Lily is outraged at Cloe and Billy lying to Cane when suddenly Cloe’s water breaks. Lily tells her she would say anything to get out of this. Cloe says this isn’t exactly something you can fake and Billy agrees. Lily tells her she isn’t even due yet. Cloe looks down and tells Lily to tell her that, talking about the baby. She starts to panic because all the roads are closed now because of the storm. Lily asks what about a medical helicopter. Billy says he will go out until he can reach a signal to call for help. Cloe says good because she doesn’t really want to deliver her baby in the love nest where her Daddy was trying to get lucky. She tells Billy to stop looking at Lily and go because she is about to have a baby.

Cane is stopped by the ranger telling him he can’t go any farther because the roads are closed. He tells him he has a four wheel drive and can make it through. He tells the ranger there is a woman out at the cabin that he needs to get to.

Jill assures Amber that woman is not Katherine. Jill tells them they were conned but Amber says that is not possible. Jill says she is a phony. Jill says her mother is dead and informs Amber that she has been giving her loyalty to a piece of trash.

Roger has kidnapped Katherine and fights with her to get her inside the sleazy motel room. He tells her that she has a lot of spunk for an old dame. When they get inside Clint says Marge always was a pain in the ass. Katherine asks them how many times she has to tell them that she is not Marge, she is Katherine Chancellor. She says she has plenty of money, and she asks them to let her make a call. Clint is more convinced now that she is Marge. Roger makes her sit back down while Clint warns her to behave.

The ranger is refusing to let Cane go through when he gets a call from Billy asking how long before the roads will be open again saying he has a pregnant woman there. The ranger tells him probably tomorrow. He asks Billy if this is the woman’s first baby, and then tells him to keep her warm and comfortable and then check in tomorrow morning. Billy says he will pay all charges that it would cost to get a Medivac out there. The ranger writes the address to the cabin down and then Cane starts asking more questions explaining to the ranger that he needs to get to this girl who is with the wrong guy right now and it is all his fault. The ranger gets another call so while he is distracted Cane steals a map, the address to the cabin and a flashlight.

Lily tells Cloe she needs to get out of those clothes but Cloe says she doesn’t have anything else to wear so Lily gives her a blanket to wrap up in. Cloe has the blanket wrapped around her as she paces the floor. She says she heard that makes the delivery easier. Lily lays into her more about this lie. She asks how long she planned to keep lying to everyone. Cloe tells her this isn’t the time to be discussing this since she is about to deliver this bowling ball. They start arguing about who’s desperate here. Lily realizes now how come Cane didn’t remember having sex with her, because it never happened. She tells Cloe she ruined everything for no reason.

Neil talks to Victor and he is curious as to who now owns the shares for Jabot. Victor acts innocent saying that Jill isn’t saying and neither is Gloria. Victor says he wishes he could have seen Jack’s face when he got the news that Jill was back in charge. He tells Neil that Ashley will soon have enough to occupy her mind saying he plans to offer her the seat on the board to replace Brad. Neil questions Victor asking him if he is a spectator or a team owner. Victor tells him that he has no plans to be involved with Jabot. When Victor is alone he calls Ashley and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day  and then he says he is sorry but he can’t meet her for dinner because something came up but he asks if she would mind meeting him at the office and then before hanging up he tells her he loves her.

Amber tells Jill that she probably accused the technician at the lab to lie for her so she can keep her inheritance. Kevin says either that or she switched the swabs. Jill tells them that this is enough. Amber feels Jill can only blame herself for the way things ended with her mother saying after all she was trying to put Katherine in a home. Jill tells her it is none of her business. She says this woman is a phony and Amber is a sucker or maybe a swindler. Daniel says he doesn’t want to hear anymore of Jill’s crap. Amber says it is a shame Katherine’s own daughter doesn’t believe her. Murphy comes in all upset telling everyone about the note he found when he got home saying Katherine was leaving town. He says he called the police. Jill says she left town because she knew she would be busted.

They try gagging Katherine and she tries to tell them they don’t need to do that as she fights with them. She begs them not to do this.

Ashley arrives at Victor’s office and she asks if he has been keeping secrets from her. She turns to see a chair wrapped in a bow. She looks at him and says he shouldn’t have. Then she asks if she is missing something here. He laughs and then tells her she saved his life and he wants her close to him now all the time she he is offering her the vacant seat on the board at Newman. She is surprised but wonders if this is a consolation prize for losing her CEO position at Jabot. He says no but he has been planning this for a long time now. Ashley thanks him but asks if she can think about it first. He asks her what is there to think about.

Cloe is in pain saying she has to get out of there. Billy tells her it isn’t up to her now, she is stuck there with them. Cloe tells him not to smile at her. Lily says she is going to go out and try to get a reception. Billy tells her where she can go to maybe get one telling her to take the walkie talkie with her. When they are alone Cloe tells Billy not to touch her. She asks him how long he knew the baby was his. She wonders if he knew all this time and never said anything.

Murphy argues with Jill saying she is Katherine and that maybe she is the fake one. Jill thanks them for reminding her about the ring and she calls the police and reports it stolen. When Jana comes in they tell her what is going on. Murphy says he gave the note to the cops and it said she was lying. He says this just didn’t make any sense. Murphy thinks someone took Katherine and he says if they touch one hair on her head he will kill them.

