Abby says she is happy that her mother will be replacing her Dad on the board at Newman, even if it is as she calls it a ‘guilt gift’ from Victor. When Victoria hears about this she is shocked and says this is a conflict of interest, saying it is a mistake. Victor tells her that they should be happy to have someone of Ashley’s caliber. Victoria argues that he is once again putting a new family ahead of his company and his other children just like with Sabrina. Victor sternly tells her to keep Sabrina out of this.

Sharon wakes up in her messed up bed groaning as she remembers kissing Billy. When there is a knock at her door she grabs her robe to answer it. Nick is standing there at the door, apologizing for barging in like this but when she didn’t return any of his calls he got worried. He tells her of course he remembered their anniversary, he just didn’t know what to say to her about it. She turns around and cries. She tells him her tears aren’t because of him as she looks over at the empty wine bottle next to her bed.

Jack finds Billy still in the same clothes as he was wearing yesterday and tells him he looks like death on toast. He teases him asking him what her name is after he smells expensive perfume on him and then asks if he even knows. Billy gets his car keys from Jack and says he has work to do but he needs a shower first. When Jack starts in on him again about staking his claim to his daughter Billy snaps at him to back off.

Cloe is awake and they remove the tubes from her mouth. She is warned that her throat will be scratchy. Esther tells her how relieved she is that she is alive. Cane brings the baby and tells her he named the baby Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby. Cloe tells him that is the perfect name for her. Cane tells her the baby is perfect. Lily just watches in the background.

Karen tells Neil that the next step for the adoption is to arrange an interview. Neil is shocked. He tells her he doesn’t want to do anything without including Tyra. He asks her didn’t they agree on that. Karen thinks back to walking in and catching him and Tyra kissing. She asks him didn’t he speak to Tyra yet and he says he will soon. She doesn’t want to wait because they could take Anna away anytime as it is now. She tells him to talk to Tyra so they can get on with their lives.

Victoria tries to talk her father out of doing this asking him not to rush into it. He tells her he didn’t make this decision on impulse. He tells her she can make her opposition at the meeting. He adds that yes he does expect the other board members to go along with him in this. He reminds Victoria that this is his company and for her not to forget it.

Cloe says she is hungry and she wants some of her Mom’s snickerdoodles. Esther says she hasn’t made those since Cloe was 5 but she will go home now and make her some. When she leaves Lily decides to go too so Cloe and Cane can talk. When they are alone, Cane tells Cloe he is happy she made it through this but he insists on knowing why she was even at the cabin to begin with asking what could have been so important that a 7 ½ months pregnant woman would drive out there during a winter storm.

Jack is still after Billy telling him this is a secret that he just can’t keep. He says it effects everyone. Billy is only thinking about his night with Sharon last night. He snaps at Jack telling him he is right, he is a dog and everyone knows it. The kid will know it too. He stomps out of the office.

Sharon hides the second wine glass next to the bed. Nick asks her what is going on. He realizes she is going through a rough time but he says she doesn’t normally drink alone like this. She says she went overboard but she is fine now. She reminds him that he has tied one over a few times in his day. She reminds him they can’t lean on each other anymore.

Victoria says she understands her father is in charge but she reminds him that she and Nick were both driven from the company last year but when Victor was missing in Mexico it was her and Nick that saved the company by stepping in to run it for him while he was gone. She asks shouldn’t they be in on this crucial decision calling this as it is a slap in her and Nick’s face.

Colleen shows Jack what she is wearing to the board meeting. He approves saying no one will see this one coming. She admits being a bit intimidated by the Great Victor Newman. Jack says he is a blow hard but he can’t touch her. Jack says he checked it out with the bylaws already. He says she is golden and by the end of the day she will have Victor eating out of her hands.

Sharon tells Nick he shouldn’t have come as she starts picking up things in the room. She says she is a big girl and she can handle her own life. He asks her if she really can. He hands her the empty wine bottle. She tells him he wanted his marriage so he needs to stay away from her. She asks if he doesn’t mind, hinting for him to leave, she says she has some appointments today as she goes to open the door. He tells her he only came to see if she is ok and he isn’t convinced she is. She tells him good bye and then closes the door. Once the door is closed she starts crying more.

Billy goes to the hospital looking a lot fresher. He apologizes to Lily for his actions yesterday. She tells him Cloe is awake and tells him what all is going on there. She explains she left Cloe alone with Cane so she can tell Cane the truth. She thinks it is good that Billy showed up though because she doubts Cloe will have the courage to tell Cane alone. Lily tells him she wishes she had the guts to tell him herself. She says Cane’s heart was broken when they lost their baby and this is even worse.

Cloe pretends not to remember what went on out at the cabin but she does tell Cane there is something she has got to tell him but he will hate her for it. With tears in her eyes she says he will hate the baby too. She tells him he is not the father of the baby. Cane backs away from the bed holding the baby closer to him as he looks at Cloe. Billy walks in and Cane tells him to get lost. Billy tells him he isn’t going anywhere.

