Gloria tells Kevin that with a little luck she will get rid of Jeffery right after she gets rid of Jack and Sharon. Jeffery walks in and asks her what problem she is talking about. Kevin leaves the house after Gloria tells Jeffery she was talking about that dog in the house. She says she wants to get rid of it. Jeffery says he kind of likes the dog. Jeffery says she has a nice kid there but he finds they are awfully cozy together all the time. She says of course they are, she is his mother after all. Jeffery tells her to find a way to get rid of the Abbott’s. The sharing a house idea is not his cup of tea. She says well that is one thing that she does agree with him on. She picks up the phone and says as a matter of a fact it is time to start an idea of hers.

Paul walks into Heather’s office with some coffee for her. He tries to comfort her telling her she didn’t fail in this case. She says she has a headache from one too many drinks last night. They start discussing the case. Paul asks her who would be the next suspect. She says Jack Abbott but they don’t have enough evidence to have him charged. He gives her some advice as to where to start with this. She tells him good advice. They gather up all the information she has against Jack and says she needs to call her boss and show him what she has. She says then maybe he will put her back on the case. He advises her not to push this so fast. She thinks she needs to do this now. He tells her to wait for a while. She doesn’t take his advice and calls her boss anyway.

Later in a meeting with him she shows him everything she has. He says this is good, it is all circumstantial right now but maybe it could lead somewhere. He tells her he will put Maggie on the case. She asks to be put back on the case but he says not a chance. She says she can do a better job this time. He says she had her chance already. His answer is still no.

Heather goes to Crimson Lights and tells Paul that her boss wouldn’t go for it. She says he like the stuff he showed her and said he would put Maggie on the case but refused to give it back to her. She tells Paul thank you for all his support though. She says she really appreciates him being there for her.

Gloria calls the press and has them come into the mansion with a camera crew to do a story on her being back in the Abbott house. Jack comes in and finds them there and gets Jeffery to take them out on the grounds for pictures so he can talk to Gloria. When they come back in the reporter asks Jack if it is true that a judge forced him to let Gloria move in. He denies it and says he is only doing what his father wanted him to do. The doorbell rings and it is the Police and Maggie. She tells him she has a search warrant to search the house for evidence in the JiMin murder case.

Daniel is back and he tries to tell Amber he is sorry about the fresh faces contest but deep down it is killing him to tell her he told her so. Phyllis walks in shocked at Daniels new hair color. She asks him if he had a fight with a bottle of Peroxide or something. Then she says forget that for now, because she came to talk to him about a possible job offer. Phyllis tells Daniel about the Magazine they are trying to get started. She says it will be online which is great. She wants Daniel to be a part of it. Of course he is excited since he has been looking for a job. She says he has to change his hair back to the natural color though. She tells him that he can’t tell anyone about it yet though, but she will get back with him later on all the details. When she is gone he asks Amber if she heard all that and she said yes and congratulations. Amber hints around for him to put in a good word for her to be able to use some of her fashion designs.

Neil and Victor have a meeting and they talk about Brad’s place at Newman. Neil tells him although it is going to be hard to find a replacement for his boy. Victor says if his boy wants his job back let him come to him, because he certainly won’t be going to him and then he might consider it. Neil tells Victor he completely understands how he feels betrayed. He says he was under a lot of pressure when he fired Nick. Neil says Nick idolizes him. Victor says he doesn’t think so. He says if he asks him, his son always was closer to his mother and then asks that they no longer discuss this.

Jack and Nick discuss their new Fashion Magazine they want to start. Nick assures Jack that he doesn’t want to do this out of revenge against his Father. Phyllis joins them and tells them that she talked to Daniel and he is interested in working for them. She says she has been working on a mock up online but she won’t show them til she is ready. The waiter brings them a bottle of Champagne. Nick asks if they ordered this. Jack says he did because he thought it was about time they celebrated. He pours them all a glass and they all make a toast to the future as Victor walks into the restaurant.

He walks over to their table and Phyllis says hi to him. Victor says he can see they are celebrating. He asks what they are celebrating. They tell him about the online Magazine they are starting. Victor tells them they will never make money on that but Phyllis says they will with this one. Later at home Nick is frustrated over Victor’s attitude. Phyllis tells him not to let his Father get to him like that.

Victor goes back to the office. Neil comes in and asks Victor if he had the chance to talk to Nick. Victor tells him he doesn’t want to talk about his son anymore. He says his son will not be coming back to work there now. Victor receives a call from Hope which makes him happy. She gives him some bad news and he tells her he is sorry to hear that. Then he tells her he will be there as soon as he can then hangs up.

Daniel tries to cheer Heather up by telling the gang they need to have one big party. Amber is acting jealous of Heather but agrees. Jana and Kevin say they are in too. Heather pulls Daniel to the side and she tells him that he doesn’t have to do this, She says she will be fine. He says oh yes he does and laughs.

Jan Barrett

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