Noah is still sleeping when Jack informs Phyllis about Jack being the one that saved Noah. They wonder what he could have been doing at the lake in the middle of a blizzard. Jack says ice fishing maybe, or visiting the cabin perhaps. Noah wakes up and asks where his mom and dad are.

Nick walks in finding Sharon up and he tells her she just ruined his breakfast in bed moment. He tells her she was sleeping so peacefully so he didn’t want to wake her. He says he slept well, in fact the best he has in weeks. She tells him it’s been months for her. He tells her the drifts are still high so they aren’t going anywhere yet. Neither of them look too disappointed.

JT is told they are still searching for Brad when Colleen says she is going to join them. JT says he can’t let her go alone so they go. Abby wants to go too but Ashley says it is best that she stays there. Abby tells them to be careful and to bring her Dad home.

Katherine is all dressed up to talk to the pawnbroker. She needs to get him to admit that he bought the ring from her so then maybe they can convince the judge to do a DNA test on Jill. Katherine is still worried that she won’t be able to pull it off. Murphy tells her to just be herself, Katherine Chancellor.

Jana, Kevin, Daniel and Amber talk about the plan with the pawnbroker and what if it doesn’t work. They say they need a back up plan. Jana suggests dental records but they would need a court order to get those records unless they break into the dentist’s office to get them. Kevin says with the other deal he had fun even though someone left their cell phone behind, looking at Amber. Daniel says no. He wants to keep it legal so he suggests that they start by asking for the records first.

Michael comes in with the pawnbroker at the trailer to show him a 1929 Double Eagle. Murphy says it is not for him and he calls Katherine in the room. She comes out and asks the man if he remembers her. He tells her he has never seen her before in his life.

Noah wonders if he can call Brad now to thank him for saving his life. Jack says he would like to know the story behind that one himself.

Sharon and Nick sit on the sofa after eating breakfast. She tells him if the generator had been working she could have made him a real breakfast. She says she can tell he is still hungry. He asks what he needs for refueling. They start kissing when someone knocks on the door. It is the ranger letting them know the road is clear so they can get out of there now. Sharon doesn’t look happy as she stands there wrapped in her blanket.

The pawnbroker gets suspicious when they try to get him to remember Katherine. He asks if they even have the 1029 Double Eagle. Michael brings up the ring. The man finally admits he bought the ring but not from that broad and he was quickly told to watch his mouth by Murphy. Michael shows him the invoice where it was sold and he tells the man that even if he had erased it off his hard drive it still can be traced. The pawnbroker tells them someone hacked into his computer and asks if this is an admission that it was him?

Amber calls the dentist and tries getting Katherine’s personal files saying she works for Chancellor Industries. They hang up on her. Jana suggests now they make an appointment at the dentist. Daniel is against this. They wonder if Katherine can just show up herself and take the file.

Nick is dressed now and says he is going to hike up to the ridge to get a signal so he can let everyone know they are ok. Sharon tells him to tell Noah they love him. She watches out the window as he goes outside.

Phyllis says saving Noah will inflate Brad’s ego. Jack says his mailbox is full. Phyllis says she didn’t send Brad to the cabin but he already knew she was there. She says he ratted her out to Nick and went out there anyway. She has to thank him for saving Noah though. Jack wonders about Nick knowing about what she did before he went out to the cabin. Phyllis doesn’t think that matters because he wasn’t mad at her for it. She says Nick understands her. She says her mistake was that she trusted Brad.

Victoria tells Ashley and Abby that it was Brad that saved Noah’s life, saying he is a hero. Then we see JT and Colleen talking to the State Trooper when they hear a kid calling out for his mother to come see. They run over to where the boy is when they see Brad’s face and hands pressed against the ice just below the surface.

Jana can’t seem to get an appointment with the dentist until March even though she says it is an emergency. Kevin taps into the street level satellite photo of the dentist office online and tells them to cover him. He says he is merely going to scope the place out.

Katherine asks the pawnbroker if he thinks she is some broad that he can lie to. She says he offered her $5000 for the ring and she talked him into giving her $10000. She says she is Katherine Chancellor. She says she has dealt with tougher guys than him every day of her life. He tells her Katherine Chancellor is dead and she is nothing but a two bit fake.

