Jack and Sharon move back into the Abbott Mansion. Jack tells Gloria they have the living room right now. She says yes but she does believe that she has the dining room. She is acting like she is really happy but Jack thinks it is starting to get to her already. Sharon asks Gloria if she doesn’t mind would she kindly not leave things lying around, it makes it look like they live like pigs. Gloria goes to the dining room and talks to Jeffery. She says Sharon complained about how they live and called them pigs. Jeffery decides to make that good and drops a plate of food all over the floor breaking the plate. Then he pours salt all over the table.

Suddenly they hear a dog barking. Gloria says oh good, that means Noah is coming home. She looks at Jeffery and tells him that is how they will get to Jack and Sharon. When Jack and Sharon take Noah upstairs Gloria lures Noah’s dog, Fisher to the door with a steak and when she opens the door she throws it out and lets the dog run after it, then she shuts the door. When Noah can’t find Fisher they all start looking around for him.

Cane wakes up with Lily lying next to him. He says he hates to leave their little Paris. She says she does too but unfortunately they do have to. She says she thinks she needs to get her own place. Then she asks him if things have changed now that they have slept together. He tells her no it hasn’t. When they come down the stairs in the hotel they run into Neil who pretty much so figures out what happened. Cane goes after Neil to talk to him about it. He tells Neil he is pretty sure that he is in love with Lily. Later Lily calls Colleen and confides in her about what happened.

Hope wakes up to find her son Vic and Victor standing at her bedside. Victor tells her it is so good to see her smiling again. She says her lips are dry so Vic goes to get her some water. She asks Victor to try and get close to Vic. She says it was just the two of them all those years. He says he will try to get close to him. She tells Victor that Vic is very vulnerable inside and he is very sensitive. She says he is just like his father. She says he is very much his father’s son. Victor goes downstairs and talks to Vic. He tells him that his mother suggested that they make some sandwiches for themselves. He asks if he wants him to go to the store. Vic says no, the people from the church brought a lot of food over. Vic asks Victor if he wants a sandwich. Vic says he knows a lot about Victor Newman. He says recently divorced, raking his ex wife through the coals, and then he was arrested for murder. He says his mother may thin he is a good soul but he knows better.

Vic talks to Hope about his place in New York. He tells her it is small but not that bad. He says he wants her to go to New York with him. She says he has to stop talking like this. He tells her that he can’t handle doing this with Victor standing there. She tells him it is a great comfort to her knowing Victor is here with her. Victor suggests that Vic gets some sleep. Hope tells him to go take a hot shower and she will have a little visit with Victor. Hope tells Victor that Vic is the type that doesn’t like to be told what to do. He says people have said that about him in his time too. She says yes she already knows that. Hope tells Victor that he was the great love of her life. He says the love he had for her was the purest of love.  Vic is standing just outside the bedroom door listening to them.

Karen rehearses with Pat Benetar and her husband at Indigo. She gives Karen some tips about overcoming her shyness. She is just about to try singing when Neil walks in and interrupts. He says well he can’t stay but he just wanted to wish her good luck. He leaves so they try again. Later when Neil comes back in he hears Karen singing. He tells her that he just ran into Lily and Cane and he says it is obvious that they spent the night together. She tells him he is going to have to learn to accept the two of them being together. Neil and Karen thank Pat Benetar and her husband for helping them out. Pat tells them they have a surprise for them. She and her husband get on the stage and sing them a song.

Kevin goes to see Gloria but Sharon and Jack tell him to go through the service entrance since it is her time for the kitchen. Kevin comes in and they talk about her taking that poison. He says to continue it for two more days but she says no, she has to get it over with tonight.

Jack and Noah go into the dining room and ask Gloria if she has seen Fisher. She says yes she has and a gorgeous dog he is. Kevin tells them the dog is outside chewing on a piece of meat. Jack asks her if she let the dog outside. She says well of course she did. She says he had to go out and do his business. Jack tells Noah they will find him. Gloria tells them she didn’t think they would want the dog to do his business all over the carpets after all. Kevin scolds her telling her she said she wouldn’t mess with the kid. He says she has crossed the boundary now.

Jack and Sharon and Noah find Fisher. Sharon tells Noah to keep Fisher away from Gloria. She tells Jack she can’t believe Gloria would stoop that low as to throw a steak out for the dog to go after like that. Jack says she just made a grave mistake and it is one she is not going to get away with now.

Cane meets Lily at the coffee house and tells her that he missed her. Colleen excuses herself and walks over by Devon. Devon asks her if they are really into each other now. Colleen says that she thinks they are really happy.

Jan Barrett

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