Victor shows up at the hospital and watches through the window while Jack sits by Noah’s bedside and suddenly Jack turns around and sees him.

Phyllis is frustrated that she can’t get through the road block. At the cabin Sharon tells Nick she can’t go through this again and insists that they find a way to get home. Nick follows her out the door.

Michael tells Lauren she gave Eden some great advice and thanks her for it. He thinks maybe he just might learn to become a good parent after all. Lauren goes to Eden’s room and is horrified when she finds Eden gone.

Jack tells Victor that Noah will be fine and they are going to let him go home tomorrow. Victor says he can go now. Jack reminds him that he is Noah’s stepfather. Victor tells him to get him a get well card then. He tells Jack he will take care of his grandson.

Colleen and JT tell Victoria that they have not been able to find Brad yet. They tracked down his cell phone and found he was out in the boonies somewhere. They wonder what he was doing out there. Victoria tells them there is a cabin out there. Colleen grabs her coat and says she is going out there. JT says he will go with her as Victoria says she loves him and to be careful.

Jack and Victor go at it in the hallway at the hospital. Ashley arrives to break it up between them. Abby wonders what is going on. Ashley sends her in the room to check on Noah. Jack tells Ashley her boyfriend thinks he owns the hospital and Ashley tells him to just let it rest. He says fine he will just go for coffee but no way is he going to let that jerk run him off.

Abby goes in the room and Noah asks about Eden. She asks why he would even want to know about her. She blames Eden for all of this. Suddenly Eden walks in but she sees Ashley and Victor so she hides. Jack walks in from behind her and asks who she is hiding from.

Nick and Sharon can’t get out since both of their cars are buried in snow. Sharon blames herself saying she should have gone home where she belongs. Sharon says she needs to see Noah, he is her baby and he needs her. She says he needs to know she is doing everything he can to get to him. Nick offers to go outside and try to see if he can get a signal on his phone.

Lauren can’t believe Eden would even sneak out like that. Lauren tried to be like a sister to Eden, to be her friend. Michael thinks that is the problem. He says they aren’t her parents. Suddenly Lauren tells him to call Jana to come watch Fen, as she gets their coats. She says she thinks she knows exactly where Eden went.

Eden sarcastically tells Jack she wants to become a candy striper, and then asks what does he thinks she is doing there. He asks if Lauren and Michael know she is there. When she says yes he asks if she doesn’t mind if he calls them to verify it. Eden tells him ok she will leave then and thanks him for nothing.

Abby tells everyone out in the waiting room that Noah finally went back to sleep. Victoria reports that Colleen and JT went looking for Brad. Abby remembers that her Dad never showed up for dinner saying that is not like him. Ashley assures her that her dad can handle anything. Jack walks up with the doctor and introduces him to everyone. She says Noah can go home but he needs the father to finish filling out papers. Phyllis says that Nick and Sharon will not be there so she will be the one taking him home with her so she took care of the paperwork.

Jack walks over to Phyllis and she tells him that she hopes Nick is safe at the cabin with Sharon. Jack offers to drive her home but she is suspicious as to why he is being so nice to her.

JT and Colleen are stopped by the ranger telling them they can’t go past there because the roads are closed. They ask him about brad telling him they are looking for him. The ranger says they haven’t seen him. Then the ranger tells JT the safest route back out of there.

Nick comes back inside the cabin and reports that he couldn’t get anywhere. He says he did get a signal for a few minutes but only long enough to leave a message to update Phyllis. Sharon lashes out at Nick asking why he left Noah alone to begin with. Nick comes back at her saying he thought he should be the one to tell her the news and to get her back to Noah. He goes through it with her about how all this happened to begin with. He says now Noah can’t remember how he managed to get out from the ice.

JT calls Victoria to tell her they are on their way back but they haven’t found Brad and that the roads are really slippery. She tells him to just get home in one piece and she says she loves him. When she hangs up she tells Abby there is still nothing. Victor tells Abby he is sure that Brad will survive. Watching Victor with Abby, Victoria whispers to Ashley that her father is good with Abby.

When Jack brings Phyllis home she asks him how this happened. She said she had the life she always dreamed of having with a man she is crazy about who she thought was crazy about her. Jack tells her she blew it. He tells her she was playing with the lives of four people and it is about to blow up in her face.

Sharon rants about how Phyllis knew that Noah wasn’t supposed to be around Eden. Nick can understand Noah’s position though because he knows what it is like being crazy about a girl like when he first saw Sharon. Sharon says she won’t let Phyllis off the hook though or Eden.

Eden sneaks into Noah’s room when he is alone. She thinks he blames her and hates her but he tells her he doesn’t hate her. She says she feels so helpless. Abby walks in and they start arguing. Abby says this is all Eden’s fault. Michael walks in and tells them he could hear them in the hallway. As he takes Eden out the room he tells her nice outfit. Michael and Lauren take Eden home.

When they are about to leave Ashley tells Victor she hasn’t had the chance to talk to Brad yet but she asks if he saw Abby’s reaction to Brad missing. She says this will tear her up if this whole thing goes public. Victor tells her they will discuss this when Brad shows up.

Jack tells Phyllis that helping Nick with her shouldn’t be a full time job for her. She tells him she has this incredible life a good man, a beautiful daughter yet she is scared to death she is going to lose it. She says that is what always happens. She can’t hang on, holding him too tight is suffocating him. She says she is probably pushing him into Sharon’s arms with her jealousy. She just doesn’t know how to stop this. Phyllis asks Jack if he thinks Sharon and Nick are having an affair. He says there is nothing he can do about it now but he doesn’t think it means that they should roll over and not fight with everything in them.

Sharon tells Nick she is sorry for getting hysterical. He says it is ok, he understands. He says he will just sleep there on the couch tonight. He gets out a blanket and Sharon says she is going to get ready for bed and will check on him later to make sure he has what he needs. Nick finds the letter that Sharon left by the fireplace that she wrote to him and he starts reading it.

Eden asks if it is so unreasonable for her to want to check on Noah. Michael tells her no but it is for her to hitchhike to the hospital late at night in this storm. Lauren lays into her this time scolding her for her actions. She tells her that her blatant defiance ends now or there will be serious consequences. Michael looks at Lauren shocked but he smiles.

Abby wants to try calling her Dad again, then wonders if JT and Colleen have found anything yet. Then we see a car covered in snow and headlights showing up. It is JT and Colleen. When they get out their car they run over saying it looks like Brad’s car. Colleen yells out it is the middle of nowhere and wonders where he is.

Noah wakes up and sees Victor sitting next to his bed and he asks where his Mom and Dad are. Victor tells him that Phyllis will be taking him home tomorrow. He says that he and Victoria will stay there with him tonight in the hospital though. Nick starts thinking back and remembers yelling for help. He tells Victor that now he remembers that someone was there. Someone helped him out the water and saved his life but he can’t remember who it was.

Phyllis is surprised when Jack says he isn’t going to give up on his marriage. He tells her he just can’t accept that it is over. He says Sharon knows he loves her so if there is any way he can save it he will do it. He tells her she needs to try and keep her insecurities at bay.

Nick reads more of the letter. He reads about Sharon admitting that she is still in love with him. Sharon walks in and sees him reading it. She asks if that is the letter… umm. He tells her yes it is the letter she wrote to him.

Jan Barrett

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