JT and Victoria try celebrating their first anniversary with mac n’ cheese left over chicken nuggets and champagne after they get Reed and Summer settled down for the night.

Colleen is calling Brad knowing something just isn’t right when Billy and Lily go over there to help her out. She thanks them for their support and says they must think she is crazy.

Michael yells at Eden for what happened and tells her he wants her to stop lying to him and Lauren and tells her that when they tell her to do something it is usually because they have a reason. Lauren tries to calm Michael down. Eden keeps saying she is sorry but Michael tells her sorry doesn’t begin to cover this.

The doctor tells Nick and Phyllis that Noah is going to be just fine. He says Noah can probably even go home tomorrow. Nick wants to go find Sharon and tell her but Phyllis is against it. He tells her he has driven in the snow before and he has chains on his tires before he will be ok but Phyllis is still against it. She says Noah is out of the woods and he won’t know if Sharon’s here or not. She tells him she doesn’t want him to go and he should just admit it that it is a horrible idea.

Colleen calls Ashley and tells her that Noah is going to be ok but they still have not heard from her Dad. Lily and Billy stay there for support. Colleen says she can’t wait any longer, she is calling the police.

Michael suggests putting a tracking bracelet on Eden. He asks Eden what she thinks they should do. She yells to do what ever the hell he wants to do and walks out. Jana goes to check on Fen and Lauren tries calming Michael down. She tells him Eden needs to be punished but not placed under house arrest. Michael says their best friend’s son almost died tonight and Eden was with him. Lauren tells him he can’t punish her while he is so angry.

Noah asks Jack where Eden is and if she is ok. Jack tells him she is ok but she was worried sick about him and wanted to see him. Noah tells Jack what little he remembers and tells Jack that his Mom is going to kill him. Jack says she will want to hug him first and then she will want to kick his butt. He says she doesn’t know anything yet though, she is still out at the cabin.  But Jack says he checked on her and she is doing fine. Meanwhile out at the cabin Sharon sits with the lights flickering on and off again which worries her.

Nick tells Phyllis he has to do this. He asks if that were Daniel or Summer wouldn’t she want to know. She says not if it risked his life. Nick says he owes this to Sharon after what happened to Cassie. He tells her he is going whether she supports him or not so what’s it going to be.

JT brings out a cake with one candle lit on it. It is a one year frozen cake. Victoria says what a perfect way to end a meal. JT gives her a gift which is a paper bouquet to show her grandkids one day. Victoria gives him a framed photo, with some words written on it.

Colleen says the cops won’t do anything right now saying he is a grown man that has the right to go off somewhere. She asks why we even pay taxes. Colleen insists on going out to look for Brad and asks Lily and Billy to stay there in case Brad calls there.

Eden complains to Jana about Michael not even letting her say goodbye to Noah and how he has been yelling at her all night. She says he probably wishes it was her that fell through the ice and who could blame him for thinking that. She calls herself such a loser. Jana tells her that Noah is safe and so is she. Lauren is with Michael telling him that he needs to look at this through Eden’s side. She just lost her Dad, and the only home she ever knew. Michael is unsure even more so now that he is ready to handle raising a teenager.

Sharon puts on her coat and gloves and grabs the flashlight when the lights keep going on and off. She goes outside in the storm. Yet Phyllis and Nick continue to argue over him going to Sharon. She suggests that he let Jack go but Nick wants Sharon to hear this from him. When he starts to leave she calls out to him to be careful. He tells her he will and they say they love each other.

JT and Victoria are on the sofa making out when someone starts banging on the door. It is Colleen asking for their help. She tells them they might think she is crazy but she is worried about her Dad because she can’t find him. Victoria tells her she knows how it feels to have a father missing so she understands how she feels.

Jana tells Eden this isn’t her fault. Eden confesses to her that she really likes Noah. She asks Jana if she can keep a secret and then confides in her that he is the first boy she has ever kissed. Lauren and Michael are on the sofa in the living room and she tells him he is an amazing husband and a loving father. He tells her that she and Fen are easy and he asks her to tell him that raising boys are easier.

Jack tells Phyllis that Noah is sleeping again. She tells him that Nick left to go find Sharon because she suddenly felt it was his job to be the one to give her the news and Phyllis says it is driving her crazy. Jack says he is sorry. She asks him to do her a favor. She wants him to stay with Noah because she is going after her husband.

Lily brings Billy some snacks. He asks if she thinks Brad will mind her raiding his fridge. She says no, she and Colleen have been friends for so long that she is like another daughter to him. Billy tells her to come over by the fireplace to cuddle with him. He suggests that they go out to the family cabin and says it has a generator and all the comforts of home.

Sharon goes back inside the cabin and puts more wood on the fire. She starts lighting some candles in case the lights go out.

Colleen figures out that it is JT and Victoria’s anniversary and congratulates them but apologizes for interrupting. Victoria says that is ok and they are babysitting anyway. They assure her that Brad is a good driver though. Colleen asks JT where would be a good place to start looking for Brad. Victoria tells JT he should go with heart first Colleen says no but they talk her into it so JT leaves with her after he promises Victoria they will pick up where they left off when he gets back.

Jack tries to talk Phyllis out of going to look for Nick. She says she has to go because she won’t give up on her marriage like he did his. She says she is not paranoid. Jack tells her Nick and Sharon have a son together and it draws them together and she can’t fight that. Phyllis looks at him and says the hell she can’t and then she storms out.

Michael thanks Jana for watching Fen for them. He says the more he says the worse it gets. Jana tells him that Eden is a good kid and he is a good man too. She thinks there is hope for the two of them. Jana hugs Michael and she is about to leave. Lauren is in the room with Eden telling her the problem is the lying. She tells her it is hard for Michael. He gets frustrated because he wants to protect her but she just won’t let him. She tells Eden that the rules they have aren’t to control her they are to protect her because they want her safe.

Phyllis comes to a roadblock and is told she can’t go any further because the roads are closed. Nick made it through before the roads were closed and when Sharon sees him she asks what is he doing there. He tells her not to freak because he is ok but Noah had an accident. He explains what happens and when she wants to go see him, Nick says that is why he is there, so he can drive her. He says it would be a good idea to put out the candles and fie though before they leave. Nick calms her down and tells her that he is there and Noah is fine. Sharon hugs him with tears in her eyes.

Billy tells Lily that he doesn’t want to rush her or anything but how about next weekend for Valentine’s Day. She says she might be busy that weekend. He promises her that when they go they can have separate bedrooms and all. She tells him she isn’t really ready to do the Valentine’s think with him. She tells him about how Cane was really into it and admits that was her first time with Cane. She says she knows she should forget it. Billy says he understands and Lily agrees to think about it.

Michael goes into Eden’s room with Lauren and Eden hugs him as he tells her he doesn’t like what she did but he will always love her. She cries as she is hugging him saying she is so sorry.

Colleen and JT return to Victoria saying they still haven’t heard anything from Brad. Summer is up and in Victoria’s lap telling her she wants her Daddy. Victoria tells her that her Daddy will be there soon.

Phyllis tries telling the officer this is an emergency that she needs to get to her husband but they say no to her because the roads are too dangerous and orders her to turn her car around. Another officer goes to the cabin and tells them that may as well remove their coats because all the roads are closed and they won’t be able to get out. Sharon tells him their son’s been in an accident. Nick says he has chains on his tired but the officer still says no. Nick hugs Sharon and promises her that they will get through the night together.

Jan Barrett

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