Sharon goes out to the tackhouse and is disappointed when Nick only asked her there to talk about Noah. She thinks back to her and Nick’s first wedding anniversary. Nick tells her that Noah has calmed down a bit saying it was kind of crazy there the other day but now he says they have a new game plan.

Colleen calls Ashley and tells her that she is meeting with Brad’s lawyers in regards to the will. Abby tells Ashley she wants to go because it is what her Dad would have wanted. Colleen calls Jack and he tells her he will go with her. Jack is still with Billy but says he is not giving up on him. He tells Billy the right thing to do is to man up and tell Cane that the baby is his. He says if Billy didn’t care he wouldn’t be there getting wasted. When Billy refuses to leave with Jack, Jack takes his car keys from him and then he asks Jimmy to call him a cab when he is ready to go home. Before leaving though he tells Billy to be the decent guy he knows he is.

Jill said that the doctor said that Cloe is doing what she is supposed to be doing, resting and that the baby is doing well. She praises Lily and Billy again for getting Cloe and the baby to the hospital. Jill says she wanted her two sons to get close so maybe this will be the turning point. Cane nods like he isn’t so sure about that while Lily looks worried.

The cabbie comes in and yells out did someone call a cab. Billy says yeah he did as he grabs a coat and says he is off to the hospital.

Noah doesn’t look to happy to see his mother there but he is happy to hear they have decided to let him see Eden. They say they will be giving him more freedom but they don’t want any more sneaking around. They want him to be honest from now on. After everything is settled Sharon says she has dinner plans. Nick tells her not to let them hold her up then. As she goes out the door no one notices her picking up a knick knack off the table and putting it into her bag.

Victor calls Nick to remind him of a board meeting telling him he has a plan in mind to replace Brad’s seat. He says he hasn’t got an answer yet but he will let him know when he does.

Colleen met with the fresh face officials at Jabot. She tells Jack it was her idea to meet with the lawyer at Jabot. She is happy when Ashley walks in with Abby. She thanks Ashley for bringing Abby with her. Ashley and Jack quietly argue over Victor’s offer to her until the lawyer walks in. He says some good things about Brad calling him the hero. Everyone is seated as they are about to start.

Esther cries as she tries to fix Cloe pillow. Cane tells her that Cloe forgave her for sending her off to boarding school. She asks what if this past year with Cloe is all that she has. As she cries she wonders if Cloe can even hear her. Jill tells her she absolutely believes Cloe can hear her. Esther starts talking to Cloe and tells her she never loved anyone more.

Sharon shows up at Jimmy’s and orders a shot. She makes a toast saying Happy Anniversary Nick. She thinks back to Nick saying his vows to her at their wedding.

Phyllis gets Nick’s attention telling him that his son is saying he is a cool Dad. Noah jokes around saying he was only sucking up. They ask Noah if he would like to go to dinner and a movie with them but he offers to stay home and babysit instead and then asks if Eden can come over. They agree but not for long. When he goes upstairs to call her, Phyllis tells Nick he can breathe, reminding him that he is a cool Dad.

Billy shows up drunk asking how Cloe and the baby are doing. Lily tells him he needs to go home. He says no because he is there to take her advice asking where Cane is. He tells Lily she needs to make her mind up, either she wants him to tell Cane the truth or not. When Cane sees Billy drunk, he stops him saying he isn’t going anywhere near his daughter. Billy yells back asking if he is telling him to back away from HIS daughter? Billy says no freaking way in hell. A nurse comes out to calm him down. Jill comes out and asks what is going on. Billy tells her Mr. Perfect thinks he is running the show by giving him orders. Cane says the mother of his baby is fighting for her life in there and he is out there acting like a brat causing a scene. An intern comes and hauls Billy out of the hospital. Cane looks at Jill and tells her that that sloppy drunk is the guy she chose to replace him as CEO at Jabot and then he stomps off.

Nick likes the idea that Phyllis has for Restless Style that they are talking about while having dinner at Crimson Lights. She says this is a classy date as she eats French fries saying she misses this with Nick.

Eden tells Noah how surprised Michael was when Nick called saying it was ok for her to come to the tackhouse. She tells Noah she thinks it is kind of sweet how his parents look out for him. She tells him he is lucky, adding that her Dad doesn’t care what happens to her.

