Annie and Katherine are giving Clint problems When Roger calls he says they are driving him nuts. He can’t imagine why he ever married Annie to begin with. They agree that Roger’s job is to convince Esther that everything she has is now theirs not just hers. When Clint leaves the room Katherine wonders how Annie could have ever married Roger. Annie says he could be a real charmer and she shows Katherine what Esther’s heart will look like, as she squeezes an orange, once Roger is done.

Jill tries to convince Esther that she doesn’t need a honeymoon. She says she needs a lawyer instead for an annulment. She asks Esther where Roger was when her daughter was fighting for her life. She says with another Mrs. Wilkes, that’s where. She tells Esther she is only trying to save her. Esther continues to defend Roger calling him a wonderful husband. Cloe comes in with a floral delivery and all is surprised that the flowers are from Jill. Jill reads the note which says the bed’s too big without you, see you tonight. They are from Jeffery.

Gloria calls and leaves yet another message for Jeffery thinking he must not have gotten her first one. She tells him to call her because she is free and she wants to celebrate. Lauren, Michael and Eden walk in and Lauren hugs Gloria congratulating her for getting out of jail. She tells them she wants to be with Jeffery as weird as that sounds so from now on if they need her they can reach her at Jeffery’s suite.

Neil sees Cane at Crimson Lights and he asks how Cloe and the baby are doing. Neil is ready to go but Cane stops him asking about Lily. Neil says there is nothing to talk about. Cane asks if he can have a minute because he wants to talk to him, saying things aren’t as they seem.

Lily goes to the Abbott home thinking Colleen needed her for something but realizes when she gets there that Billy tricked her into coming. She tells him she doesn’t appreciate being manipulated. She notices his face bruised. She asks why he brought her there anyway. He said he knows he screwed things up but he would like the chance to make things right again.

Jill goes to see Jeffery and shoves the flowers at him as she enters the room telling him she is not his girlfriend. She tells him to get it through his sick skull that they are not doing this. She accuses him of only wanting her for sex and some twisted agenda. She tells him the sex never meant anything to her. As she is about to slap him across the face he catches her hand and pulls her towards him and they kiss.

Lily wonders why Billy is stepping up now. She thinks he just wants to take the baby away from Cane although she didn’t expect him to walk away and let Cane raise his daughter. Billy thinks now they are on the same page but she doesn’t think so. Billy assumes she wants the same as he does. He wants Cane to step away and she wants to get back to Cane doesn’t she?

Cane tells Neil the whole story nut Neil points out that a lot of damage has been done here. Cane agrees but he says his feelings for Lily have never changed. He says he has filed for a divorce admitting he never even loved Cloe anyway. When Cane says he won’t walk away from the baby, Neil tells him that he isn’t sure Billy and Cloe will accept that. He understands Cane’s decision but doesn’t want his daughter involved in this. Cane says he respects him for that but this will be Lily’s decision.

Lily tells Billy she doesn’t want to talk to him about Cane. She says they are not getting back together. Billy thinks they will and he needs her help. He says Cane is pissed off and all he wants to do is fight when they see each other. He asks her to talk to him and get him to back off or he will be forced to make him. Lily wonders if Billy will force Cloe too Billy says he has decided to step up so Cloe will understand.

Esther comforts Cloe as Cloe thanks her mother for taking such good care of her. When she hears the baby crying she goes to see about her. Roger comes in and tells Esther he has been looking at houses. He says they can sell Jill her share of the estate and they can get their own place and male love whenever they want to without having to worry about being heard. Esther argues that they have a whole wing though, besides Katherine left her this. He smiles and tells her they don’t have to talk about this now, but he wants to talk about their honeymoon. He asks her if she is packed yet, but the look on her face tells him she isn’t.

Katherine is shocked to hear that Roger makes a living by marrying rich women and leaving them broke before the flowers in the wedding bouquets have even wilted. Annie polishes her knife as she tells Katherine how she only goes along with it because he cuts her in it a share of the profits. Katherine realizes Annie is still in love with Roger.

Esther wants to postpone the honeymoon so she can be there to take care of Cloe and the baby. . Roger gets upset because Esther keeps changing her mind saying Cloe has Jill and the entire staff there to take care of them. Cloe comes in and hears that Esther wants to cancel her honeymoon because of her. When Roger leaves to run errands Cloe tells her mother that she has a guy that wants to moon her over on a beach so she should go after him. Esther thinks about it and decides Cloe is right so she decides to go. Michael and Lauren tell Eden that Lauren is cooking Eden’s favorite tonight, cheeseburgers but Eden being arrested seems to have spoiled her appetite. Michael tells her he is sorry about his attitude at the bookstore admitting he is hotheaded and has anger issues but Eden doesn’t blame him.

