Jack and Sharon get home and find the house empty but in a mess. They can’t figure out why everyone would have left it like this with all the lights on and the door unlocked and food all over. Meanwhile Michael and Lauren and Kevin go back to the coffee house while waiting on Jeffery to call them to let them know what the doctor says is wrong with Gloria. Lauren says she wonders what is wrong with Gloria. Michael says it is probably nothing but her nerves. Kevin says unless maybe Jeffery did something to her. Then Michael remembers finding Kevin with Gloria and the vial that he didn’t know what it was. He wants to know what they are up to.

After Jack and Sharon clean the place up a little Michael and Lauren and Kevin come in and ask if Gloria is there yet. They tell Jack and Sharon that they had to call 911 and they took Gloria to the hospital. Gloria and Jeffery walk in and she tells Jeffery to help her to her chair. Kevin asks her what the doctors said. She says nothing but stress. Kevin asks isn’t that strange. He says is she sure they didn’t say it was some sort of food poisoning or something. Jeffery says no, just stress. Michael and Lauren say they are leaving but Kevin offers to stay there with Gloria to help her but Jeffery says he can take care of his wife. Kevin leaves with Michael but is very confused now.

JT discusses buying Sharon and Nick’s old house on the ranch. He tells Victoria about the offer her Dad made for them to help them out. He says they can pay him back in no time and they will have a place of their own. He says at the ranch Reed would have a yard to run around in and a place for him to teach Reed how to play football. Victoria says she is surprised he would be willing to live so close to her Father. He asks her how she feels about it. She says she loves the idea, but then again she is just happy not to be living with her father in the main house anymore even though she is really worried about him.

Nikki sees them and sits down to talk. JT tells her they are about to move into the house she and David are about to vacate. Nikki looks surprised and asks when this came about. JT tells her that Victor made them the offer. He says he can live there and still be dependent. Nikki says she will hold that thought. She says she and David are going to stay in a suite there at the Club until they find a house to buy but they are going to take their time looking to be sure to get what they want.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor talks to Vic about the job offer. He tells Victor that he is not there to look for a father. He says he is there for a career move. He also says he would like to change his name while working there. He says he would like to go by his middle name Adam. They agree that too many Vic’s around wouldn’t be so good. Victor tells Vic a few of the things that is going on in the office since Vic wants to start work first thing in the morning. He offers Vic to stay at the ranch but he would prefer to stay in town. Victor suggests that that he get a room at the Athletic Club. He says ok but he would rather take care of it himself. When he leaves Victor calls the club and tells them that Vic is going to be checking in. He wants them to give him the best room they have available and then tells them to send him the bill for everything.

Nick finds Victoria at the coffee house with Reed. She admits to him that she is ready to go back to work. She says she loves being a mother but she needs to go back to work. She tells him they are moving into his old house. He asks her if they are really going to do that. She says she always loved that house. He says yeah but he got it first. She says well better later than never. She asks him if he is ok with them moving into it and he tells her yes he is.

After Nick leaves Kevin comes in and tells Victoria they are getting ready to close. She gets Reed ready and leaves. Kevin calls Gloria and tells her he is at the coffee house and tells her to meet him there. When Gloria gets there Kevin asks her what happened. She says she doesn’t know. He says with all the poison he gave her it should have showed up but she says she feels fine. He tells her as soon as he figures it out he will let her know. He has the vial and he decides to taste it only to find that the vial only has water in it.

Nikki and David run into Phyllis at the Club and Phyllis tells Nikki she heard she hired Brad to work for her at Jabot. Nikki says yes, Brad is a smart business man. Phyllis tells her that may be but he isn’t much of a man. In other words Phyllis lets her know she thinks that was a wrong move on her part. She says Victor’s loss doesn’t automatically make it her gain in this case. She then excuses herself. Nikki whispers well just say what you think, why don’t you.

Nikki tells David he got a message that she almost forgot to tell him about. He wants to know who from. She says that friend of his that they ran into the other day. David gets nervous when she gives him the message. He tells her that the man is not really a friend of his and wants her to stay away from him. Then he suggests they grab a bite to eat and then go home and pack so they can move out of the house.

Phyllis goes to the Athletic Club to pick up dinner for her and Nick tonight and has to wait for her order. She sits at the bar while waiting and starts a conversation with the guy sitting next to her who happens to be Vic. He introduces himself to her as Adam and tells her he is new in town and starts a new job in the morning. So he says he has no friends in town. He asks her if she would like to be his first friend. She tells him he obviously didn’t notice the big pink flash on her finger. He apologizes saying he didn’t.

Victoria didn’t want to go home yet so she heads over to Newman with Reed. Victor is surprised to see her there so late. She tells him she is going to be moving in next door to him soon. Victor likes that idea. She says she is also coming back to work tomorrow. He says so soon? She says she is going stir crazy. He says he understands completely. He tells her there is something he needs to tell her. She asks him what it is. He tells her that a man name Adam Wilson will be starting to work there tomorrow. He tells her it is his son. He says in other words they have a new member in their family.

Sharon and Jack have their ice cream and they lock up the house saying they all should be in their beds. They head upstairs after turning all the lights out. Jeffery comes out making sure they are upstairs, to get the web cam that he has hid. Sharon quietly comes back down to get her book when she notices Jeffery with the web cam. She heads back upstairs.

Gloria sneaks back in at home and Jeffery catches her. He lets her know that he was onto her about her plan to make it look like it was him trying to kill her with the poison. He tells her he switched the poison with water and that is why nothing showed up in her at the hospital. He tells her he is not mad but he is going to play her games. He laughs and tells her let the games begin and he goes upstairs.

Jan Barrett

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