Sorry I missed yesterday’s Update. It was Mardi Gras here in the New Orleans viewing area and all the CBS soaps were pre-empted until like 1:30 am and I couldn’t stay awake that late so I missed the show myself. But here is today’s update:

Ashley puts the belated Valentine’s Day gift she got from Victor on her arm. She tells Victor she doesn’t blame Colleen for wanting to take Brad’s place on the board. Victor says he doesn’t either but he thinks Jack is behind it just like he was with Adam and the fake diary.

Adam gets Heather to come visit him at the jail telling her he needed some help and he didn’t know where else to turn.

The doctor tells Cloe as soon as the pediatrician signs the release she and the baby will be able to go home. Cloe is upset telling her mother she has no home to go to. Esther is confused but Cloe finally confesses to her about Cane not being the father of her baby.

Cane tells Jill he has filed for a divorce but he tells her he can’t forget about the baby or Cloe. Jill agrees that he has plenty of reasons to be bitter but she is still the grandmother of the baby so she will make sure she is well taken care of. Cane tells her that he has hired Michael and he plans on suing for custody.

Billy tells Jack he is scared. Jack encourages him to stake his claim on his daughter saying she is an Abbott. He asks him how he could think of letting someone else take his daughter away from him.

Noah and Eden are still surprised that they are actually being allowed to go out in public together. Eden asks if he still wants to hang out with her now that she is no longer off limits. He says yes he does and then they decide to go out and see a movie tonight as in a real date.

Cloe tells Esther she knows she is a horrible person for lying about who the father of the baby was but she says she did try to tell her about it, she just didn’t want to ruin her wedding. Esther wonders now if Cane isn’t the father, then who is. They bring the birth certificate in for Cloe to sign. She sees that Cane has already signed it but they say she has to sign it before it can be released. Esther tells her that she can live with her and they will raise the baby together at the estate. Cloe says she doubts Jill would ever fall for that one. She says she doesn’t want history to repeat itself by raising the baby without a father.

Jill tells Cane he shouldn’t make an impulsive decision saying this is a lifelong commitment to a child that is not biologically his. Cane tells her he has been the father to Cordelia since the first ultrasound was taken so he can’t just throw away the connection he has with her now. He doesn’t want to be her uncle. He realizes he doesn’t have to do this but this is something he wants to do.

Jack tells Billy he can find him a good lawyer and he can go for full custody. He said they can hire a nanny, saying he wouldn’t be alone in this. He’d be there for him. Billy says diapers and spit up isn’t for him, he just can’t be a Dad. Jack says being a Dad is all an on the job training. When Sharon rings the door bell Jack tells her she doesn’t have to use the doorbell. She says she left a box of pay stubs there and needs them. She is surprised to see Billy there and as Jack talks to her all she can do is look at Billy. Jack tells her he thought they could file a joint return this year for their taxes so he goes to get the papers. Sharon quickly asks Billy if they can keep their night together a secret from everyone. He agrees quickly and then he darts out the house.

Heather can see prison life is not going too well with Adam but she says she can’t do anything to get him out. Adam says he gave up on that fantasy a long time ago but that wasn’t the help he needs now. He tells her he has a really bad rash and the nurse there keeps telling him it is all in his head and gives him Calamine lotion for it. He thinks he should see a real doctor for it and wants to know if she would put in a request for him for it. He tells her since she has been trying to get in to see him, he assumes she still cares about him. He tells her he realizes that he threw away the best thing that ever happened to him. Heather admits to him that she really did love him and she will see what she can do about getting him to a real doctor.

Once Ashley gets off the phone she asks Victor where were they? He tells her she was defending her brother’s non existent virtues. Ashley tells him she is worried that she and Abby are going to be caught in the crossfire in all this. Victor tells her she has nothing to worry about as long as Jack doesn’t antagonize him.

Jack gives Sharon her pay stubs as she tells him Billy had to go. She tells Jack she is doing much better now and apologizes to him for falling apart on him the other day. He tells her it is ok and if it happens again he will always be there for her. She tells him she has been too judgmental of him admitting she is not perfect. She says she has regrets too. He asks her to stop the divorce then saying he would love to spend the rest of his life with her so he can show her how much he loves her. She tells him she doesn’t deserve him as she runs out the house.

Esther is assuming that Cloe will tell her who the father is when she is ready. She tells Cloe she will get some clothes for her at the gift store. Cane walks in and tells Cloe he has filed for a divorce and he would like for it to be over as quickly as possible. Cloe tells him for what it’s worth she is really sorry. She said she did this for the baby because she knew he was a good person. Esther is out in the hallway talking to Roger on the phone when she spots Billy peeking in on cane and Cloe but then decides to leave even though Esther asked him to stay. She figures it out that Billy is the father and the man she is in love with. She tells Cloe that Billy was there but didn’t stay. Cloe pouts telling her that he will never stay.

Victor goes to Crimson Lights and smiles when he sees Noah and Eden sitting together holding hands. Noah introduces Eden to Victor. When she starts to walk away Victor invites her to stay. He tells her that he has heard a lot of nice things about her from Noah. She nudges Noah telling Victor he better have said nice things, jokingly.

