Sharon tells Nick she never meant for him to read that letter. She explains she only wrote it while trying to deal with her feelings so she could move on. She says she should have thrown it into the fire. Nick tells her he had no idea she felt this way. She says to pretend he didn’t read it. He asks how can he now. She tries taking it from him but he pulls it away so she can’t reach it.

Noah is in his hospital bed when he still remembers someone pulling him from the water but he just can’t remember who it was. Victor asks if there is something else he can remember that might help him.

Katherine is sitting at the table playing solitaire when Murphy asks if she knows how to play rummy. She says she doesn’t know so he said let’s find out.

Ashley and Abby head back over to Brad’s house when they can’t find him and they find Lily and Billy still there. Ashley checks Brad’s calendar saying maybe he had a meeting. Ashley says maybe he was abducted by aliens, which leads Billy to teasing Abby just to make her laugh. She calls him a dork.

JT and Colleen found Brad’s car and when they get it open they find his cell phone which really upsets Colleen to see he doesn’t have it with him.

Murphy is losing at rummy with Katherine with him owing her 6 million dollars. He tells her the guys down at the bait shop don’t need to hear about this. He tells her she looked great all dressed up in her fancy duds. He says maybe she should dress up that way when she goes to see the pawnbroker too. She doubts that guy will even talk to her now because he knows he didn’t give her near enough for that ring. She doesn’t think the ring will help change the judge’s mind about the DNA test. She says even if the pawnbroker admits buying the ring they still might accuse her of stealing it. She says she has a bad feeling about this whole thing.

Ashley finds nothing in Brad’s appointment book so she decides to check his messages. They all stand around as they listen. They hear one from Colleen and then from Victor. The message clearly is Victor threatening a lawsuit against Brad or public disgrace saying he will drag Brad through the mud and destroy his reputation if he doesn’t resign immediately. Abby wants to know why Victor is saying all this to her Dad.

Noah tells Victor he is sorry but he just can’t remember anything else. Victor says he will make sure that whoever it was that saved Noah they will be richly rewarded.

Nick reads part of the letter out loud. Sharon tells him it wasn’t meant for him to read. She begs him to please forget he read it. She wants to just burn it. He tells her he can’t. He admits he’s never forgotten. He says he wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most. He says he let her down and he shut her out. He admits she was the closest person to him. He grabs her and kisses her.

Victoria brings Victor a cup of coffee and she tells Noah she hasn’t heard from his Mom and Dad yet. She tells him he needs to get some sleep so she suggests he takes a nap. Victor tells her that Noah told him that someone pulled him from the water but can’t remember who. She wonders if he might be imagining it. Victor doesn’t know for sure but if someone did pull him out he wonders how come they haven’t come forward and told anyone.

Abby wants to know what stolen secrets. She says he sounded so nasty and she says she never heard Victor talk like that before except to her Uncle Jack earlier tonight. She asks why he would say such awful things to her Dad. Ashley tells her she is sure he will have an explanation.

JT checks Brad’s phone to see if he made any calls. Colleen is worried that Brad has been hurt by someone from his past. JT thinks maybe he hiked out and found somewhere to hide out til the storm passes. He says it is too dangerous to go off looking. He says Brad can take care of himself but he calls Paul and fills him in and asks for his help. He tells Colleen that Paul is going to call for help and they will search every inch of this place.

Nick and Sharon lose control and end up almost naked on the floor in front of the fireplace and they are making love.

Ashley tells Victor on the phone about Abby being upset after hearing his phone messages to Brad. Victor tells her he will explain it to Abby later.

When Katherine starts losing the card game Murphy wonders if she is letting him win. She says no, she is just distracted. She says she can only remember Amber and everyone else is just a flash. The only people that believe her are Kevin, Amber and Michael. She says Nikki will never accept her. She says even her own daughter doesn’t believe her. She bangs her hands on the table in frustration saying she is missing a life that seems less than real than the life she is leading now. Murphy tells her she is welcome there as long as she wants to be. She says she can’t live between her lives though. She can’t choose a life knowing it is false. She has to choose her real life. Murphy grabs her hands trying to calm her down.

