Nikki comes downstairs to join David for dinner when she runs into Walter, David’s so called friend. She invites him to join them for dinner. David walks in and is surprised to see Walter there. Walter says he was just telling his fiancé all about him. David tries to excuse themselves for dinner but Nikki tells him she invited Walter to join them. Nikki notices Nick and Phyllis in the restaurant when they sit down.

While chatting David offers to show Walter the gym. Once they get in the gym David tells Walter that he does not want him involving Nikki in his business. He tells her to leave her alone. He will get him his damn money without Nikki. Walter ends up punching David and David throws punches back at Walter.

Nick and Phyllis are having dinner with Adam. Phyllis asks him to tell them all about New York and his life there. Adam says he is not use to starting things off. Nikki walks over to their table and Nick introduces her to Adam, and he says he is his Dad’s son. Nikki just looks at him in amazement.

Phyllis is pushing Nick to get to know his little brother a little better. They take Adam to the warehouse and show him around. Phyllis jokingly asks Adam if he is ready to quit Newman and go to work with them. Nick says he doesn’t think Adam is ready for that. He says him and Victoria is all his Dad has left. Phyllis says she was only kidding.

When David comes back to the table Nikki tells Nick and Phyllis and Adam she has to go. She gets a call so she takes it before going back. Once she is back at the table she notices he is holding a napkin by his face. She asks what’s up with the napkin. He lowers it and exposes a huge black eye. David tells her he has a big problem and he wants her to know that he is pretty much ashamed of himself. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he owes Walter a lot of money. He says he owes him $225,000. She asks him was it a bad real estate deal or what and she wants to know if it is an old debt or a new one. He tells her it is an old gambling debt.

He confesses that he has a gambling problem to her. She asks him how Walter fits into all of this. He tells her that he was gambling a lot and lost and Walter bailed him out and now he owes him the money. She asks when did this happen. He tells her about the same time he met her. She said and he knew she had money. He says that had nothing to do with it. She asks him if he is asking her for the money and he says no, he fell in love with her. He says he is only telling her all this because he wanted the truth to come out. He doesn’t want things to change between them. Nikki stands up and tells him it is too late, things have already started to change and she walks out.

Victor keeps Victoria’s friend Sabrina company saying he doesn’t know why Victoria is out so late with the baby even. She asks Victor if he minds if she freshens up a little and he tells her by all means feel free. JT and Victoria walk in and find Victor there. They tell him they have been at the hospital with Reed. She says they thought he had a staff infection. Victor asks does he and she says no at least not the bad kind that’s antibiotic resistant kind. Sabrina walks in and surprises Victoria. They hug and Victoria says she has to blink her eyes to make sure she is real. Victoria asks Victor if Sabrina could stay in the guest wing at the ranch and he says certainly. JT says he will walk her up to the main house when she is ready to go. Victor goes home and JT offers to give the ladies some time alone and goes upstairs. Victoria asks Sabrina what made her leave France.

JT walks Sabrina up to the main house and she falls in love with the house. She thanks JT for making Victoria so happy. JT shows her where the guest wing is and then tells her to make herself at home and then he leaves. She is looking around when Victor walks in. She tells him he has a beautiful home there. He tells her that his housekeeper left lots of food in case she is hungry. She says maybe she will have a bite to eat. They chat a little about her life and then she tells him she is pretty tired so she thinks she will take the food along with a bottle of water up to her room and gets some rest. He tells her there are a few bottles of water in a cooler up in her room and he will have someone bring her luggage up to there for her.

Daniel dyes his hair back to his natural color and Amber tells him she likes it so much better. Amber says she is looking forward to her new job. She says they can help each other with their new jobs. She says there is only one condition though and that they have no sex, and none of this best friend thing with bedroom privileges. He says if that’s how she wants it. She says she isn’t good enough for him. He says she needs someone in her life. She says she has ruled out men. Cane and Katherine just walk in and Daniel tells her she has customers.

Jan Barrett

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