Roger calls Esther and tells her he will see her soon. Clint tells him to be sure to close the deal and marry the broad. Roger tells him that Esther and Katherine’s daughters keep getting her to postpone it. Clint rants about how Roger can’t even get the maid to marry him. Clint tells Katherine he is going out to buy more bullets but for her not to worry because he has a trained nurse to watch over her. A woman walks in and tells Katherine she is Annie and she is carrying a large knife.

Cloe is wearing a flannel shirt now as she sits by the fire. Billy goes to get her a mug of ice chips. She says if Billy had attended Lamaze classes he would know she still has a long time to go. He tells her that her contractions are 5 minutes apart and then he denies that he told Lily the truth just so he could nail her. He tells Cloe when a contraction starts to squeeze his hand or curse him out if it helps. She asks how come he is being so nice to her. She tells him he never wanted them to be together and he never wanted this baby as she screams out in pain.

Neil brings Olivia some chocolates. He says Karen ordered him out of the apartment for an hour because she and Anna are working on something. Olivia gets a call from Lily telling her there is an emergency. She says they are stuck in the cabin and the roads are closed. Neil takes the phone and asks what is going on. Lily tells him she is ok but this is an emergency and she asks that he gives the phone back to Olivia. Olivia takes the phone back and asks Lily how far apart the contractions are. Lily asks Billy on the walkie talkie and he tells her 2 minutes apart now. Lily tells Olivia Cloe is about 7 and a half months pregnant, maybe more. Then you see Cane walking through the snow looking for the cabin using the map and the flashlight.

Esther and Roger go to Crimson Lights and over hear the kids talking about how Jill called the cops on her own mother. Jill says that woman took advantage of their grief and now she is busted so she ran away. Jill yells at Amber telling her that is enough. She asks that they let her mother rest in peace.

Annie sits there knitting while Katherine struggles to loosen the ropes. She walks over to Katherine and puts the knife next to her throat. She tells Katherine she can’t use the little girl’s room until Clint comes back. Katherine tells her she is hungry. Annie takes out an apple from her bag and whops it in half with her knife telling Katherine she needs to keep her blood sugar up.

Olivia and Neil put Lily on the speakerphone as they hear Cloe screaming over the walkie talkie. They hear Billy telling her to push but they say the baby is not coming and Cloe is complaining about her back hurting. . Billy tells her to push. Lily tells them that the baby could be stuck face up so Billy might have to turn her around or she could suffocate. Lily says the baby might be small enough to prevent much tearing. Billy panics when he hears the word tearing. He asks what is he suppose to do. Lily tells him not to worry, she will talk him through it.

Victor has dinner catered in. Ashley says he is really trying to romance her. She approves of the bottle of wine he chose. He tells her it is not difficult with her and he hugs and kisses her. He says who would ever have thought that he would be able to get close to Abby and that he would have his beautiful Ashley back with him again. He kisses her again as they dance to the music.

Billy has his hand over Cloe’s stomach as he tries turning the baby. He says she is doing somersaults. He hopes he has her turned enough. He tells Cloe to push again. She screams that she can’t. Billy swears to her that he won’t let anything happen to her or the baby and then orders her to push. Lily is outside on the phone getting instructions from Olivia about hemorrhaging but then she loses the signal. Cane sees Lily and runs up to her telling her that he doesn’t care about Cloe. He loves his baby and her. He says there has to be a way to work this out. Billy asks Lily asks did she hear her over the walkie talkie telling her that Cloe did it, she had the baby. They listen over the radio to the baby crying.

While Victor and Ashley eat their dinner, she tells him she has one more gift. He tells her that he doesn’t need anything but her love. She asks him who said it was for him. She says she had a locket made for Abby with two pictures inside. One picture is of Victor and the other of Brad. Victor thinks that is a sweet thing for her to do, saying she is a remarkable woman as he kisses her. Suddenly they hear Nikki clearing her throat as she comes into the room saying to excuse her but she was there looking for Nick.

A female cop tells Murphy that the woman he reported missing is now wanted for grand theft. Amber yells out that she could kill Jill and the woman looks over at Amber. She gives Murphy the note back telling him it looks like the woman took off. Murphy sits down and wonders if maybe he could have been wrong about her. Kevin and Amber refuse to give up on Katherine. While out on the patio Esther tells Roger Jill just wanted her to think that was Mrs. Chancellor so she wouldn’t elope with him. Roger tells Esther he thinks Jill is just jealous and she probably wants him for herself. Esther tells him she can get her own boyfriend. She says her bags are still packed and as soon as she fixes her face they can leave.

Clint comes back to the motel room with some groceries. He gets a call from Roger telling him that Marge is not Katherine and he and Esther are about to leave for Vegas to get married. Clint tells him to let him know when it is done and then hangs up. He looks at Katherine and calls her a phony. He tells her that the DNA test proved it. He says the whole world knows now and no one is looking for her.

Billy takes the baby in his arms muttering his little girl. Cane and Lily come running in and Cane takes the baby from Billy. He looks at her and says hey baby girl, it’s ok, it’s Daddy. 

Jan Barrett

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