Nick and Phyllis discuss things at the new office. She wants to know if she should cut corners to save on expenses. He tells her that if she sees something she wants or that they need for the place she should get it. She tells him that she met the new Newman member last night and she thinks he is a very bright young man but to be honest she says she thinks he is in way over his head. Later Phyllis tells Nick that the man is there to check on the wiring. She says he told her that the whole building needs to be rewired. Nick says that could explain the alarm system going off like they did last night. He says OK so how long is this going to take. She says not long at all but it is going to be expensive. . He tells her OK, Jack is in LA and he is waiting on him to call with some good news and that will solve all the financial problems they are facing here.

Victor is at the office at Newman and he sees Adam slaving away in a pile of files making him think back of days when Nick was like that. Adam tells Victor that he thinks Beauty of Nature is their weakest point and would like to see them sign up some sort of celebrity to help promote it. Then he tells Victor that by the way so far he is ahead in their little bet. He says he was at work early this morning. Victor says he was there yesterday first. Adam says but the day before he was there first so that makes it two to one.

Jeffery is on the phone leaving Jack a message telling him he has come to a decision about selling their half of the mansion. Gloria walks in and tells him they are not selling their half. She has a piece of the stairway banister in her hand and shows it to Jeffery telling her if she hadn’t have been more careful she could have fallen and broken her neck coming down the stairs. He says well that only proves she should continue being careful. Jeffery tells Gloria he is tired of them living like they are. He says he thinks sex is fun and he is ready for them to start having some fun. She says she is happy with their brother sister relationship. He says too bad, because tonight is the night. Gloria says she is not going to sleep with him and she goes upstairs. He makes a call telling someone he and Gloria will be moving into a house and he wants them to get all the paper work done tonight. Gloria slips downstairs and grabs her purse and coat and leaves for the coffee house.

She goes to Kevin and tells him that Jeffery tried to kill her this morning. Kevin tells her he managed to get Jeffery’s girlfriend from Korea on a plane heading for Genoa City. He says he sent her a message pretending to be Jeffery saying he wants to marry her. While they talk, Jeffery walks in telling Gloria everything is all set at home with champagne and all. She says how romantic but she can’t make it since she has to go to New York tonight. He calls Nikki and tells her that Gloria can’t make it to New York after all. She tells him she didn’t know anything about her going to New York. He tells her he is expecting her to show up in a half hour. Gloria tells Kevin to call her as soon as the Korean girlfriend lands at the airport.

When Gloria gets home Jeffery admits to her that he did rig the banister but he did it where if she did fall she wouldn’t have gotten hurt too bad. He says he only did it to show her what he is capable of. He pours her some champagne and she asks if it has poison in it. He says no and she can take his if she doesn’t trust him. He tastes both glasses to show her it is ok. She starts to loosen up some asking for some more Champagne.

Jack and Sharon are at Forrester when Sharon asks him if he understands about what she told him about wanting to be working with him and Nick and Phyllis at the Magazine now. She says she wants it to be her sole priority but she hopes he will understand. He says he only wants her to be happy with whatever it is she wants to do. He says she should have came to him before about this though. She says she just didn’t want to disappoint him. Ashley walks up and says hello to them. Then Eric comes out and asks Ashley and Sharon if they will excuse them for a few minutes so he can talk to Jack. Eric turns Jack down on his ad offer for the magazine. He says he spoke to his people in his ad department and they don’t think this is a good idea. Jack asks him why the sudden change of mind. He asks if something happened that he isn’t telling him about. Jack calls Nick to give him the news and says that the two of them might have to finance the whole thing at first til the magazine gets started. Nick tells him he is in all the way with him.

Adam meets with Victoria about Beauty of Nature. She tells him she doesn’t like the idea of going with a celebrity spokesperson. She says she has always preferred going with the unknown. He set up a meeting with a group this afternoon and asks her to join them. She says ok, she says she knows them all, she has worked with most of them for years. Just as they are about to leave for the meeting JT calls Victoria asking her where the baby thermometer is. She gets upset asking if Reed is sick, and then tells JT she is on her way home. She tells Adam he is going to have to take care of the meeting because she has to go home. At the meeting he tells the men that he thinks some changes are needed. They say no offence but they don’t know him and they have always worked with Victoria. Adam says she would have been there for the meeting but couldn’t because of a family emergency. He claims she is backing him 100% so he thinks they should work with him on this right now.

Phyllis sees Adam at the Club and they talk. She lets him know that she found out that he is Victor Newman’s son. Adam is about to celebrate a productive meeting so he asks Phyllis to join him. She says she can’t and it is because her husband is parking the car and she asks him to join them instead. Just then Nick walks in and Phyllis tells him to look who is here. She says she just invited Adam to join them. Nick says ok, that will give them a chance to get to know each other better.

Victoria and JT are told that a pimple on Reed’s hand could be a staff infection and it would be best if they take the baby to the hospital to be treated for it. After they have gone Victor comes over with a gift for the baby but finds the house empty. As he is about to leave he finds a woman at the door. She says she is Victoria’s friend Sabrina.

Jan Barrett

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