Lily brings in coffee for everyone and finds Cane holding the baby. Cane thanks her and Billy for their help but Lily says it was Olivia’s instructions that got them through it. Billy says it is a good thing Cane arrived when he did.

Rafe talks to Karen and Neil saying the parental rights have been terminated for Yolanda with Anna. Neil tells Karen he wants to wait before they start planning the adoption. He is not ready to start drawing up the papers.

The doctor tells everyone that Cloe’s blood pressure and temperature is dangerously low. He tells them they have her on antibiotics to hopefully fix that. He says the worse case scenario is that she could go into shock and all her organs would shut down. . He tells them to just take this one step at a time. Cloe is wheeled into her room barely conscious as she smiles at everyone.

Ashley tells Jack about Victor’s offer to her for the seat on the board at Newman. Jack says he hopes she told him what he could do with that offer. Back in his office Victor is looking at a prayer card as he thinks back to when he was dancing with Hope in his arms and she was crying. He looks through her Braille Bible. At the same time at the jail Adam is talking to the minister about his mother saying she was like velvet over steel. He said he use to think that the day she died was the worse day of his life abut every day after that has been worse, saying looking at where he is now.

Jack tells Ashley he can’t believe she is even considering Victor’s offer. He tells her it would be a conflict of interest. She talks about the bylaws and asks doesn’t he think she can be fair and impartial. She says maybe Victor’s offer is about rivalry. Maybe it is a chance to rise above that.

Adam tells the minister that Victor welcomed him when he first came to Genoa City. His other children on the other hand were a different story. He says they resented him and they eventually turned his father against him. The minister says he has lost a father as well as a mother so now he needs to grieve. Adam says he has no grief, all he has in him is anger.

Victor smiles as he looks at Adam’s christening picture. He thinks back to Hope being on her death bed telling him that he and Adam were the two greatest joys of her life. She asks that after she is gone that they make peace with each other and love each other and take care of each other.

Cane is sitting next to Cloe’s bedside holding the baby. He tells Cloe that the baby wants her to get strong so she can come home. Esther starts crying as Jill teases her about becoming a leaky faucet. Jill takes Esther off to get a muffin. Esther tells Cloe that she loves her as they go out the room. The doctor tells Billy and Lily that they saved their lives. When he leaves the room, Cloe says she knows she owes her life to them and then she looks down at the baby and tells her she has so much to teach her. She tells the baby she will get better, she promises. Then she gets tired and asks Cane to take her. She tells Cane to take care of her little heart. Cane tells Cloe the baby is his heart too. Billy can’t handle hearing all this so he leaves the room.

Neil thanks Rafe for coming assuring him they will let him know how and when they want to go on with their plans. Karen apologizes to Neil about wanting to go ahead with the adoption plans with Rafe without talking to him about it first. Neil tells her he doesn’t see the need to rush into it since they have only been foster parents a few months now. Karen is just worried that if something happens like if her grades start to drop that they may take Anna away from them. Neil thinks they need to discuss it with Tyra first saying she should have a say in this.

Olivia tells Tyra about Lily saving Cloe and her baby’s lives. She says she thinks Lily and Cane belong together. Tyra thinks back to when she kissed Neil and she admits Olivia was right. She should have went to Neil and told him about her feelings before he married Karen. She says he is the best man she has ever known. Olivia tells her now she is just going to have to find someone else because Neil is married now and he is off limits. When Tyra looks like she isn’t going to let that stop her from going after him Olivia tries to dissuade her.

Lily approaches Billy asking him what is worse, the mother of your child near death or your baby in your brother’s arms. She tells him he really had her fooled. She thought he was better than that. Billy tells her he really thought Cane would be a better father to the baby than he would be. Lily doesn’t believe him accusing him of just not wanting the responsibility of being a father. She tells him if he had manned up to it none of this would have happened. She says she can’t believe she was actually attracted to him. She tells him he better tells Cane the truth or she will.

Cane is talking to the baby telling her she is so strong for one that has had such a rough start. He tells her that one day he will take her to Australia where her daddy is from. He says but for right now he wants to know what her Mommy was doing at the cabin. He looks at the sleeping Cloe and asks her but then realizes that she is probably going to want to know why he was there as well.

Tyra tells Neil that she has been avoiding him saying she feels that she has betrayed Karen and their friendship. Neil doesn’t think one kiss could be considered a betrayal calling the kiss a mistake saying it will never happen again. Tyra tells him she has never met a man like him and then suggests she should leave.

Ashley tells Victor she has been checking the bylaws. He tells her he has been looking at Hope’s Bible saying she has been dead a year now. He says Hope asked him to take care of Adam. He says maybe Hope shouldn’t have let Adam grow up without his influence on the boy. Ashley thinks Adam did what he did because he didn’t have anybody. She says he carries the burden of Hope’s decision and today will be hard for him as well. She tells Victor that Adam needs his family and he is the only family Adam has now.

Cane thanks Lily again for all her help telling her he will never forget it. She tells him this is the same hospital where they lost their baby. She asks him if he really meant what he said to her in the woods about loving her and wanting to be with her. Cane says yes but he can’t talk about that right now there. Lily takes that as a no. Cane asks her if there is something going on between Cloe and Billy after asking why Cloe was even at the cabin. Lily tells him that is a question he needs to ask Cloe as she turns and walks out.