Cloe tells her Mom how it was supposed to be just a quick hookup with Billy just for fun. Esther can see that she fell in love with Billy instead though. Jill walks in saying she would cry too if she had done what she did. She accuses Cloe of having this planned all along so determined to have an heir to the Chancellor fortune. She says she knew Cloe was the worst kind of trash. Esther yells at Jill to get out or she will be thrown out.

Billy calls Rafe and asks to meet out on the patio at Crimson Lights. He says he needs to talk to him about a kid. Rafe assumes he means Anna but he says not Anna, he is talking about his own kid.

Eden tells Victor she has to go buy some school books. Noah wants to go with her so Victor says he understands. He encourages Noah to bring Eden out to the ranch sometimes and they can go riding. When they leave Heather walks over to Victor and tells him that Adam is not doing so well. Victor thinks Adam is learning a valuable lesson and then he takes a call and ignores Heather.

Sharon is at the bookstore and she signs the receipt for the ones she has bought. When her phone rings she ignores it. She says Oh Jack come on, give me some space. As she starts going out the door she picks up a few extra books and slips them in her bag while no one can see her.

Colleen is packing up her things and is planning on moving into her Dad’s house which she corrects saying well it is her house now. She tells Jack she will be just fine but thanks him for his concern. He tells her that both he and Brad are proud of her right now. He agrees to continue helping her take on the great Victor Newman. When Colleen continues packing Ashley walks in. She asks Jack how Colleen even knew that she had the option to take over Brad’s seat at Newman. She tells Jack it is hard to fathom her coming up with this all on her own, isn’t it.

Noah and Eden go to the bookstore and they run into Sharon. Sharon holds up the bag of book that she just bought telling Noah she told him she would get the books for him. She hands him the bag.

Jack tells Ashley that they have to accept that Colleen is a grown woman now and this kind of stuff is in her genes. Colleen comes in and tells Ashley she is sorry if she is upset with her. She assures Ashley that she doesn’t know what she is doing though. Ashley tells her she was just wondering how she knew about that particular bylaw at Newman. Colleen admits it is a lot to handle which Ashley agrees. She tells Colleen her Dad wouldn’t want her to take on too much. Colleen snaps at Ashley telling her with all due respect she doesn’t know what her Dad would want nor does she even care. She says she will not be intimidated and she is taking what is rightfully hers.

Jill complains with Esther about bringing the baby there saying that is just what a new husband would want. Jill tells her why not let Cloe and the baby stay in her wing at the house. Cloe says right, first she calls her trash and now this. She tells Cloe this isn’t about her, it is about the baby and offers a pact between the two of them. She asks if they can put their animosity aside and do what’s best for the baby. She asks Cloe and Esther if she thinks they can do that.

Cane goes to the hospital and finds Cloe’s room empty. They tell him that she and the baby were discharged. Cane asks if the doctor knows where they went.

Billy meets with Rafe and fills him in on what is going on. He tells him a DNA test has been done and he says she admitted he was the father. He tells Rafe Cloe wasn’t sleeping around. She was obsessed with him, practically stalked him all the time. Rafe says they will need a second DNA test so that he won’t be ruled out as the father. He tells Billy he needs to decide though what it is that he wants to do here. Billy tells him right now he just wants to know what his options are. He isn’t ready to do anything yet.

Sharon talks with Eden and Noah still at the bookstore when she gets a call from the hospital saying he mother collapsed and she has to go to her. She and Noah rush out and Eden notices they forgot the bag of books so she grabs it and runs after them telling them they forgot the books. Just outside the door she stands there with the bag when the security guard takes her back inside saying the beeping is indication something has been stolen.

Adam sits at the table playing solitaire when the guard walks over to him and tells him it looks like he is going to get his way. He will be getting to see a dermatologist.

Heather goes back over to Victor saying she just can’t let this go. He says apparently not as he reads the newspaper. She asks if he knows what Adam is going through. She says tough love is one thing but he is being cruel and indifferent to his son’s suffering. He reminds her that his son accused him of murder so he brought this on himself, plus he reminds her that he deceived her too so he doesn’t think they have anything else to discuss. He tells her to have a nice day as he walks away.

Colleen is ready to go and Jack tells her to just keep her keys to the Abbott home saying it will always be her home too. Ashley doesn’t want to see Colleen poison her like with the Newman Abbott feud. Colleen tells her to tell Victor that because he is the one screwing over her dad, as she walks out the door. Ashley looks at Jack and accuses him of being behind this. She tells him not to insult her intelligence saying he is so wrong to use Colleen. She says he thinks he is hurting Victor but all this will do is hurt Abby, Colleen and her as she storms out.

Cloe is holding the baby over her shoulder as she asks her Mom if she is holding her right. Jill and Esther both offer advice on how to burp the baby. Billy walks in Jill smiles telling him hello. She asks him what he is doing there. Cloe wonders too.  Billy looks nervous as he holds a small gift wrapped box as he starts to speak when Cane walks in looking at Billy saying he wants to know that too.

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