Victoria is ready for her first day back at work. JT tells her he is going to take the morning off and spend it with Reed. She says well maybe she should go with them instead. He asks her if she is getting cold feet. She says no but she is feeling a bit nervous. He asks if she means about going back to work. She says no, about meeting her brother for the first time since he was a toddler. She says apart from the fact that he was hired to replace her other brother she knows nothing about him.

Neil comes in to the office and sees Adam in the office and he asks if he can help him. Adam says no, but he informs him that he is working there. Neil is confused and asks since when. He says that he signed on last night. Neil asks a few questions about where he came from and who he use to work for but Adam cuts him off when he gets a little too close to who he really is. Later Victor comes in and tells Neil that he has hired a new man. Neil tells him that he met him earlier. He admits it to Neil that Adam is his son but asks him if he could keep that part quiet for now and Neil agrees. Adam walks in and asks Victor if they can have a short meeting. Neil says he needs him for a second first so Victor tells Adam he will be back in a few minutes.

Gloria and Jeffery are having breakfast at the Club because it is Jack and Sharon’s morning with the living room and dining room at the mansion. She tells Jeffery she can’t stand to be around him. He says he is enjoying it. He says they need to be seen in public together more often. He told Gloria that he will get Jack and Sharon to give up their share of the house but only under one condition. He says the one condition is that they work as a team this time, no more backstabbing. Jeffery gets a call and excuses himself to answer the phone. While he is gone she calls Kevin and tells her that Jeffery admitted to switching the poison for water and now wants to play a little game with her. Kevin asks where Jeffery is and she says taking an overseas call probably from his girlfriend. She hesitates and then says wait a minute, maybe that is the answer.

When Victoria leaves for work JT calls Nikki and tells her that she is gone. She says good and wants to know if she suspected anything. He says he doesn’t think so. Nikki says she just talked to the movers and they are only a half hour away. She says when they get her things unloaded they will go straight over to the loft to load up their things to bring out to the ranch. JT says Victoria is going to be so surprised.

Victoria gets to work and walks into Victor’s office and says Hi Dad I am back. Vic Jr. turns around and surprises her. She says oh, you are not my Dad. After a few things are said she figures out that he is Victor Jr. but he says the name is Adam Wilson. They sit down and talk. She tells him she remembers his mother and tells him that she was sorry to hear about her passing away. He asks if they ever wondered about him. She says she doesn’t mean to sound cruel but no they didn’t. She says it was rough on them and on her Father. Adam tells Victoria he only came there for the job, he says he doesn’t want anything else. She says she is glad he had a place to go after losing his mother. He says being there is just about the job opportunity, he isn’t there looking for a father. She adds or a brother or a sister. He says just a job opportunity.
Nick and Phyllis are at the warehouse while the workers are there decorating it. Nick has all kind of ideas but Phyllis warns him that they can’t be making all the decisions anymore. Jack and Sharon walk in and Jack ask what about them. Phyllis says from now on when any decision is to be made concerning the magazine they all have to agree. Jack announces that he and Sharon are going to Los Angeles. Sharon is as surprised as everyone else is to hear this. Sharon says she isn’t comfortable leaving Gloria and Jeffery in the house alone while they are gone though. Jack says he called the judge and told him about the web cam that Jeffery has all over the house. If they can prove he and Gloria have been spying on them that is a direct violation to the court order.

Phyllis notices Sharon seems a little withdrawn. When the guys go off she asks Sharon what gives. Sharon first says nothing, she is fine. Then she admits that she sort of feels left out. She says they are all doing the work and she is just working on the Foundation. Phyllis calls it a boring foundation. She tells Sharon if she doesn’t like it quit. She says she can’t do that because she is doing this for Jack. Phyllis tells her to just tell Jack she isn’t happy there and she wants to quit. She really thinks Sharon should talk to Jack before she gets too heavily involved. She says Jack is a great guy and he would understand. Sharon realizes she is right and says she will tell Jack while they are in L.A.

JT calls Victoria and asks her to come out to Sharon’s house since Nikki and David moved out. He wants to surprise her. As soon as she gets off the phone she hides in an office and calls Nick and tells him about her meeting Victor Jr. only now he is being called Adam. She thinks he should meet him. Nick says he is not interested. She tells him she thinks he is being groomed for his old job. Nick says well dad doesn’t waste any time does he? Later at home Phyllis encourages Nick to go meet his brother.

When Victoria gets to the house JT surprises her with pizza from Gina’s and fresh flowers and what little furniture they own. She is very pleased with it all. He says it will take a while to fill the place but they can get by with what they have now. He asks her how her first day at the office was. She says she thinks she will just save that for another time. She doesn’t want to ruin this surprise. She calls Nikki to thank her for the dressing table Nikki gave her and ends up telling her that Victor Jr. is in town and working at Newman now. She tells Nikki she thinks he is going to end up taking Nick’s job.

Victor is meeting with Adam when Neil comes in and tells him that his new office is ready. Adam says that’s great. Victor thanks Neil for helping them out with it. When Adam and Neil go out of Victor’s office, Victor notices a picture of Nick and just sits back in his chair.

Jan Barrett

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