Billy goes to Jimmy’s and orders a few shots of Tequila. When asked what the occasion is he says a baby was born. He makes a toast to the two dad’s. Jimmy asks, two dad’s and then says nothing shocks her anymore. Billy hears someone saying hey Billy and turns around and imagines Cloe standing there. He says hey to her and says she is supposed to be in the hospital and asks what she is doing there. She asks him why he hates her, is it because she fell in love with him. He asks who says he hates her. Jack walks in and asks him if he is talking to himself. Jack says he didn’t expect to see Jabot’s CEO there in the middle of the day. He tells Billy that he called him there so what’s up. Billy tells him that Cloe had the baby and he tells him how he caught the little booger out of the shoot, saying that is a cosmic joke but he isn’t laughing.

Victor puts Hope’s Bible on the table where Adam is sitting at. Adam tells him he didn’t expect to see him there today. Adam continues reading ignoring Victor. Victor tells him he is sure his mother would have wanted him to visit him today. She says he found some pictures in her Bible and he wrote one of Hope’s favorite passages on the back of one of them. Adam tells Victor he is the only family that he has left and he let him rot in prison and now he shows up on the anniversary of his mother’s passing. He tells Victor to take the Bible and get out. Victor tells him well done, he didn’t think he had it in him to stand up to him like that.

Esther holds the baby and names off a list of people that love her and then takes her to the nursery for a feeding. Cane asks Jill if she has seen Billy. He tells Jill he went to the cabin because he was ready to leave Cloe for Lily but now he has to ask what was he thinking of. Jill understands how holding the baby could have changed his mind. Cane says he has to forget his dreams with Lily now no matter how he feels about her because the baby needs a commitment.

Jack finds out that Lily knows about the baby being Billy’s and not Cane’s. Jack thinks Billy needs to tell the truth now but Billy says hell no he can’t. He thinks he just needs to go back to how he use to be saying faceless women are much easier. Jack urges him to do the right thing or the guilt will eat him alive. He tells Billy he won’t want another man raising his daughter. He reminds Billy that baby girl is an Abbott.

Neil tells Tyra that the parental rights have been taken away from Yolanda. She asks what the next steps are. Neil can’t guarantee her that Yolanda can’t ever interfere again so he wonders about adoption. He tells her that he needs to discuss this with her and Karen together. Tyra says if she has any say in this then fine, she wants to adopt Anna herself.

Ashley and Abby are at Crimson Lights and they talk about Abby’s school work. Abby asks Ashley if she is in love with Victor or is this just some sort of crush. Ashley explains she would have never moved them out to the ranch if it was just a crush. She tells Abby that she knows she still thinks of her dad every day just like she thinks of her own father everyday. Abby lashes out that Victor is not her father. Ashley assures her that she understands that he is not a father like Brad was to her but Victor does love her saying he loves all his children.

Victor tells Adam how proud he is to see that he has finally developed a backbone. He says he will leave the Bible with him as a gift from his mother and as Adam sits there with the newspaper in front of him, Victor pulls it down and warns him to never speak to him like that again.

Neil gives Tyra a glass of iced tea and he tells her that he doubts they would allow her to adopt Anna. Tyra says she gets it. He sits down and explains to her if they adopt Anna she would have a great life and she would always be allowed to stay close to her. He promises her that Anna would never quit the church choir. Tyra explains that she had so many hopes when she came there hoping she could put roots down there and they could get to know Devon. She also hoped that he would fall in love with her like she fell in love with him. Neil says “Say what?”. She says she has been attracted to him since they first met and she sees the way he looks at her and she thinks he feels the same way. She asks if she had only told him how she felt would he have married Karen anyway. She asks if he can feel the chemistry between them and then leans over to kiss him.  Karen walks in just in time to see Neil kissing her back and she looks broken hearted as she walks out the door.

Victor kisses Ashley and then tells her and Abby that he went to visit Adam today. He tells them he is still angry. Abby feels sorry for Adam and says he should have asked them to go with him, she would have gone to see him too. She is so sorry that his mother died.

Adam starts reading the passages that is written on the back of the picture of his christening out loud. Frank comes over and asks him did he say something. Adam tells him he can’t stand it in there anymore. He tells Frank he needs him to get that stuff they talked about.

Lily goes back in the Cloe’s room and asks Jill and Esther where Cane was. They say he is talking to the nurses. They ask if she wants to hold the baby and she tells them no thanks. Cane comes back in and announces that he has a name for the baby. He says Cordelia, which means heart. He tells Cloe if she can hear him he would like to introduce her to their daughter Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.

When they bring Billy another shot of Tequila, Jack takes it saying Billy has had enough. He tells Billy he understands that he is scared. Billy admits he is terrified. Billy says Jack’s life is a mess. Jack admits he knows that. He says he has two kids of his own that he never sees and he rarely even talks to them on the phone. They can never get past being impolite. He admits he doesn’t really know either of them. Billy says he can’t be responsible for anyone’s life. Jack asks him if he really wants her daughter to think that the Aussie bartender is her father. Jack tells him that baby is his daughter and encourages him to stake his claim.

Jan Barrett

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