Nick calls his lawyer and asks for another loan against his trust fund but he tells him he doesn’t want his father to know about it this time. Phyllis suggests he gets some investors involved with the magazine instead of risking all his money in it. Nick doesn’t want to do this. He says he would rather Jack putting in his half and his own money for the other half saying that would be better. This way he won’t have to be answering to anyone.

Jack is in Los Angeles to see Eric Forrester. He is with his sister Ashley who tells him she wants to have dinner with him and Sharon later on. She tells him that Abby is excited about seeing Noah. She leaves Jack and Eric together so they can discuss business and tells Jack she will see him later. Jack tells Eric all about the Magazine. Eric wants to know who all is involved in the business. Jack says himself and his partner, Nick Newman. Eric says oh yes the Newman’s. He says Victor Newman is an old friend of his and he remembers that he and Victor are old enemies. Jack tells him this is true but Nick is Victor’s son and he assures him that the Magazine has nothing to do with Victor.

Eric tells him he will run it by his Ad department and maybe they can work something out with it. Jack says that is great. When Jack leaves Eric calls Victor and asks his input about the Magazine. He says he assumed that he has invested some money into it. Victor says certainly not. He thinks it is a crazy idea and he doesn’t even think they will make it past the first issue. Eric thanks him and says as always he appreciates his opinion on things. He says he will talk later and hangs up.

Neil and Adam are going over some files. Adam mentions meeting a few people since he has been in town at the Club. Neil suggests that Adam try out Indigo. He tells Adam that is his club and he should try it for some drinks and entertainment. Victoria walks in and asks Adam if he would like to go over some of the figures. He tells her he has already come up with a few ideas and offers to go over them with her, which surprises her.

JT comes in and tells Victoria the babysitter is on her way to come pick up Reed because they are going out on the town tonight. She asks where they are going.  He tells her to Indigo’s. Adam asks if that is Neil’s Club and they tell him yes. JT tells him he should check it out sometimes. Adam tells him he isn’t exactly the clubbing type. Later JT calls Nick and invites him and Phyllis to join them at Indigo’s for a night out. He says it is Victoria’s first night out on the town and they would like for them to join them. Nick says he is really snowed under. Phyllis takes the phone and says she will talk Nick into it. She thinks they need a night out on the town.

Jill meets with Cloe and Lily about Lily’s pictures. Cloe thinks she needs some improvements even though Cane and Nikki and Jill all think the pictures seem fine. Jill says well they hired Cloe because she is a professional and she thinks Lily needs some help. Cloe says Lily is nervous while shooting. Jill tells her to just teach Lily what she needs to know before the next shoot. Later when Lily is trying dresses on Cloe gives Lily a hard time.

Daniel comes in at the warehouse after Phyllis and Nick call him. They tell him they definitely think there is a place there for him. He is all excited saying he really wants to be a part of all this. Amber walks in and remarks at how great the place is. Daniel asks her why is she there anyway. She says that Jack looked at some of her designs and he liked them so she was hoping that maybe they would consider hiring her. Phyllis is sceptical but Daniel pitches for Amber and Nick seems to go along with her too. Nick says that he is going to let Phyllis handle this. Amber says she will take any job they have to offer. Phyllis says the only thing they have open is maybe a receptionist. Amber says she will take that. Phyllis reluctantly says well let her go talk to Nick and she slaps Daniel. Later Phyllis tells Amber that Nick has agreed to hire her as a receptionist.

At Indigo, Neil walks in and sees Karen humming to a song she is set to sing tonight. He asks her if she is ready. She says yeah, she is ready maybe for a straight jacket. She says it isn’t like this is going to be her career. He tells her that it could be but she reminds him that she is a business woman though.

Adam goes in to see Victor and tells him that he started talking to Victoria about the Beauty of Nature but she had to leave suddenly. He asks if he could talk to him about it. Victor tells him he doesn’t want to walk on her toes, since this is her department. He explains that Victoria has been through a lot. He gives Adam a folder with Victoria’s plans for Beauty of Nature and tells him he is welcome to read it. Victor tells Adam not to burn himself out too fast.

Cane and Lily go to Indigo and they see Jill and Cloe there. Cane walks over to Jill’s table and says hi. Jill lets Cloe know that this is her last day handling this and from now on it will be Cane and Nikki working with it. Cane tells her he can handle this one. Cloe asks him doesn’t he think it is a little inappropriate for him to be dating one of the models. Jill takes a phone calls and Cane tells Cloe to have a good night and he leaves going back to Lily’s table. She asks him how come he didn’t invite Cloe to join them. He says he thought she wanted a Cloe free night. She says she sort of feels sorry for Cloe. Cane asks if she wants him to invite Cloe over and she says yes please.

Daniel tells Amber he was going to Indigo’s tonight with Heather. He and Amber go back to the coffee house when Heather calls him telling him that she has a lot of business to handle and has to cancel. Daniel says he guesses he will just go home and leaves.

At the table Phyllis and Victoria and Nick and JT are enjoying the music when Nick gets a call and he says he has to go to the warehouse. When he is leaving Adam walks in just in time to say good bye. He sees Phyllis at the bar and they say hello. When she goes back to the table Victoria tells her she sees she met her half brother. Phyllis asks her what she means. She says Adam is her half brother. Phyllis is surprised to hear that the guy that has been hitting on her is Nick’s half brother.

Nikki and Victor run into each other at the Club. She asks him should they sit at different tables in silence. He asks if that is an option other than them sitting together in silence. She says well they could sit together and have a civilized conversation. He sits down at her table and asks her what she would like to talk about. She tells him she would like to hear all about this son of his, she says she believes he is calling himself Adam. She says she wants to know all about him.

Jan Barrett

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