Nick and Phyllis talk to Jack and Sharon about the building that they would like to make their new office and warehouse. Jack asks since they are all in agreement should he make the owner an offer. Nick says well he can draw up a lease. Jack is confused saying he thought they wanted to buy a place. Nick says well he is glad they all are in agreement about the place and then announces that he owns the building. He says he went on and bought the building. They discuss their plans for Magazine and the new building. Jack suggests that they take a part of the building and make Sharon an office for the Abbott Foundation that she is working on. Everyone agrees that would be a great idea.

Hope wakes up with Vic and Victor sitting by her bedside. Victor offers to call her nurse to bring her some more pain medicine. She says no not right now. Victor tells her not to be brave. Her medicine would help relieve some of the pain she is in. She tells them she needs her head clear right now. She wants them both to listen to her. It is important to her to know if they will both do what she is going to ask them to do. She tells Vic that Victor loved both of them enough to let him go. Vic says he thinks he just didn’t want him. She says yes he did, doesn’t he see.

She says with his money he could have taken him from her anytime but he let them go at her request. She says she thought she did what she had to do for him. She begs him not to let her die without knowing in his heart that Victor is his father and he will give him a chance. Vic tells Victor he owes everything to his mother. Victor tells him he has lived a lot longer than he has, and if he doesn’t not abide by his mother’s wishes then her words to him will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Hope calls out for Victor. She wants to know if he is there. She says she was just telling Vic some things about him. She tells them both that she has loved them with all her body and soul. She says they were the two loves of her life. She says they are written on her heart. She begs them to please make peace with each other and to love and take care of each other. She whispers that she is so tired now. Vic tells her it is ok. He tells her to rest and then he tells her that he loves her. Vic is lying on a seat in the room when the nurse comes in to check Hope. Victor wakes Vic when they realize Hope has passed away. The nurse says she will give them a few minutes alone with her.

Kevin puts some more poison into Gloria’s tea. She says it isn’t as bad anymore. Now it is more like taking a vitamin. Kevin says she should have enough poison in her system now for it to show up. They are going to have a dinner party where she will get sick and have to be taken to the hospital. She says if only Jack and Sharon hadn’t have come up with this new deal in the house. Kevin says it will be good for Jack and Sharon to witness her and Jeffery fighting. She says but the problem is they are doing all the fighting with Jack and Sharon. Kevin says she needs to really have some bad fights with Jeffery in front of Sharon and Jack and then they can testify for her how bad things were between her and Jeffery.

Gloria decides to make out a guest list for the party when Jeffery comes in. He tells Kevin his fiancé looked like she missed him. Kevin says he is going and Gloria says she is going to go with him. After they leave Jeffery checks out his bug that he put in the living room and hears their conversation about the poison. Jeffery tells himself that he has to hand it to them, they are clever, very clever in deed.

Jana asks Amber if she has seen Daniel lately. She says they have been skilfully avoiding each other. She says she hopes that what happened between them hasn’t made him feel weird around her. Kevin and Gloria walk in and Gloria tells Jana and Kevin they need to start making plans for their wedding. She says planning this could take some time. Jana is impressed that Gloria is not going to fight them about getting married. She tells Jana that it is obvious that she makes her son happy so yes she is going to support them. She says so much so that she is going to let them get married in the Abbott Mansion. She reaches for her purse to get a pen and realizes she forgot her purse at home. She runs out realizing Jeffery could find it and it has the poison in it.

Meanwhile, Jeffery has done just that. He has the vial in his hand and has a smile on his face. Gloria gets home and sneaks in. She hurries up and finds her purse. She looks in it and finds the poison and is relieved it is still there. Jeffery sneaks up on her and startles her. He asks her why she is clutching her purse. She tells him she thought she had lost it. He tells her she might think twice about being nicer to him or he just might decide that she isn’t worth all this and turn her in.

Phyllis and Nick go to the coffee house and Amber talks to them about her designs. She offers to do some sketches for them if they want her to. Nick stops her telling her that Daniel talked to them about her already and handed them a great pitch for her. They promised to call her as soon as something comes up.

Jack and Sharon come home with Noah and find the house all trashed. Sharon says this place is a mess. Gloria comes out of the dining area and Jack tells her it is their time, she isn’t allowed in there right now. She says she knows, but to please give her a minute. Sharon asks her what is wrong. She says stomach cramps but she will be fine. She says it will pass. She said this has been happening for a few days now. She finally says ok, she takes her jacket and walks back into the dining room. They decide to order a pizza for dinner and then the three of them can watch a movie while eating. Sharon tells Noah to do his homework now and then they can eat. Jack goes upstairs with him to help. Sharon tells herself this is not getting to her as she holds her head.

Jan Barrett

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