Karen mentions that a social worker is bringing Anna to visit with Tyra there today so they can talk to her about it then. Neil wants to talk to Tyra alone, not with Anna or the social worker around. He says he will handle this when the time is right. He gives her a quick kiss saying he has to go to a board meeting. He is about to leave Tyra walks in. He tells her he will see her later as he goes out the door. Tyra doesn’t even notice Karen sit there as she gets her coffee and heads out to the patio.

The board members start arriving and Victoria tells Nick about Victor’s plans to replace Brad’s seat. Nick has no problem with Ashley but Victoria brings up how close Ashley is with her brother though. She thinks Jack will get information and cause all kinds of trouble. Nick says if that happens then Victor will get the blame. Nick asks what’s really bugging her about this. She admits it is because their father never bothered to give Nikki a seat on the board. She finally agrees to keep it all professional today. Colleen walks in and Nick sees Ashley walking in with Abby with her.

Cane yells at Billy telling him to get out because he and Cloe are in the middle of something. Cloe tells him Billy can stay. Cane tells her this isn’t true. He tells her she is not going to tell him that she is not his daughter. He reminds her that they had a DNA test done. Cloe tells him that the test only shows who can be ruled out. Cane thinks about that and says but no one else could be the father unless… Billy finishes the sentence by saying unless it’s his brother.

Karen goes out to the patio and talks to Tyra who is excited about seeing Anna today. She is thrilled to hear that Yolanda’s parental rights have been terminated. Karen lies by telling her that she and Neil have moved forward on the plans for adoption. Tyra is surprised to hear that Neil is going forward with that. Karen tells her that Anna needs a mother and a father. The social worker comes in with Anna and Tyra tells her hey baby girl and then hugs Anna.

Jack shows up at Sharon’s door knocking saying “Sharon honey I know you are in there, open up.” She is still in her robe when she answers. She lies down on the bed as Jack looks around saying that his brother Billy had a rough night too. Sharon tells him she doesn’t feel like talking. Jack sits next to her. She starts crying saying she’s messed up He tells her he is there to help her with no strings.

Cane puts the baby down in the bassinet and takes her out the room asking Lily to take her to the nursery. Then he points to Cloe and Billy and says this whole thing has been a joke on him. They explain how all this came about. Cloe tells him that Billy didn’t know about this all this time, he just found out. Cane yells that he gave up the love of his life to be a husband and a father asking does she even care that there is an innocent baby stuck in the middle of all this crap. Lily walks in and he turns to her and says she knew this and didn’t tell him. She says she just found out and she couldn’t tell him.

Ashley stands with Abby and Colleen as Victor stands in front of the board members and talks about Brad the hero. He presents them with a plaque honoring Brad’s services at Newman. He says now back to business and announces that he would like for Ashley to replace Brad’s position on the board. Colleen interrupts saying she would like to say something before he puts someone else in her father’s seat.

Jack listens to Sharon as she cries. He admits life has kicked her around a bit. She tells him about Nick stopping by to say he had remembered their anniversary. Jack says that had to be… as she continues for him saying ‘terrible’. She starts crying again. Jack starts looking for her some aspirin from the drawer when he finds the wine glass but puts it down without saying anything to her. . He gives her the aspirin with some water. He asks if she finished that bottle of champagne all by herself. She lies to him saying yes she did.

Lily tells Cane she couldn’t be the one to take another child away from him and besides it wasn’t her place to tell him. Cane says nobody is taking that baby away from him. He insists that she is his daughter. Cloe just closes her eyes.

Anna talks to Tyra about a problem she is having on her science project. Tyra barely hears her because all she can think about is her kiss with Neil. Anna asks her if she is ok when she notices Tyra wasn’t paying attention. She claims she feels a little woozy and asks the social worker if she will get her a glass of water. When she walks away Tyra grabs Anna and tells her to grab her bag and tells her “Let’s go” as they hustle out the patio door.

Jack tells Sharon he is surprised she isn’t feeling worse after drinking a whole bottle by herself. He tells her she can tell him anything. He reminds her how he handled the news about her and Nick. She tells him she can’t. She starts crying in his arms. He tells her it is ok, to let it out. While holding her in his arms he looks around the room and he notices one of the items that Sharon stole.

Colleen holds the plaque as she talks to the board members saying how much Brad treasured his seat on the board so out of respect for her father she has decided to take over the seat herself, in accordance with article 7 paragraph 53 of the Newman bylaws. Victor objects saying she is a brave young woman but she is highly unqualified for this position. Colleen says she understands that Victor has reason to go after Brad but he has no cause to come after her so she isn’t going anywhere. Ashley looks shocked at Colleen’s announcement.

Cane is sitting there holding Cordelia when he looks at the pink arm bracelet the hospital put on him identifying him as the baby’s father. They have Cloe out running some tests on her when the nurse comes in asking Cane for his signature on the birth certificate as the father. He hesitates at first then he signs it.

Lily finds Billy at Jimmy’s drinking a beer. He tells her he told Cane the truth and that his heart belongs to her, She lays into him telling him he can take his feelings for her and shove them. She says he isn’t even a fraction of the man that his brother is. When she walks out Billy sits there and takes another swallow of his beer.

Jan Barrett

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