Victor calls Nick and tells him that he heard that he made a loan against his trust fund. He wants to know why he didn’t go to him for the loan. Nick says he remembers how it went when his Mom went to him for a loan. Victor tells him he has been around and knows a little about business and he doesn’t think this is a sound decision. Nick tells him well he doesn’t have any say anymore about what he does in his life and then hangs up on him.

Phyllis runs into Adam again at the Club. They have a short conversation after she tells him she remembers that he is new in town. She leaves the Club and heads over to the Abbott Mansion and gives Jack a financial proposal for the magazine. Jack says he can sure use this to sell it to Eric Forrester. Jack walks away for the phone and Phyllis asks Sharon if she has had a chance to talk to Jack yet. She says not yet. Phyllis says she thought she said she was bored with the foundation. Sharon says she is but she just doesn’t want to disappoint Jack. Jack walks up and hears her and asks disappoint him over what. Phyllis leaves and Jack still wants to know what she meant when she was talking to Phyllis but she tells him it is time to go to the airport so she will tell him on the plane.

JT and Victoria talk about how happy she is to be back at the ranch again. She says she can already picture Reed growing up there riding horses and stuff just like she did when she was a child. JT offers to make her some breakfast before the nurse gets there and she says that would be great because she is hungry. Then she tells him the nurse isn’t coming today. She admits that she hated leaving Reed home yesterday so she has decided to take him with her to work today. JT says he thought they agreed not to leave Reed at the Newman office in the nursery there. She says she knows but she just can’t bare leaving him right now. She says he is all ready to go.

Daniel and Amber talk about going to a concert together. He tells her he has tickets but she says she can’t go. She tells him to ask Heather to go but he says he would rather take her. Amber tells him to go with Heather because she is refreshing. Daniel asks her why she is blowing him off like that. Jana over hears them and asks Kevin why is Amber doing that. Kevin says probably because she doesn’t want to go out with him. Jana says they have to do something to get the two of them together but Kevin thinks they should stay out of it. Daniel asks Amber if she is still going to move into his Mom’s condo.

Adam goes in to see Victor and asks him if he can go over some things with him. He tells Victor he thinks there could be some work done with The Beauty of Nature to improve the sales figures. Victor tells him that line of perfume is Victoria’s department and perhaps he should talk to her with his ideas. He says he would like to see the two of them working together. He says if he doesn’t mind then that is what he shall do.

JT brings the crib into an office for Victoria since her office is having phone problems. While they are setting it up, Adam comes in and Victoria introduces him to JT. They tell him that he has a nephew. He is surprised. He never knew he had one. When JT leaves Adam tells Victoria he is there to talk about the Beauty of Nature and the sales figures involving it. Victoria takes offence and finds herself defending her perfume. He asks her to please not dismiss his ideas just because he is new and because of whom he is. He says he understands this is her baby and he would always defer to her with anything he does with it. Later JT suggests to Victoria that maybe they should try to get to know Adam a little better. He says maybe they could invite him over for dinner.

Victor goes to the Gym and talks to Nick. He tells Nick that he doesn’t appreciate him hanging up on him. Nick says well he doesn’t appreciate him trying to run his life. Victor tells him the magazine business is a risky business to invest in. Nick says well he happens to think it is a good deal. Victor asks him when he learned to be so cold. He asks why he couldn’t at least have shown the courtesy to his new brother to at least talk to him. He tells Nick how it breaks his heart to have him treat him like he has. He says he only hopes that when his son gets older that he never treats him the same way.

Later in the Club bar Victor asks Nick if he is staying for lunch. Victor tells him that his brother is staying there at the Club. Nick asks why he isn’t staying with him out at the ranch. Victor says because he is very much his own man. He says Adam grew up in a different world than he and Victoria grew up in. Nick says he bets the boy looks up to him. Victor tells him he has no idea if he does or not. Adam walks up and recognizes Nick from his pictures and introduces himself. Nick is surprised that he isn’t carrying the Newman name. Victor says it is because he doesn’t want people to think he got his job because of who he is. He asks Nick if he could talk to him about Newman since he use to work there and knows the business inside and out. Nick asks his Father does he really trust him talking to Adam since he was fired from his job and then walks off. Adam asks Victor just when he fired Nick from his job, before or after he knew he was going to go to work there.

Gloria calls Kevin and tells him she just knows Jeffery is planning on doing something to her. She says she is on her way to meet him at the coffee house and she will tell him more. When she gets there she tells him Jeffery knows everything about them planning to set him up with the poison and he then he poured the poison out replacing it with water. Kevin says he can’t figure out how he found out. She says she is not going to give Jeffery all of her money nor does she plan to play the little housewife of his. She says she will play his little game. She needs to find a way to get his little girlfriend there.

Jan Barrett

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