Victor tells Nikki that Nick is at home with his family since it is Valentine’s Day. Nikki says she forgot about it even being a holiday. Ashley asks her how her sister Casey is doing and Nikki tells her she is doing fine and thanks her for asking. She apologizes for disturbing them but Victor asks her not to go yet.

Clint rubs it in to Katherine about the DNA tests proving she isn’t Katherine Chancellor. She tells him that someone is lying because she is Katherine Chancellor. She says she isn’t crazy, it is a mistake or sabotage. She says maybe someone doesn’t want her to be Katherine.

Paul admits to Jill that when he was talking to this woman he was certain that she was really Katherine. She tells him he was just seeing what he wanted to see. Jill says she would give anything to have her mother back. She hasn’t decided whether she wants to press charges or not. She says she’d rather heal than have to face that woman again in court. She says she just hopes that creature, Marge gets what’s coming to her.

Cane takes the baby in his arms and cuddles her. He asks if Cloe is awake. She says very weakly Hi Boog. Billy counted ten fingers and ten toes. He asks Cloe what was she doing up there to begin with. Cloe says she is cold so Billy offers to go get wood but Cane insists on going with him so he hands the baby to Lily. Lily tells Cloe to hang in there. Outside Cane asks Billy what Cloe was even doing there at the cabin. Billy wants to know why Cane showed up. Cane tells him not to answer a question with a question. Cane tells him he never stopped loving Lily. He tells Billy he is not good enough for Lily. Billy tells him he doesn’t have a clue. Suddenly Lily starts yelling for them to come back. When they get inside Lily tells them Cloe is bleeding and it won’t stop.

Victor fills Nikki in on how Noah is doing. She feels so sorry for Colleen and Abby. When Nikki is about to leave she notices the chair with the bow on it and is surprised to hear that Victor has offered Ashley a seat on the board at Newman to replace Brad.

Roger tells Esther they have them booked on the last flight out to Vegas so he is ready to go. She says ok but she wants to go rub it in Jill’s face that while she doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, she will be getting married. Roger doesn’t want to go to Jill’s office. He wants her to just call her the next day to tell her they got married, but Esther wants to tell her now although that thought is tempting.

Paul tells Jill that the background check he did on Roger was clean. She wants him to keep digging because she is sure he is hiding something. She says she certainly doesn’t want to share the estate with a man she doesn’t trust. She says she had hoped the DNA tests would have taken longer. She calls Cane and Cloe and leaves a message for them to call her as soon as they get this. She says it is about Cloe’s Mother. She wonders where they are anyway.

Lily tells Cane and Billy that Olivia was telling her that Cloe might start bleeding and it is coming from inside. Billy suggests that maybe they should elevate Cloe’s feet. They say that because of the storm they are basically on their own there. Cane and Billy are going to try to call the Ranger’s station. Lily tells them that Cloe seems to have a fever now.

Nikki mentions the chair saying most men give women flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day but she says Victor isn’t most men of course. She congratulates Ashley and then leaves. Ashley says she thinks Nikki handled that quite well but she is upset that Victor led Nikki to believe she had accepted the offer. She said she hasn’t said yes yet. Victor tells her he knows she will though.

Esther brags to Jill that she is off to Vegas to get married. When Jill shares her feelings against it Esther tells her she isn’t there to ask for her permission. Jill pleads with Esther to trust her after all she has only known Roger for a few weeks. She asks why they don’t wait. Esther quietly starts to think about that.

Annie tells Clint that Katherine has conked out. She says Katherine is a nobody but a waitress. She wants to know what can they even get for her, a stack of pancakes? She says they need to get rid of her now. Katherine watches them talking as they talk about getting rid of her.

Billy and Cane say it is too windy out there for them to get a Medevac chopper out there but there is an ambulance waiting at the main road but they say it will take too long to get a snowmobile out there. Cloe tells Cane to take care of the baby as she drifts off. Cane tells her she will be fine but he can’t get a response out of Cloe.

Annie complains that she was offered big money to help out in this deal. Clint tells her when Roger marries Esther they will have the money. He says for now they need to keep the look-alike on ice. He says he got screwed out of the Chancellor fortune once before and he isn’t going to let it happen again.

