JT comes in to see Victoria with a gift for the baby. It is a shirt designed as a tuxedo. Victoria tells JT this wedding is going to be a perfect wedding. When he walks out with the baby she calls Victor and tells him she has a favor to ask of him but she would rather not do it over the phone so he says he will be home soon.

Nick and Phyllis come in and find Nikki and David there. Nikki got a call saying the wedding dress will be ready soon. Phyllis says they got a sitter and came up to see if they could help. Nick tells Nikki that if Noah is going to be in the wedding then they should invite Sharon. Nikki says she thought of that but she knows if Jack is in that house Victor will become unglued. Nick says well its time they quit worrying about how Victor feels.

Maggie searches the Abbott Mansion but doesn’t find anything so she and the police officers with her leave. Gloria and Jeffery come downstairs and taunt Jack about being a suspect in the JiMin case.

Katherine’s doctor is there checking her out when Cane walks in and wants to know what is going on. When they reassure him it is just a routine visit the doctor leaves. When he opens the door he finds Amber there. When she goes in she wants to know what the doctor is doing there. Cane accuses Amber of wanting something by hanging out with his grandmother so much. She tells Cane she only wants to be friends with Katherine and that is all. When he leaves Amber quickly asks Katherine if she is ok. Katherine says she is fine and wants to talks to her about the book she wants to write. She asks Amber to help her.

Victor calls Hope’s doctors to try and find out more about her situation. Neil walks in while he is on the phone and Victor tells him not now, he has to take care of this first. Then he tells Neil that when he is off the phone he will be going out to the ranch.

JT asks Paul to meet him at Crimson Lights. When he gets there JT tells him that he is getting married. Paul says that doesn’t really surprise him. He figured they would be soon. JT says yeah well it is more like sooner. He says they will be getting married tomorrow. He asks Paul to be his best man. Meanwhile Victoria asks Phyllis to be her Maid of Honor.

Gloria talks to Noah at the Abbott Mansion and tries talking bad about Jack to him. She tells him the way to solve this would be for them to move out. Noah tells her she should move. Sharon walks in and tells Noah to go get ready because they are going to be dropping him off at his Dad’s soon. Sharon turns to Gloria when Noah is gone and tells him that if she ever tries a stunt like that again with her son she will go to the judge and get a restraining order against her. Gloria tells her to relax. She says if she doesn’t like this to move out. Sharon tells her they aren’t going anywhere. Gloria tells her then to fasten her seat belt because it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Noah tells Nick later that he should see this lady living with them. He tells him she is evil. Sharon tells him that’s not nice. He tells Sharon when she goes home to be careful around that woman. He really thinks she is evil. Sharon tells Nick about the police searching his house and how Jack thinks Victor is behind it all. He asks her what she thinks. She says she thinks she just buy propecia from india wants to pack her family up and just move to Florida.

Jack goes to see Victor and tells him about his house being searched. Victor tells him good, it is about time they start investigating the right person involved in this. Jack asks him if he is that jealous of his son going into a partnership with him in a new business that he has to attack him now. Victor says his son can do whatever he wants to do and then tells Jack to get out of his building.

Jack and Sharon go home only to find Gloria and Jeffery in the living room with music so loud that they can’t hear themselves talk. Jack yells at them as he turns it off. Later he and Sharon decide to leave the house. They pack a few things and prepare to leave. He tells Sharon this is only to give them some time to plan their next move to get rid of Gloria. When they leave Jeffery says that wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be to get rid of them. Gloria is not so relaxed. She says that’s not like Jack to give up so easy. She says he is up to something.

Lily meets the new fashion coordinator for Jabot. When Cane comes in Cloe asks if he is dating Lily or is he single and looking. Cane blushes as Lily says they are just friends. Cane tells her he is sorry but he isn’t looking. Lily tells Cane they are going to the coffee house and she wants to know if he would like to join them. He says maybe later, he will try. Later at Crimson Lights Cloe asks Lily what’s going on between her and Cane. Neil comes in and interrupts before Lily can answer. He makes a fast exit as soon as Cane walks in. As the three of them sit and talk Cloe’s phone rings so she excuses herself to take the call. Lily tells Cane her Dad is going to just have to get use to them being together. She says he is going to have to get use to the fact that she is falling in love with Cane. Cane tells her he didn’t know she felt that way. He admits it is getting harder for him to hide his feelings with everyone too. She asks him if he can maybe spend some time with her father to show him he isn’t such a bad guy

When Victor gets there Victoria tells him she is so excited. She tells him she is really happy. He tells her she is the only bright light in his life. He asks her what he can do for her. She says she needs him to make her a promise. She needs him to be on his best behavior. She tells him of the guest list and he says hmm. He promises her nothing will go wrong. He promises to be on his best behavior. When he leaves the room Victoria tells the baby that tomorrow they will all be a family like she has always wanted. She wants to make them proud by being able to walk down the aisle. She gets out of the bed to try and walk but slides on the floor.

Victor goes back to the office to talk to Neil. He offers Neil Nick’s old job. He tells him he will be acting as CEO of Newman Enterprises and when Victoria gets well they will share the job. Meanwhile he asks Neil to keep an eye on things. Neil asks if he is going somewhere and Victor says maybe. When Neil leaves Victor calls and orders his jet to be on standby to take off as soon as his daughter’s wedding is over.

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