Katherine complains to Annie about how they are treating her. Annie says she deserves worse than that for pretending to be Katherine Chancellor and tying to scam her family out of her money. She says that woman was a decent generous class act woman. She says although she never had the pleasure of meeting her but after reading her book she feels like she knows her pretty good. She warns Katherine calling her Marge that what comes around goes around.

Clint wonders now if the woman he has kidnapped could really be Katherine since she knows things that Marge would never know. He says it is too hard to get ransom for a woman that everyone thinks is dead so he thinks the key to getting his hands on Katherine’s money is still with the maid. He tells Roger he doesn’t want to hear anymore excuses. Paul walks in and listens as Roger calls the county clerk’s office to request a waiver of the 5 day waiting period for a marriage license explaining that his fiancé just delivered a baby and she is on her death bed.

Michael goes to Victor’s office and tells Victor he doesn’t know what would possess Colleen to take on Brad’s board seat at Newman. JT is shocked too saying she has never shown any interest in business before. Neil says he has known Colleen since she was a little girl and thinks this must have been an emotional decision of hers. Victor says her lack of experience is disruptive and he wants JT and Neil to talk to her and convince her not to pursue this.

Tyra has Anna at the bus station and she tells Anna to just do as she tells her to do. Anna is worried about getting into trouble. When they spot a cop Tyra sits next to Anna and then hands her cell phone to her so she can play games. When Tyra isn’t looking Anna dials Neil’s number and leaves the line open so Neil can hear her while she is arguing with Tyra about getting on the bus. Tyra tells Anna she can call Neil when they get to where they are going. Tyra tells Anna she won’t let anyone take her away from her ever.

When Karen and the social worker can’t find Tyra and Anna anywhere Karen decides to call the cops. She says she just hopes they can find Anna before any damage is done.

Esther is holding the baby when she says she was thinking about moving in with Cloe and Cane but Cloe doesn’t think that is a good idea as she remembers telling Cane the truth. She tells Esther to set the baby down so she could sit with her. Cloe is about to confess the truth to her mother when Lily walks in. Cloe tells her if she is there looking for cane he isn’t there.

Jill tells Billy he smells like a brewery. She tells him this is totally unacceptable behavior for Jabot’s CEO in the middle of the day. She tells him Cane wouldn’t do this. She asks him what is going on with him. He is about to tell her the truth when Cane walks in to tell Jill the truth himself. He tells Jill Billy is the father of Cloe’s baby. Jill is shocked.

Michael doubts that Colleen will ever show up at any of the board meetings but even if she does she will become overwhelmed quickly, He wonders how she even knew that she could take the seat. Victor suspects that someone else is behind this.

JT find Colleen in the break room and says hello to her. He notices when they hug that she is shaking. Colleen tells him about the look on Victor’s face when she announced that she would be taking over her fathers seat. She tells him his father in law is cold and very scary. JT thinks that the reason she has decided to do this is because of the message Victor left for Brad. She says that has nothing to do with it. She says she is doing this to honor her father, and it is just too bad if the great Victor Newman doesn’t like it.

Lily tells Cloe she isn’t there to see Cane. She says she came to see how Cloe and the baby are doing. Cloe doubts that but Esther reminds her that after all it was Lily that saved their lives. Esther gets a call from Roger and while she is talking to him Cloe tells Lily she and the baby are fine. When Billy comes in Lily leaves.

Jill calls Cloe a gold digger saying she targeted their family but has to wonder how Billy could be so dishonorable. She tells Cane now he can wash his hands of Cloe saying she will get him a good lawyer. Cane says he will keep that in mind.

Paul listens in as Roger is on the phone with Esther. She thanks him for understanding about her having to cancel their plans to elope. Roger tells her he is coming to the hospital because he has a surprise for her. Esther is excited saying she just loves surprises.

Annie wipes her eyes as she reads Katherine’s book saying it is so sad. Katherine talks about Amber saying her picture is on the back. Annie denies calling her Mrs. C saying she was referring to Katherine, God rest her soul. Katherine snaps at her asking then why was she kidnapped then. Annie tells her it is none of her beeswax.

Neil gets to the bus station just as Anna and Tyra are about to board the bus. Tyra asks why he is there. He questions her asking him that by asking what is SHE doing there. Tyra says they tried to take her daughter away from her and she couldn’t let them do that. Neil talks her into coming back and not running. He tells Anna he will talk to them and explain it. As they are about to leave Detective Gill walks in saying well now, look who’s here.

Billy sits next to Cloe saying they sure have made a mess of things. He admits he has been drinking. He tells her his mother knows he is the father of the baby now. She says Esther doesn’t know yet. Billy walks over to the baby and plays with her. Cloe shows him how to pick the baby up. He says oh wow as he takes her out of her basinet. Cane watches through the window on the door and then decides to call Michael asking if they can meet saying it is urgent. Lily walks up and asks him if they can go somewhere so they can talk.