The question is what Brad was doing on Lakeshore Drive. JT and Colleen are back at Brad’s house saying it looks like Brad might have had car trouble. No one has answers but JT said the State Troopers are doing a door to door search. Colleen tells Abby their dad probably found shelter somewhere. When alone JT tells Billy he is worried. He says if Brad didn’t get a ride and find shelter… well.

Nick and Sharon lie on the floor in each others arms after they make love. She tells him how she wanted him to hold her and to share her pain after Cassie died. He tells her he wanted to but for some reason he just couldn’t at the time.

Katherine hopes she didn’t hurt Murphy’s feelings especially since he has been so kind to her. He says his place isn’t exactly a 4 star hotel .He says he understands that his life seems more unreal as she remembers her past. Katherine tells him he is the most kind, loving man she knows, at least that she can remember. She starts dealing the cards again saying this time she is going to beat him. When he reminds her of the rules she doesn’t remember doing something and starts throwing the cards down saying she doesn’t remember damn it. She says it’s not just a game it is her life and it is disappearing on her.

JT calls Victoria to fill her in and she tells him to stay with Ashley, Colleen and Abby because they need him right now. Noah wakes up thinking it is his Mom there but Victoria tells him it isn’t her.

Sharon makes some hot chocolate while Nick finds a radio from his car. They talk about an old truck he use to have. He asks what fantasies she has but she won’t tell. He says she will too because she never was able to resist his face. Sharon agrees and they start kissing again.

Katherine asks Murphy to help her test her memory. When she can’t remember some of the cards he tells her she just made a mistake. She thinks maybe it is more than just the bump on her head. She said Amber said she was having problems remembering some things before so maybe she has Alzheimer’s. She needs to find out who she really is before she loses her memory completely. She says she needs her loved ones around her. He promises her whatever happens she will never be alone.

Victoria tries to talk about Reed to Noah to distract his mind. He tells her he is freezing and he wishes he had his sweater. She goes out to get his clothes saying she is sure his sweater was soaked. She asks the nurse for another blanket for Noah. When she covers him with it she tells him to let her know if he needs anything.

Billy goes off to get clothes to go out and search. JT tells Billy a name of someone he can ask for in the search party. When he leaves Victor shows up. Abby jumps on him right away. She wants to know why he wants to sue her Dad. He tells her he wants to discuss it when she gets older. She tells him she will never forget that message she heard of him to her Dad. Colleen stands in the background and just smiles.

Nick and Sharon remember back when he proposed to her and how he bought Crimson Lights. He said he wanted to run it with her for the rest of his life. Sharon thanks him for everything in their life and kisses him again.

Colleen lets Victor have it saying he hates Brad because Ashley married him and Abby calls him Dad. JT calms her down. Victor says the phone call to their father is not important now. He tells them he will do everything in his power to help find their dad. He wants them to go home and get some rest but they want to stay there.

The batteries died down in the radio Nick has. Sharon asks if he is hungry and tells him he is in luck because she went to the store before the storm. He gets up and starts to play a record on the old phonograph but she stops him telling him not to touch that because Jack brought that in for her. Nick asks what they have to eat. She says she has beef jerky and peanut butter and crackers. Nick tells her they need to break that jar open as he goes to the kitchen.

Victoria takes a bag from a nurse with Noah’s things in it. Noah gets his cell phone and says he hopes his sim card still works. She pulls out his sweater and then spots a glove. She asks how come his Mom buys such expensive gloves. He says it isn’t his. She looks at it and says it looks like a pair that she helped pick out for Brad one year for Christmas. Noah starts thinking back and he finally remembers. He has flashbacks of Brad on his stomach reaching for him and pulling him out of the water. They wonder, if it was really Brad, then where is he now.

Jan Barrett

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