Nick is fixing Noah’s hair when Noah asks him how come his grandpa is so mad at him. Nick tries to explain it to him by using them as an example. Phyllis comes in and tells Noah that he looks great. She tells Nick not to worry, that today will be a good day. She says the Newman’s will all act like one big happy family.

Victoria tried her dress on and it still needs a few more alterations. She tells Nikki trying the dress on sort of wore her down a bit. Nikki tells her to rest now. She says she has plenty of time. Victoria says she is so happy. Downstairs Victor officially welcomes JT to their family. He tells him how he has noticed how devoted he has been to his daughter and grandson and he appreciates it.

Jack and Sharon go to Crimson Lights after spending the night in a hotel room. They talk about the police investigating him now but he says they can’t find anything because there is nothing to find but it won’t be the first time an innocent man has sat in jail. He says besides he is more concerned right now as to how to get Gloria out of their home. She says well the last thing they need right now is for the DA to be investigating him for a second murder. Neither of them notices Paul sitting a table over from them listening to their conversation. Paul calls Heather and tells her that he overheard Sharon and Jack talking and it seems to him like they are under a lot of stress right now. He says Jack appears to be like someone backed into a corner.

Amber serves Sharon and Jack coffee and asks if they are talking about the new Magazine that Phyllis and Daniel talked about. They tell her well they are still in the planning but are making some headway with it. Amber says she would love to be a part of that. Jack remembers seeing some of Amber’s drawings and tells Sharon Amber use to design for Forrester. Jack asks Amber if she still has the drawings. She says yes and goes to get them. Sharon isn’t keen on the idea but Jack tells her to look at the designs first. When she sees them she says she is less impressed than he was with them. She says it wasn’t what she was looking for in designs. He seems to think this is something that could help the Magazine. Sharon tells him to let them just agree to disagree on this one. Sharon realizes she left documents for the foundation at the house and they both decide to go back to the house to get it.

JT goes in to see Victoria. He gives her a gift. It is a charm bracelet with three charms. One is a house which represents their life together, and then a dove representing their wedding, and a baby shoe representing Reed. She tells them they will just have to fill it with charms now.

Jeffery tells Gloria he is going to invest money in some stock and he wants to buy shares into his own private jet since he hates commercial flights. She tells him even 50 million dollars runs out sooner or later. While Jeffery is out running Gloria talks to a picture of her and John. She tells him she feels closer to him now that she is back in the house. She tells him she knows she has done some bad things but she will do anything to protect her family. She tells John she doesn’t love Jeffery but admits she did love William but she says she will never love anyone like she loved him. She says he is the only one that accepted her for who she is.

Kevin comes in and she tells him she thinks Jeffery is up to something. Jeffery comes in and says he is going up for a shower and kisses Gloria. Kevin tells Gloria that just maybe Jeffery is in love with her. She says bite your tongue. Kevin convinces Gloria it is time she starts taking the poison they have to frame Jeffery with. He tells her to just take a little bit, just enough for it to show in her blood stream. Then she can start complaining about not feeling well and see a doctor. Then she can make a claim that her husband is trying to kill her. Jeffery walks in just as she is about to put some of the poison in her drink. She hides the vial. When he walks out she and Kevin discuss it more.

Michael walks in and wants to know what they are up to. He says he knows they are up to something. He sees the poison and accuses them of trying to kill Jeffery. They tell him that’s a joke. They say it is to kill rats with. Michael gets a call and has to go. He warns Gloria if he is planning anything concerning Jeffery then she will have to face the consequences. He tells her he is this close to letting her rot in prison. He leaves and Kevin says he is going to. Gloria asks him not to leave her in this hell hole alone. Kevin tells her there has been too many interruptions, she is on her own now. She looks at John’s picture and tells him she really needs him now, she needs him to tell her what to do.

Gloria pours herself a cup of tea. She puts a little of poison in her cup when Jeffery walks up to her startling her. She asks him if he can see that she is a nervous wreck. They start arguing. He tells her that if she would just change her attitude they could have fun living their life together. She tells him she can’t because she hates him. He starts yelling and says he is getting so sick and tired of this and he wants some things to change. While they argue they don’t hear Sharon and Jack walk in. Jack has a smile on his face and asks what they have going on in here.

Nikki goes in to see Victoria and suggests they start getting her ready so they don’t have to rush it. She says she has to get her hair done and dressed but Nikki tells her to be sure to tell her if she gets tired. She shows her the bracelet that JT gave her and she says they are going to fill it with charms.

Brad sticks around and JT tells him he is welcome to stay for the wedding if he wants to. He says he will understand if he doesn’t want to but he is welcome. Paul comes in and asks JT if he is ready for this. JT says he has been ready. Upstairs Victoria has her dress on. Nikki says she is the most beautiful bride she has ever seen. Katherine walks in and gives Victoria a gift. It is a ring and she says it is something blue, and something borrowed and something old. Victoria is ready now to go get married.

Victor goes to get Victoria. He tells her how proud of her that he is. She asks him if he will do her a favor. He says anything. She asks him to hold her up at the altar in case she can’t stand. He tells her she can bet he will. He asks her if she is ready and she says yes so he says let’s go.

Katherine asks Nikki if Victor is OK. Nikki says yeah she thinks so. Katherine asks her how she is doing. Nikki says she is hanging in there. Nikki doesn’t think Victor cares about anything that’s going on but Katherine thinks she is wrong. David walks up and says he thinks everything is ready now so they all go to find their seats. Nikki has Reed dressed in his little tuxedo. Noah comes down the aisle, then Phyllis. They stand there and wait. When Victor and Victoria come in they all stand. Victor looks at Victoria and says this is it. She says she loves him and then they start walking down the aisle.

Jan Barrett

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