Gloria shows up at Jeffery’s suite with a rose saying surprise. She says she guesses he didn’t get her messages, she is as free as a bird baby. She removes her coat and stands there wearing a black negligee and a choker. She starts opening a bottle of Champagne saying she will satisfy both of their needs. When the cork pops out and flies across the room Jill yells out and comes out wearing only a negligee and robe too with her hand on her forehead. She asks Gloria what the hell is she doing out of jail. Jeffery stands there not knowing what to say. Jill tells Gloria that her husband begged her to come there and show him what it is like sleeping with a real woman. Gloria calls her a filthy tramp and they start fighting with Jeffery looking like he is enjoying it. He laughs saying all they need now is a vat of mud. Gloria grabs her things calling him a bastard. She tells Jill to take him, he ain’t worth it and she marches out.

When Karen gets to Crimson Lights he tells her what Cane told him about not being the baby’s father. He says Cane wants to take the baby and raise it and he wants to get back with Lily too which in Neil’s opinion will only cause Lily more pain. The subject goes back to Tyra trying to leave with Anna but Neil can’t understand why she did it. After asking Karen questions he finds out she has started with the adoption. She asks if he plans on stopping it and he can’t answer her. She says that says he doesn’t want what she wants and that he is holding something back or someone. She tells him that he should have been sure of his feelings before he married her.

Cane finds Lily in the book store and asks if he can talk to her. She asks how he knew she would be there and he says from one of her friends. He takes her hand and pulls her in between an aisle. He apologizes for everything and he just needs her to hear him out.

Billy goes to see Cloe and asks to spend some time with the baby. He tells her he wants to spend time with her too.

Annie thins it is a terrible plan to hold an old lady as a hostage like this saying all Roger and Clint care about is money. She unties Katherine who tells her she will never regret this. When Annie goes for her keys so they can get out of there Roger comes in asking what the hell is this. Annie tells her it is over and they are leaving his sorry butt as Katherine stands next to her. Roger is surprised when Esther walks in asking what is going on here and then she wants to know who this woman is. He asks what is she doing there, she tells him she followed him here. Then she notices Katherine and is surprised. Katherine tells her it is so good to see her. Katherine says of course she knows who Esther is, who could forget those protein shakes and terrible wheat grass salads. Esther dries as she realizes it really is Mrs. C. Katherine explains that Annie was helping her escape. Esther turns to Roger and scolds him for holding Katherine hostage as she slaps him across the face.

Neil tells Karen he wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t love her. She asks why he lied to the police. He says to protect Tyra. She says she has known for a long time that Tyra had feelings for him but never dreamed he would reciprocate. She tells him she saw him kissing Tyra. He says it isn’t what she thinks. She tells him to shut up asking if he wants to be with her. He says of course he does. She tells him then he needs to get it together or their marriage is over and then she leaves with him calling out to her.

Billy calls the baby his little cutie pie when he holds her. Cloe thanks him for the present and says yes it is a big deal. She looks at the baby telling her look it’s Daddy! Cloe tells him she just wanted to do what was best for the baby. She says she never stopped caring about Billy but she knew he would head for the hills if he knew about the baby.

Cane tells Lily he has been doing some soul searching. He has decided to divorce Cloe and he is going to go for shared custody He asks Lily if she would help raise the baby with him.

Jill is dressed now as Jeffery sits still in his robe with his drink. He starts laughing causing Jill to ask what is so funny. He answers, life, women, relationships, things that make the world go around. Jill accuses him of playing her and Gloria but he denies it although he wishes he had a video camera saying maybe next time though. Jill assures him there won’t be a next time. He tells her that she knows she had a good time. Jill admits she does like the idea of sticking it to Gloria. Then she decides what the hell as she lies across his lap and kisses him.

Michael hands Lauren a glass of wine as they try to share a moment of peace alone. He kisses her and before they know it Gloria comes in complaining saying Damn that man. She asks if she can move back in with them. When they ask what happened to living with Jeffery, she tells them she would rather shoot that son of a bitch than live with him.

Cane wants his future back with Lily only now that includes Cordelia. He says if she can handle that he would like to marry her. Lily can’t believe what he is saying to her. He knows it isn’t appropriate to give her a ring while he is still legally married he hands her a boxed gift with a necklace in it. The same one he was going to give to Cloe for Valentine’s Day. He tells her all she has to do is say yes.

Billy tells Cloe he knows why she did what she did and she was right. He admits he didn’t think he could handle the responsibility of a baby before but now he can’t imagine not being her father. Cloe is surprised to hear him saying this to her. She tells him Cane will be a problem though. He says they can get a lawyer and fight it but he suggests an easier way. He asks Cloe to marry him.

Esther yells at Roger asking him how he can live with himself and all the despicable things he has done. Annie tells her she doesn’t know the half of it. Katherine tells them they need to get out of there but before they can Roger walks in and wants to know what the hell is going on in here.  Esther recognizes him right away. He tells Esther long time no see and then he grabs Katherine telling her no everyone has to suffer and he says he does mean suffer.

Jan Barrett

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