David confesses everything to Nikki. He asks her for her forgiveness. She says she needs some time to let this all sink in. He asks her what does she want him to do, move out the suite, or quit Jabot. She says she has to think about all of this. She gets up and leaves the table.

Victoria is at the main house visiting with Sabrina when Victor invites them both to meet for lunch but Victoria tells him she has a meeting scheduled with Adam that she really can’t cancel out on. Sabrina tells Victor that she really would like to see his art collection while she is in town. Victor says it he is sure it can be arranged and invites her to come to the office later and they can see.

David goes to talk to Brad at the photo shoot. Brad tells him he has some things to go over with Nikki with. David tells him that he can handle all that but Brad says he can wait for Nikki. David asks him about another incident where he went over his head to Nikki about and he let him know how he didn’t like it. He says as co-CEO he assumed he would be kept in the loop of things. Brad tells him not to start getting so upset. He says they should be working together. Brad says he thinks they should go to the Athletics Club for a drink and talk. When Brad walks away David gets a call from Walter telling him he has 24 hours to get him his money or he will be sorry. At the club David tells Brad that the chain of command is from Nikki to him to Brad. Brad tells him he has no problem with the chain of command. David tells him the bottom line here is that he has to answer to him and if he doesn’t like it then they are going to have a problem

Adam tells Victor that he had dinner with Nick and his wife last night. He tells him he actually met Phyllis a few nights before but didn’t know who she was. He says she seems like a nice lady. He tells Victor how Nick and Phyllis showed him around the office for the magazine. Adam tells him he thinks they should consider putting in an Ad with the magazine. Victor says NO. Adam says he thinks it would be a good business decision. Victor tells him he doesn’t think he heard him, he said no. Adam asks him if he doesn’t mind then he thinks he will pursue it. He asks Victor if he is sure this isn’t personal. Victor asks him if he is questioning his judgement.

Victoria comes in and Adam explains to her what they were talking about. She tells her father that she agrees with Adam and thinks it would be great exposure for them. Surprisingly Victor finally agrees to let them go with it in Nick’s magazine. Later at Crimson Lights Adam and Victoria and they talk about placing an Ad in Nick’s magazine. Victoria gets a bit sarcastic when Adam expresses how he wants to be successful in life. He tells her he has obviously rub her the wrong way somehow. She tells him to just keep in mind that Newman got along perfectly before he came along.

Nikki goes to see Victoria and catches her just as she is about to leave for work. After talking to her she goes back to the Club. When she walks in she notices Walter sitting at the bar and then finds David having a drink with Brad. She says hi to Brad and then asks if he minds if she has a word with David privately. Brad leaves the table and Nikki tells David she has made a decision about them. She asks him when the last time he gambled anything was. He tells her a good 4 months ago at least. She says well that is good. She says she is going to be there for him through this. David tells her he loves her and appreciates her giving him a chance to prove it. He tells her she is a wonderful woman and he will restore her trust in him. While they are dining Victor and Sabrina walk in together and Nikki can’t help but notice.

Cloe is adamant about not getting over weight. She tells Lily if she is going to ask her to watch her calories then she figures she better do the same for herself. Colleen says well she for one loves her food so she will just stick to exercises. Lily says her too. She will just eat what she wants and then work it off in the gym, leaving Cloe speechless.

Back at Jabot they are having a photo shoot and Cloe is not happy with how Lily is doing. Lily tells Colleen the evil Cloe is back now. Cane comes in and tells Lily that Nikki has decided to send her on a photo shoot that could get her a lot of exposure. Cloe tells her she can not blow this. Cane tells Cloe that Lily has an exclusive contract with Jabot so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jan Barrett

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