Neil and Victor discuss business. Neil tells Victor that he made a decision to make a deal with Nick’s magazine. Victor asks did Nick come to him. He says yes. Victor says he is not interested. Neil says he told Nick that he thought that he wouldn’t let his personal life interfere with business. Victor still says he is not interested at all. Neil tells him that he doesn’t have the same feelings towards Jack and Nick as he does and he really thinks this would be good for business to go with the magazine. Victor says he does not want any part of his company to be involved with this mess and that is final. Neil says ok and Victor leaves.

At another meeting Phyllis comes up with an idea for a new name for the magazine. She tells them she was thinking about the name Restless. All four of them agree that they like it but when Nick runs it through he finds that the name is not available disappointing the rest of them. While they all think they come up with the name Restless Style and it is available so they are all in agreement that that is what they will call their new magazine. Nick gets a call and answers it Restless Style. Neil says he likes the name and then tells Nick that his father killed the deal with Beauty of Nature. Nick isn’t surprised to hear the news. Neil apologizes to him but tells him for what it is worth he thinks they have a good thing going there and wishes them luck. When Jack and Sharon leave Phyllis tells Nick she can tell her is more upset with his father than he is letting on. Nick says no he is ok. Then she says she knows he isn’t going to go see Victor and make matters worse. He says no he won’t do that. Then she says but you are going to do it anyway. He gets up and says yes he is. He kisses her good bye and walks out the door.

At Gloria’s dinner party Jeffery makes an announcement to the family that he got an interesting offer from Jack to buy their share of the house out. Gloria tells him they are not selling. Jeffery says but wasn’t their interest to get Jack to buy them out. She says no she wants the house for them. She wants Jack to move out. Michael says as much as he hates to admit it, he thinks Jeffery is right. He thinks it would be a good idea for them to take the money and run. Kevin says but Jana was really looking forward to having their wedding there. Jeffery says they could always rent them a funeral parlor for their wedding. Kevin says cool, Jana would love that. Gloria says over her dead body.

The conversation changes over to the food, then eventually to the country of Korea. Michael says that’s interesting since he just came back from there. He mentions a particular city there and asks Jeffery if he has ever been there. Jeffery admits he has, several times. Kevin asks if it was for business or pleasure. He says both. He admits he use to have a girlfriend there. He says she calls him constantly. She just can’t let him go. Gloria says don’t let her stop him. He says the girl has a poor family so he sends money to them now and then to help them out.

Gloria tells everyone that next is a surprise dessert. She tells Kevin to come with her to help her. They go into the living room and Kevin says he is going to put more poison in her drink this time and tells her she should taste it now. She takes a swallow and says it doesn’t taste any different. They light the cake and head back to the dining room with it. After they eat Gloria suggests they go back into the living room and when she stands up she pretends to almost fall. Then she pretends to pass out and they yell to call 911.

JT is called into work for something to do with security leaving Victoria and Reed home alone. She gets online and sends her friend Sabrina another email asking her if she lost her email address or something since she hasn’t answered the last email she sent to her. She says Reed is still in the sleep mode right now and Victoria sounds bored. She packs Reed up and goes to Jabot to visit with Nikki. She tells her mother about how Victor boasted about his son Victor Jr. She tells Nikki that Victor offered Victor Jr. a job at Newman. Nikki says well maybe he won’t take the job.

Brad goes in to see Victor. He says he wanted to talk to him. Victor asks him what is he doing there since he no longer works for Newman. Brad tells Victor he just wanted to tell him good luck in the Ivory Tower all alone. Then with a smirk on his face he walks out the office. As Brad is leaving the office with his things he sees Nick getting off the elevator. He asks Nick if he is there to ask for his old job back, Nick says he wouldn’t take it if he could. Nick goes in to see Victor. He tells his father that he is making a huge mistake passing up on this deal.

Heather thinks she has got to put an end to the investigation of Jack Abbot for the murder of JiMin. She hates to admit it but she thinks they are going after the wrong man. Daniel comes in at the coffee house and catches Amber watching Heather. She tells him something is going on out there but she doesn’t know what it is. Daniel goes out there to see Heather. Heather calls her boss and tells him she has to drop the investigation on Jack Abbott. She explains there just isn’t enough evidence. He gets mad and just hangs up on her. She says maybe it is time she goes to a different career. Paul tells her he thinks that is a good idea. Daniel invites Heather for coffee and she surprises him by accepting his invitation.  Later Jack gets a call saying he is no longer under investigation for the murder of JiMin. 

JT comes in to talk to Victor about security updates. Victor tells him he is impressed with his work. He asks how he and Victoria are getting along at the loft are. He says it is a little small but they are managing. He says they are hoping to buy a house soon, but he needs to make sure he has enough money for a down payment first. Victor says in this day and time getting a loan isn’t as easy. Victor suggests that they buy Nick and Sharon’s house and he offers to loan them the money for the down payment. JT says he thought Nikki and David were living there. Victor says he is sure that won’t be for very much longer. JT thanks him and says he will consider that. Later Victor is in his office on the phone when Vic Jr. walks in and surprises Victor.

Jan Barrett

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