JT tells Victor that Colleen is being stubborn and is determined to stay. He is guessing though that she will lose interest in it though. Victor decides to ask Colleen to join him in his office when she tells him she is serious about this.

Esther fusses over Cloe as Cloe is about to confess to her the truth when Roger arrives and interrupts. He tells Esther that he got the waiting period waived so they can get married today right there in the hospital so Cloe can be their witness. He tells her he has a Justice of the Peace on standby waiting for the word. Cloe is against it but Esther ignores her saying yes she will marry Roger now.

Lily explains to Cane what she couldn’t find the right time to tell him that he wasn’t the father of Cloe’s baby. She couldn’t be the one to break his heart. He asks her if she was going to just let him go on believing a lie. She says she would have told him. He starts to walk away so she asks him not to leave. He tells her that he will be ok and for the first time in a long time he will want to decide his life, not his wife or her boyfriend and not her either. He is beginning to think Cloe is right about going after what you want and to hell with everyone else as he walks out.

Victor speaks highly of Brad to Colleen. He says he should have given up his seat on the board once he and Victoria got a divorce though. Colleen point out that the other board members aren’t family and she is enthusiastic and she will learn fast. She says according to his bylaws she is entitled to take over the seat. She assures Victor she knows exactly what she is doing saying this is a great opportunity. He asks her who her mentor is. She says it use to be her father and in order to honor him she isn’t going anywhere.

Anna hangs tight to Tyra while Neil talks to Gill. Gill tells him he is there on official business. Neil doesn’t want to stop him from his job. Gill says he has to take Anna to the station since there has been an Amber alert issued for her. Neil asks him to call Marisol to meet them at his apartment. He begs him saying he will take care of it. Gill agrees to have them call off the Amber Alert but the rest is up to Marisol.

Paul tells Jill what he learned about Roger. He tells her he is a bigamist and he uses aliases saying he has been charged before but none of the women would testify against him. He says he picks up desperate women. He marries the wealthy ones and takes all their money away from them. Then Paul tells her about the call her overheard about Roger getting the waiting period waived today. Jill picks up the phone after she says Oh God and starts dialing.

Esther ignores her phone as it rings when Roger tells her to close her eyes. He surprises her with Cloe’s room being all decorated with paper wedding bells. Esther tells him it is beautiful. Billy arrives and is surprised to see there is going to be a wedding and accepts being Roger’s best man. Cloe tells him she hasn’t told her Mom about the baby yet saying she can’t spoil her Mom’s wedding.

Annie is reading the book as Katherine complains about losing the circulation in her hands asking her to have some compassion. Annie asks her like she did for Mrs. Chancellor’s family? Finally Annie loosens the ropes and tells her only for 5 minutes. Katherine thanks her and walks around to try and get her circulation back. They start talking about milkshakes and when Katherine starts walking towards the door, Annie stops her. Katherine asks her where is she in the book. Katherine tells her how she knew Clint years ago and how he went to jail for kidnapping her before. Annie asks if she is on the level. She tells Annie to ask him. Clint walks in and asks what she wants her to ask him.

Marisol says there is no need to take Anna to the police station but she says the order has been violated so they are going to have to take Anna to a new foster home. Anna says no she won’t go. Lily takes Anna in the other room to play a game while the others talk. Neil lies telling Marisol that he asked Tyra to meet him at the bus station with Anna to grab a bite to eat at a nearby diner. Gill admits he didn’t see them get on the bus. Neil asked if she would consider this a misunderstanding he would appreciate it. Marisol gives in and warns them no more chances. If it happens again they will take Anna away. Karen assures her that it will never happen again.

Victor tells JT to find out who is behind Colleen to do this. He doesn’t think she would have the gumption to do this on her own. He says someone is pulling her strings and he wants to know who it is.

Clint isn’t happy that Katherine convinced Annie to let her walk around to stretch. Clint isn’t so sure that she isn’t Katherine now. He tells her to prove that she is Katherine by telling him something that is not in the book. She tells him she has lost her memory and everything is hazy. He says he doesn’t believe her and orders Annie to tie her back up. Annie tells her she won’t tie her wrists so tight this time but as she waves her knife at her, tells her she doesn’t want any trouble out of her.

Jill leaves a message for Esther to call her right away. Paul suggests she goes straight to the hospital. At the hospital Billy looks over at Cloe looking confused as the Justice of the Peace starts the ceremony. Esther interrupts saying she isn’t having second thoughts but she would like to say something. She says Roger has brought her so much hope and joy and she just knows they will be so happy together. Billy picks up the baby and smiles at Cloe.

Cane meets with Michael at Crimson Lights and tells him this is real urgent. He tells him he is divorcing his wife and he wants shared custody of their daughter.

Jan Barrett

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