Roger tells Jill it is true that he can’t wait to marry Esther. He says maybe he is being selfish but he doesn’t want her to change her mind. Esther tells him she won’t because she loves him with all her heart so she agrees to go now. Jill tries to tell them if they will wait she will pay for a wedding right there on the estate. That way Cloe could be her maid of honor saying maybe the baby would be born by then. Esther wants to know what Roger thinks about that. Esther seems to like that idea. He says they could get married tonight and Jill could throw them a reception later. Esther makes her mind up and says goodbye to Jill. She tells her the next time she sees her she will be Mrs. Roger Wilkes. When they are going out the door Jill gets a phone call.

Cane is worried Cloe won’t make it if they don’t get her help. Billy suggests they make a toboggan so Lily gathers up all the blankets. Cane tells Cloe to hang in there. He says she has to make it because she is a Mommy now. They wrap Cloe up and set her on the toboggan and they carry her out and Lily carries the baby wrapped into her jacket.

At the bar Paul tells a waitress that he didn’t order the beer she brings to him. She tells him it is compliments of the lady who smiles at Paul. Paul tells her he is spoken for and then Nikki walks in and he is happy to see her. She says she liked his answer about the beer. She tells him she knew he would be there because he told her he was going there to watch the game. He says Happy Valentine’s Day and that he missed her. She tells him she has missed him too.

Victor tries hard to convince Ashley to accept his offer. He tells her she is capable of handling this and he wants her near him. He assures her that this has nothing to do with Jack. She tells Victor her priorities will always be with Jabot though.

Jill runs after Esther and Roger to catch them before getting on the elevator. They tell her that there is nothing she can say to make them change their minds. She spits out to Esther that Cloe had her baby so they all head off to the hospital. Roger is upset because now something else has ruined his plans.

Nikki steals fries from Paul’s plate. He tells her he owes her a nice dinner. She said she is fine and tells him Casey is responding well to the chemo and they are praying that it will work. Paul is assuming she heard about Brad and she tells him yes she has. He also fills her in on the DNA test results saying it wasn’t Katherine after all. She says she isn’t surprised she knew the woman was a fake. She says wouldn’t it be something is Katherine was alive though.

Katherine asks Annie what time it is. She tells Annie while they are alone that she really is Katherine Chancellor and she warns Annie that Clint will cheat her on his deal with her. She offers her money if she will help get her out of there. Clint comes back and says if she keeps talking to put a sock in her mouth. Roger calls Clint and tells him the Vegas trip is off again because of Esther’s daughter having her baby. Clint isn’t happy asking Roger just how hard it can be to marry a woman that hasn’t had a date in 15 years. He tells Roger to make it happen soon. He hangs up calling Roger a moron.

Olivia tells Lily that she has no privileges there at this hospital but she assures her that Cloe is in good hands there. The doctor comes in and says the baby is doing fine but they need to do surgery on Cloe to stop the bleeding. They put a bracelet on Cane’s wrist identifying him as father of the baby. They need Cane’s signature giving permission to do surgery on Cloe. When they are wheeling Cloe to surgery Cane tells her he will be waiting for her when she wakes up. Esther and Jill walks in and Cane tells them what is going on. Cloe murmurs Billy’s name and then she has flashbacks of her with Billy in New York and of some of the time she had with Billy. Then we hear the doctor saying he can’t seem to stop the bleeding. The nurse tells him they are losing her fast and she is crashing.

Nikki and Paul found their way to the bed. He tells her it is so good having her back. She says it is good to be back too. She says she loves being in his arms. He says the feeling is mutual as he kisses her. Nikki admits to Paul she was annoyed when she heard about Victor offering Ashley the seat on the board because after all those years he never offered her a seat even after she proved to him that she could be a serious business woman as well. She says oh well, she is happy with him and now Victor is Ashley’s problem.

Ashley tells Victor that Brad found it impossible to be faithful to both companies. Victor says but Brad committed a criminal act which he knows she would never do. He tells her he trusts her with his life. She wants to just celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together. She says she is flattered by the offer but she has made a commitment to her family about Jabot so she can’t think about accepting his offer until she talks to them. He complains that Jack is a roadblock for them again.

Annie offers Clint a sandwich but says Katherine doesn’t deserve one because she tried to bribe her. He tells Katherine that wasn’t too smart. He says the second he doesn’t need her she is gone. Katherine has a flashback of an encounter with Clint when she kneed him in the groin so hard that he sang soprano for quite some time as they took him to jail. He said whoa! She says that’s right, only she would know about that satisfying moment.

Jill and Esther talk about how beautiful the baby is. Cane is holding the baby when the doctor comes out and tells them that Cloe had lost a lot of blood and they had to give her a transfusion and that they have done all they can for her but he doesn’t know if it will be enough. Esther looks really worried.

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