Neil tells Nick that Beauty of Nature is on board. Nick wants to know what his Dad had to say about it. Neil says he hasn’t had a chance to talk to him about it. He tells Nick that he got back in town last night if he would like to come see him. Nick says thanks but he thinks he will pass on that one. When Nick hangs up he tells Phyllis that Neil says the Beauty of Nature will be advertising in their magazine, he just got a commitment from Neil. He tells her Victor is back but even though she tries to talk him into talking to his father he refuses. Nick tells Phyllis that he loves her dearly but he does not want to talk about his father anymore. She says ok if that’s what he needs, and then she promises not to talk about it anymore.

Nikki runs into Victor at the Club. She tells him she is so sorry to hear about Hope. He tells her that it was tragic. He says he noticed that Victoria and JT moved out of the ranch. She says yes they moved back to the loft. He says he imagines she will be moving now too. She says yes she is. He says good. She says not to worry, she doesn’t want to be living that close to him no more than he wants her to be that close to him. Before she can finish he walks away. She whispers that she was talking but he pays no attention to her.

JT comes home and finds Victoria on the bed sleeping with the baby next to her. The phone rings startling her before JT can get to it. It is Victor calling wanting to know if he can go visit her and the baby. She says she needs to get out of the house so she will meet him at the club instead. He says ok that he will be waiting for her. She tells JT she was having a nightmare about Clear Springs. She says she must be more worried about he parents than she thought.

Michael is back in town. He tells Gloria and Kevin that he didn’t go off on a business trip this time. He tells them he went to Korea and tracked down the mystery woman that Jeffery has been talking to. He says apparently he has been putting money into an account over there. Gloria is mad because he has been spending her money on another woman over there. Gloria invites Michael and Lauren over for a dinner party tonight. Michael asks what the occasion is. Gloria says no occasion.  She doesn’t need one to have her family over for dinner. Michael asks if they have to come. She says it is important. Lauren tells Michael well it is important. She looks over at Gloria and tells her they will be there.

Sharon and Jack are trying to clean up after Gloria and Jeffery when Sharon spots the cam that Jeffery hid to spy on Gloria and Kevin. She calls Jack in and they try to figure out who is spying on who there. They look on the computer and see Jeffery putting something into Gloria’s handbag. They try to figure out if it is perfume or what. Jack says it didn’t look like perfume. Then they wonder if Jeffery is trying to plant something on Gloria. Before they can figure anything out Jeffery comes in and tells them that it is his turn to enjoy the living room. Jack tells him it is all his now.

Jack tries making Jeffery an offer to get them to move out of the house. He offers him 5 million dollars but Jeffery says that’s too low. Gloria comes in wanting to know what is going on. She throws her purse on the sofa and tells Sharon and Jack that it is their turn for downstairs so they have two minutes to get out. When she and Jeffery go out the living room, Jack and Sharon search Gloria’s purse and finds the poison but they don’t know what it is.

Jeffery tells Gloria that Jack made him a nice offer for them to move out of the house. She wants to know what kind of an offer. He says much more than the house is worth and he is planning on taking it. She says like hell he is. She says he has no idea what that house means to her. He says he is tired of hearing about her dead husband. He says her husband now is alive and they are taking the offer. She says she is tired of his blackmailing her and she announces that they are having a dinner party tonight for her family and then she storms out the room. Jeffery gets the camera and finds a place in the dining room to hide it for the dinner party. He says this will all come to a close tonight with a smirk on his face.

Kevin is at the Abbott mansion and he asks where Jeffery is. She says off buying wine for tonight. Kevin asks her how she is feeling. She says she must be immune to the poison because it isn’t affecting her anymore, she feels fine. Michael and Lauren walk in and say ok they are there for a dinner party hosted by a man they can’t stand. He looks at Gloria and asks her if she wants to tell him why they are here tonight now. He wants to know if this is some other sort of plan they have.

Victoria meets with Victor at the Club. He tells her it was really lonely getting back to the ranch and finding them gone. She says she would have told him but he was away. He tells her that he was with Hope. He says she was very sick but she passed away. He tells her that before she died they told his son that he was his father and that he is hoping he will be coming there. Victoria isn’t exactly excited about this news. She says he knows nothing about the guy. Victor tells her a little about him saying he is a very bright young man. He asks her if she will support his decision if his son decides to take him up on his offer.

She tells Victor that while he was away she learned a lot about what all went on while she was in the coma and how the fight over her and the baby had to have caused tension between him and her Mom. He assures her that it all is fine and she has nothing to do with it. She tells Victor that she wants to go back to work. He asks if she is ready for that. And she says she is going crazy sitting at home. She says she might even hire a private nurse but she wants to go back to work. Victor tells her if it will make her happy then ok. Nick and Phyllis walk up and tell Victoria how great she looks. Nick says hi to Victor. He says he is sorry to hear about Hope. Victor tells him he had the chance to get to know Vic Jr. while he was there and how impressed he was.

Victor calls Vic and leaves a message for him telling him that he promised his mother he would look after him so that is what he is doing. He tells him he may as well call him back because he is not going to go away. Then Vic is seeing leaving the farm house.

Jan Barrett

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