Vic wants to know why Victor is still at the house. Victor tells him he isn’t going anywhere til after the funeral. He asks Vic if perhaps he might consider coming with him when he goes back to Genoa City. Vic says he is going to handle all the arrangements there and then he is going to go back to New York. Victor asks if he is going back to his job. Vic says to a life he knows nothing about.  He tells Victor that he worked every little job he could find to get through college. Victor tells him he admires that but he offers him to go to Genoa City with him and he would put him to work. Victor tells him to at least think about it. Vic says he is burying his mother today and that’s all he can think about right now.

Victor calls Katherine and tells her about Hope passing away. She asks him if there is anything she can do. He thanks her but says no. He says the funeral is this afternoon and he will probably be home after that. When she hangs up, Katherine tells Amber a very kind and loving woman has passed away. She tells Amber that perhaps they should end their session for today. Amber says sure and then tells her she is sorry for her loss, and then says if she needs a friend she is hers forever. She turns to leave then turns back and tells Katherine that she is really glad she is in her life. When Amber leaves Katherine cries.

Vic tells Victor he overheard his conversation on the phone. He says he doesn’t think he loved his mother as much as he says he did. Victor tells him he is so wrong. He says there is so much that he doesn’t know about his life around his mother. Victor tells him that his mothers dying wish was for them to get to know each other better. Vic tells him his mother was the best mother in the world. He feels lucky to have had her in his life. Victor tells him there is a lot he can teach him. He really wants him to think about coming with him. Vic tells him he knows it is hard for a man with his kind of power to understand but he says he doesn’t want anything from him.

JT is all dressed up for his first day at work at Newman. He tells Victoria he knows how her Dad is about people being dressed up in a suit. Victoria tells JT that she is happy staying at home right now with him and the baby. He is amazed that she calls the loft home. She says she loves it there. It is warm and it is cozy. He says in other words she means it is small. She says her apartment in Italy was small and she loved it there.

Katherine calls Amber and asks her to come over. When she gets there Katherine tells her she would like for her to become her assistant when she writes her new book. Amber is excited that she wants to write and is more than happy to help. She gets a pad and pen out and says she is ready to start.

Nick goes to see Neil at Newman and tells him about the new magazine they are starting. Neil thinks it is a great idea but tells him unfortunately he doesn’t think Victor will be too happy about it. Nick offers Neil a proposition for a deal with Newman for the new magazine.

Victoria meets with Nikki at the coffee house. She has the baby with her. Victoria tells Nikki that JT started his first day at work. Nikki looks worried but Victoria guarantees her that JT can handle her Dad. She asks her if JT is excited about his new job and she says yes and she is looking forward to going back to work herself. Nikki tells her she is still too weak to go back to work. She tells Nikki she is fine, and besides with her and Nick gone from Newman her dad is going to need her.

Later at home Victoria emails an old friend of her from Italy, Sabrina. She tells her a lot has gone on since they last talked. Then she is talking to Reed when JT comes in with her a sandwich for lunch. They talk about her going back to work and he agrees that if she wants to go back for like two or three days a week at first then he won’t fight her over it. She can bring the baby to work with her and he can stay in the nursery. This makes her so happy.

Katherine calls Nikki to her house and tells her there is something she would like to share with her. She tells Nikki that Victor is going to need her. Nikki says she is lost. She tells her that Hope died. She says he is going to be home tonight after the funeral. Nikki wants to know what ever became of Victor and Hope’s son. Katherine says Victor never mentioned him but surely they must have talked while Victor has been there. Nikki says he and Hope had an agreement for him not to be a part of her son’s life. Nikki asks if Victor said more. Katherine says that was all.

Nikki says Victor did love Hope. Katherine tells Nikki she has seen a lot of love in her life and she can assure her that she is the love of Victor’s life. She says then why did he let her slip away. She says she still loves Victor but she also started hating him as time went by. Nikki calls Nick and tells him about Hope dying. She begs him to be there for his Dad. She says she thinks it is time for him to reach out to him. Nick says every time he reaches out to him he gets his hand bitten off. Nikki says please. Nick says he doesn’t think so, not this time, then hangs up.

Vic picks out a dress for Hope to wear. Victor walks in and says she will look good in that dress. He pulls out a necklace and says his mother loved it. Victor says he gave that to her along time ago. Vic says then he should be happy because she loved it. After the service, Victor and Vic are back at the Farm. He tells Vic he hopes he will think about his offer for him to go to work at Newman Enterprises. He asks Vic what he is going to do with the farm. He says he is going to have to sell it. Victor offers to buy the house so they can keep it in the family. He says he will put it in his name. He said the farm meant every thing to his mother. Vic asks if there would be any strings attached and Victor tells him no. He thanks Victor, saying that’s a great offer.

Jan Barrett

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