JT comes back to where Colleen is and she figures it out by looking at his face. He tells her there is a body under the ice and she starts screaming as he grabs her trying to calm her screaming down.

Phyllis tells Jack they are on their way home. Jack asks if he mentioned Brad and how did Nick sound. She says like a man that is on his way home. She wonders if Jack wants to believe that something happened between Nick and Sharon.  She says they got snowed in so what. She says her marriage is not over for her.

Katherine tells the man that she will prove her identity with or without him. He asks what she is going to do, take him off her Christmas card list. She says no silly, she is going to open a pawn shop next door to his and offer twice the money he does and then run him out of business. She tells him this broad is going to crush him. He asks if she is really her, and she says he can bet his ass she is.

Victoria tells Ashley and Abby how the glove she found helped her figure out it was Brad that saved Noah. JT and Colleen get back and they give the news to Abby, Ashley and Victoria. They tell JT and Colleen that Brad is the one that pulled Noah out of the water. Victoria hugs JT and Abby holds onto Ashley all in tears.

Nick tells Sharon that Noah is just fine and Phyllis told him that when he said they were heading back. Sharon hands him his sweater saying he should wear it and not be carrying it back. She says Nick? He asks yeah?

Jana is happy that Kevin and Amber are friends again. Daniel thinks they feed off each other. Kevin reports that there is practically no security at all at the dentist office. They say they are going to so score Mrs. C’s records as they call each other partner.

Ashley calls Jack and gives him the news about Brad. He gives Phyllis the news saying he was trapped under the ice and he is dead. Phyllis starts thinking this is all her fault because she told him to go to Sharon. She says Nick will blame her. Jack tells her to get a grip. He tells her to go home and wait for her husband and focus on something she can fix reminding her that she even said it herself that her marriage wasn’t over.

Now that they are ready to go, Sharon says she realizes it was just a matter of time. They have to go though because Noah needs them. Nick isn’t sure he can keep any of this a secret. Sharon tells him he has a wife and daughter that adore him and that like is real for him. He tells her yes but this is real too. She thanks him for saying that but she says just knowing he is saying that means a lot to her. Before they go out the door they share another long passionate kiss. Nick leaves first with Sharon crying.

Amber and Kevin talk about the lay out of the dentist’s office when Michael calls with the news that the pawnbroker caved in. Katherine gets on the phone wanting to talk to Amber. She thanks them for all their help. They both look disappointed now they don’t need to break into the office. Amber gives Kevin a gift. It is a scarf she made for him.

Abby is on the phone with her grandmother giving her the news crying. She is telling her how it is some girl’s fault for making Noah go skating on the lake to begin with. Colleen takes the phone and tells her grandma she loves her and she will call her back. She hangs up and then goes upstairs to check on Abby. Ashley and Victoria talk about brad. She says she has known Brad forever. He was such a big part of her life. He was married to Tracie and then her. He became Abby’s father even though he knew from the beginning that she wasn’t his. Victoria told him she loved him too even though he was frustrating as a husband but she agrees he was a good father.

Nick arrives at home finding Phyllis there waiting. She says Noah is ok but she fills him in on the news about Brad. She says Noah doesn’t know it yet though. He says he needs to go see Noah. She agrees with him. Nick turns around and leaves without saying anything else.

Sharon arrives at the hospital and she finds Jack. She asks how Noah is saying she can’t wait to hug him. Jack stops her so he can give her the news about Brad. She is horrified and asks if Noah knows about it. He tells her he thought she would want to be the one to tell him. She asks how she can tell him. As she starts towards his room she asks if Jack will stay with her. He says he will be right next to her. She wipes her eyes and goes inside the room.

Noah is happy to see her. She runs over to his bed and hugs him. She tells him his Dad is on his way. He tells his Mom he wants to thank Brad too. She tells him that Brad knows how much they appreciate what he did and that they can’t thank him enough. Jack tells him they got some news and Sharon says it is sad news. She said Brad did a brave thing. He saved the most wonderful young man but something happened. She says he died, Brad is gone. Noah sits there numb when Nick walks in and rushes over to Noah and sits next to him to hug him. With Sharon standing next to them both she places her hands on both Nick and Noah as they all cry together. Jack watches and decides to slip out of the room. He looks back through the window as he looks so hurt.

Jan Barrett

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