sharon.

Nick tells Phyllis he understands it if she hates him now and he promises to hear whatever she has to say. She tells him it was just a moment and it’s over now so they can move on. He tells her they both know it’s not that simple and she can’t just let it go. She says she won’t let it go but she wants the marriage to work because she loves him and she thinks he loves her too. He agrees that yes he does.

Jack and Sharon talk and she tells him how Brad confided in her about his love for her and she turned him away. Jack tells her that sending him away was the right thing to do. If she hadn’t then Noah would have died. He says that neither of them is to blame. She spills coffee all over her and keeps saying she is so sorry. Jack tells her it is ok as he tries to calm her down.

Colleen says she never thought she would be making arrangements for a Jewish funeral. The Rabbi tells Abby that the Jewish believe in burying the dead within 24 hours because it makes it easier for the mourners. He hands Colleen and Abby each a black ribbon to wear to the left and the rest of the family wears it on the right. Colleen tells him how her Dad saved the life of a friend of theirs and then he died. He says there is no greater honor or sacrifice than to give your life for another. Tracie said Brad would have helped anyone else too not just Noah. Ashley thinks back to how Brad wanted to adopt Abby to protect her.

Victor talks about how Brad hid behind the skirt of women and took advantage of them. He said he was a liar and a cheat, a hustler and a user. They start talking about who to replace Brad’s seat on the board of directors. Neil has a list to go over for possibilities but Victor wants to wait. Neil asks if he has someone else in mind and Victor tells him Ashley Abbott. Neil thinks that would be a conflict of interest since she is the CEO at Jabot and very committed to her brother. Victor thinks that will change. Then he mentions Billy but not for a seat on the board but Victor thinks he needs a better mentor than Jack Abbott.

Tracie pins the ribbon on Colleen as she thinks back to when Brad delivered Colleen when Tracie went into labor. She starts crying and tells Colleen it isn’t tears of grief but they are of gratitude. She says Brad gave her everything she ever needed. She looks at Colleen and tells her that he gave her to her and they hug. When Ashley helps Victoria with her ribbon Victoria says Sharon should be there.

When Sharon starts talking to Jack about how she feels she admits to him that she and Nick were making love at the cabin while Brad was saving her son’s life giving his own in return. Back at Nick and Phyllis’s he tells Phyllis he can’t go to the funeral as if nothing is wrong. She says for her nothing is wrong. She says she won’t go to war with him over this. She said she knew he has unresolved issues with Sharon. She says though they have a family together so they can just move on. Nick finally admits that he thinks he loves both of them. He says he never meant to hurt her when she starts crying. He puts his hand on her and she starts screaming telling him not to touch her. He starts to suggest he leaves but she tells him he is not moving out of this house. She says he can not leave home. She says she is going upstairs and she is going to get ready for Brad’s funeral and when she comes down she expects to see him there. Nick says yes he’ll he there.

Jack tells Sharon he won’t ask her questions about Nick because that is her business. He says he is concerned about her though. She says she will handle it. He asks if she means she will handle Phyllis.. She says Phyllis is the one that caused all this. She says she can handle whatever Phyllis dishes out at her. She tells Jack she is stronger than they are giving her credit for. She says she will handle her part but Phyllis is just going to have to handle her own crap and she walks out the room.

Victoria tells Tracie that Brad would be thrilled to know there are all women there. They all cared a lot about Brad saying he was a wonderful man. They all start having flashbacks of Brad when the Rabbi interrupts saying it is time for the service to start. Abby feels bad about hurting Brad’s feeling when she called Victor Dad. Ashley hugs her telling her that her Dad loved her.

At Brad’s house Billy covers the windows and mirrors because it is a Jewish tradition. Billy remembers how he and Colleen stayed behind to dish out the food when his dad died because he wasn’t up to going to the funeral himself. Lily thinks back to when her Mom died and thinks it is sad that Brad didn’t have anyone special in his life..

Sharon tells Noah she is going to Brad’s so she can pay her respects to the family. He wants to go but when she says it would be best he stay there. He thinks it is because she thinks everyone will blame him but she says that won’t happen but she still tries to talk him out of going. He insists that he wants to go anyway and asks for her to wait 5 minutes. Jack asks if she minded if he went with them. She wants to go first so she can say good bye to Brad so Jack will bring Noah with him.

Phyllis calls Indigo and says they are making a platter for them to bring to Brad’s house. She says they should have an early dinner with Summer. He agrees but he needs to make some decisions. He said she has made her decision, saying they need time as a family to heal and asks doesn’t he want that to. He says he wishes he could tell her what she wants to hear but he needs time to think. She tells him to take all the time he needs and then breaks down crying begging him not to leave her.

Tracie welcomes Victor when he comes in telling him they appreciate him coming. Ashley hugs him saying she is fine but she is worried about Abby. Victor tells her that she has two people that love her and will see her through this. Colleen can’t believe that Victor showed up there. She is told to ignore him but she wonders how she can do that. Abby hears Colleen telling Billy and Lily how much Victor hated Brad. Victor hugs Abby and she asks him how he thinks she feels her Dad just died. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it and she runs off.

Noah comes in and talks to Victor. Noah says he finds it hard to believe that Brad is the one that saved his life and now he can’t even thank him. Victor says he will always be grateful to Brad for saving his life and then asks where his mother is. Jack steps up and says Sharon went to pay her respects to Brad while she was alone.

Sharon goes to the cemetery and walks up to Brad’s grave. She starts talking to him by telling him she is so sorry.

Abby keeps hovering over a photo of Brad with her and Colleen and thinks how come Brad couldn’t save himself. Noah walks up and asks her if she wants him to leave and asks if she hates him. Abby looks at him and runs over to him and hugs him. Victor talks to Ashley about the message he sent to Brad and says Abby is still upset over it. Ashley tells him she just can’t handle it all and she isn’t ready to go back out to the ranch yet. She says she needs to be there in Brad’s house. Victor just wants Abby to know she can always come to him.

Jack admits he never loved Brad. Tracie tells him no one expects him to say that. She remembers all the names he use to call brad. As they talk Tracie figures out that Sharon was the woman Brad was in love with and she apologizes to Jack for encouraging Brad to go after her. She says she didn’t know. When she walks off Jack sees Nick walk in. Nick asks if Sharon asked him to bring Noah. Jack asks why he is so surprised after all he is still Sharon’s husband despite recent events.

Sharon talks to Brad, saying she spoke to the rabbi and he says no head stone for 11 months. She stoops down and tells him she did love him and she hopes he knew that. She says it just wasn’t the way he needed her to. She tells him he meant so much to her as she cries. She asks why God always takes the ones she loves. She says first Cassie, then Dru and now him. She said if he hadn’t have been there though she would have lost another child. She says he was meant to be there. She says he gave his life for her son and she will never ever forget that. Sharon turns around and sees Phyllis standing there with a smirk on her face. Sharon stands up and just looks over at Phyllis.

Jan Barrett

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