The lawyer reads the will. Brad’s mother and two daughters are the only heirs. His mother will be taken care of, and the remainder of the assets will be split between the two girls. He says Colleen will have control over Abby’s share. Ashley says she thought she would be the one. He tells Ashley that Brad left her this letter and a letter to the girls. Jack reads the letters to the girls out loud. Brad tells the girls to love each other as he loves them. Colleen promises Abby she will always be there for her. Ashley stands there holding her letter.

Sharon is drinking shots at Jimmy’s. Billy comes back and walks past her and over to the bar. Jimmy offers him coffee but he doesn’t want any. He wants a shot of Tequila. Jimmy asks if he is sure and he says damn right he is. She says fine, it’s his hangover not hers. When he turns around he spots Sharon and walks up to her asking what she is doing there. She says she was trying to avoid from running into anyone she knew. Billy suggests that they drown their worries together and pretend they never saw each other. She smiles and says it sounds like a plan. He calls out to Jimmy to bring his friend another drink.

Jill goes to Victor and explains that Billy is out of hand and she needs to remove him from the CEO. She says Jabot needs more stability. Victor reminds her of his conditions for her to have control. He tells her to find a solution, saying this is not his problem. He tells her that her mother would have found a solution. Victor says he doesn’t give a damn what happens to Jabot. He tells her to save her breath, Billy stays. She threatens to tell Ashley what he is doing. He tells her to stick around, she will be there soon, and then she will walk out of there without his 5 shares of Jabot, asking how’s that.

Ashley reads her letter out loud with Jack there. He praises her for being a wonderful mother but he worries about her judgment when it comes to Victor so that is why he made Colleen in charge of Abby’s inheritance. He tells Ashley to protect herself and their daughter. Jack tells her that he hopes she will take Brad’s advice.

Eden and Noah are playing Monopoly and she is winning. Noah thinks the game is lame but he didn’t want to push his Dad. They start tickling each other and then eventually they start kissing.

Phyllis and Nick are in the parking lot at the movies. Nick thinks it is such a long walk to go inside so he has other ideas. He says the hockey game is sold out, and they are underdressed for the symphony. He tells Phyllis they are actually a bit over dressed for what he has in mind for them to do. They start kissing in the front seat of the car.

While Cane is feeding the baby he tells Lily he almost put his brother through the wall. He says Billy needs to blow off steam somewhere else. Esther and Jill come in with some food. He tells Jill he is sorry. He asks if he is doing this right. Jill tells him he will be a pro by the time Cloe wakes up. Suddenly the monitor starts beeping and they all panic. Esther tells Cloe to hang on someone’s coming as Jill runs out shouting that they need a doctor.

Billy and Sharon continue drinking shots at Jimmy’s. As they talk she tells him she shouldn’t be talking to him about all this. He understands and tells her that she isn’t all that messed up. Then he says ok maybe a little messed up as they both laugh. He tells her that marriage isn’t her thing but he thinks she is a good Mom, and adds that is what Jack says. Billy tells her he likes her and she tells him he is funny ad they take another shot.

The doctor comes out and tells everyone that Cloe had a reaction to the antibiotics and they have switched the medicine and hope for the best. Cane tries to comfort Esther.

Ashley and Abby go to Newman but Abby doesn’t want to discuss the reading of the will with Victor. Ashley tells him how Brad left Colleen in charge of Abby’s inheritance because of her relationship with him. She remarks how Brad died being concerned about her and Abby. She only wishes she has the chance to show him they are fine. As she hugs Victor she tells him by the way she has decided to take that seat on the board at Newman.

Jack and Colleen are still at Jabot. She tells him she received an invitation to the Newman Enterprises board meeting. She thinks maybe she should cancel it. Jack encourages her not to cancel saying she really should go but he doesn’t give her a reason why.

Noah pulls away from kissing Eden telling her that they really don’t have to do this. She says yeah maybe they should wait so they slow things down but they start kissing again.

Nick and Phyllis try making out in the car but things are kind of ruined when Nick hits the horn. She suggests that they get in the back seat. Then they decide to just go see a movie.

Jack calls Billy because he is worried about him. He leaves Billy a message asking him to call him. He has no idea that Billy is sitting at Jimmy’s with Sharon. Sharon tells Billy it is getting late. Jimmy offers to call them a couple of cabs. Billy says one works for him and Sharon as she leans across the table to kiss Billy. She starts giggling.

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