Jana made cupcakes for Valentine’s Day to celebrate. She put on little DNA icing on them which Amber thinks are so cute. Daniel says he has no more shows with Kenneth Winston and they can’t use the money that Mrs. C gave her from the will.

Murphy goes off to his meeting at the Elk’s Lodge saying he will meet her later with her fan club. He tells her when she gives him her last kiss as Marge, saying her next one will be from Katherine, that things are about to change.

Cane is going to meet with Jill at Jabot. Cloe asks if Billy is going to be there. He tells her no way, Billy and Lily went out to the cabin for the weekend. He is about to leave and he leaves her a quick peck on her cheek.

Billy tells Lily to sit there while he goes out to fix things since there is no electricity in the cabin. He comes back in reporting that the generator is out. He has to go out and chop some firewood. He tells her to get naked under the blanket, it’ll keep her warm as he heads out the door.

When Phyllis says Summer is upstairs making Valentine’s Day cards Nick tells her he has to go to the office to catch up. He says he will try to be home for dinner. She says they will play it by ear, no problem. She says whatever. Nick leaves without even kissing her good bye.

Sharon goes to Newman to talk to Victor but is stopped by the receptionist who offers her condolences regarding Brad. Sharon asks her if she will remove the large Valentine’s Day bouquet for her saying she isn’t having the best Valentine’s Day. When the girl tells her she hopes things get better for her Sharon says she does too.

Cane gets to his old office finding Jill sitting at the desk. She apologizes saying she knows this use to be his office. He asks if she did what he asked her to do. She says yes she found a lovely necklace that his father had given to her. Cane says it isn’t because he loves Cloe but this baby will grow up with a father and a mother. He says Cloe is not the same woman that trapped him into this marriage.

Cloe walks the floor talking to her baby as she rubs her tummy. She tells the baby how her Uncle Cane tried kissing her and she felt no spark there. She says now Billy is with the ice queen. After calling and pretending to need Billy for business she manages to get the address of the cabin. Then she tells the baby she isn’t going to use this. She says Cane is an awesome guy, who cares if they have no chemistry. She says she is really very lucky.

Billy brings in firewood and tells Lily the snow is really coming down out there. Lily helps him take off his wet shirt and wraps him in a blanket and then plants a passionate kiss on him. He tells her he sure is glad they are taking this slow and he takes her in his arms and kisses her again.

Katherine arrives at Crimson Lights telling the kids that Murphy will join them after his meeting. Kevin asks what she is planning on doing first once she gets her life as Katherine back. He asks if she has even thought about how rich she is. She says she is going to spread thousands of dollars on her bed and roll around in it. Amber says she knew they were soul mates.  Kevin’s phone interrupts them and it is Gloria calling asking him to get close to Katherine again for her sake. He says he has already told her he wouldn’t. He tells her he has to go and he hangs up on her.

Daniel goes to Phyllis and asks to borrow some money from her saying he would pay her back. She said it is ok, she is just happy to support his art. He asks if everything is ok and she says it is absolutely perfect. Summer brings Daniel a Valentine’s Day card she made for him. When he leaves after saying thanks, Phyllis gets Summer to make her Daddy a card to show him how much she loves him.

Nick comes in looking for a file he needs in the office Sharon is in. He tells her that he thinks Phyllis is right about forbidding the kids from seeing each other saying it will only make them want to do it more. Sharon says she agrees because she can remember how deep teenage feelings can go. She tells him she is working on a skin care angle and wants to know if he wants to look. He stands behind her to look and you can see both are uncomfortable. Nick says this just isn’t going to work, he doesn’t want any more hurt from all this. Sharon closes the office door saying they don’t have to work on the same projects. She says she is not saying he has the same feelings as she does though. He tells her but that is just it, he does. She says well they just have to make sure nothing else happens between them again. She says leaving Newman would be an option. He says he can’t ask her to resign or to stay. He says he doesn’t want her to go which is maybe why she should.

Gloria tries again with Kevin to get him to help her. He says no more, not when it comes to Mrs. C. Cane comes in and orders a raspberry scone saying his wife likes them and he flashes back to when he proposed to Lily. Meanwhile at home, Cloe thinks about taking a ride up to then cabin to see what Billy’s doing with little Miss Perfect. She says Cane’s really a great guy but she hates nice guys. She grabs her coat and hat saying this is what they call being proactive.

Billy and Lily are playing Monopoly have fun together. She tells Billy she knows he is not the bad boy, saying he is better than that. She says she gives him more credit than he gives himself. Billy says he recalls how hurt she was like she had been broken into a million pieces. Lily tells him she no longer thinks they need rules or a timetable. She says she trusts him now. She kisses him but Billy pulls away. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her he has to tell her something.

Daniel goes back to the gang announcing now all he needs is a place to hang his paintings to sell. Katherine says when it is proven she is Katherine Chancellor she can buy a dozen or so of them from him. He smiles at her saying he thinks they can arrange that. Kevin’s phone rings again and he asks his mother does she have any minutes left. He tells her no more calls, no more favors, understand me mother? Katherine hears and asks to talk to Gloria. He hands her the phone and Katherine asks how she is. She tells Gloria that she has really raised two lovely young men and then says she will talk to her again and hands the phone back to Kevin. He asks if she is happy now. She tells him to just keep being a lovely son. A waitress walks up and tells Katherine that Murphy called and asked that she pick him up so she tells the kids she will be right back. She wants Murphy by her side when she gets the test results.

Nick tells Sharon that working together will only get more difficult knowing their attraction and their history won’t go away. Sharon agrees that they need to just cut it off saying giving up her job isn’t a big price to pay. She asks if he has decided to work things out with Phyllis. He says he guesses he is. He admits he still loves Phyllis saying what he and Sharon had was magic but he isn’t the same man she fell in love with. He says he has to hang onto his wife. As she gathers up all her things she tells him to have a Happy Valentine’s Day as she goes out the door.

Lily is freaking out wondering what Billy has to tell her. He confesses that he was involved with Cloe before. Cloe arrives and opens the door just in time to hear his confession. She said she knew it. She had that feeling before. She says this isn’t earth shattering news. Then Billy mentions the baby Cloe is carrying. He tells her the baby is not Cane’s, it is his. Both turn suddenly only to see Cloe standing there.

Cane tries writing a card to Cloe but thinks about Lily instead. He tears the paper up and prepares to start again. He starts again and thinks about Lily again. He sits there looking miserable.

Lily asks Cloe if it is true. Cloe ignores Lily and asks Billy if he knew all this time. Lily tells her to shut up and tell her if it is true. Lily rants on about how Cloe ripped Cane away from her for no reason. She tells her she is disgusting. She says Cane married Cloe. He loved her but gave her up to be a father to Cloe’s baby. She says that is why Cloe is wearing her ring and living in her house and he isn’t even the father. She says he was so worried Cloe would take the baby from him if he didn’t do all that. She thinks about her telling Cane she was moving on for Billy and Billy has destroyed Cane’s life and Cane doesn’t even know it. She tells Billy and Cloe they both deserve each other.

Jill gets a call from the doctor telling her the results of the tests are in. She asks what they are. Meanwhile Katherine returns to the trailer and she finds Clint there. He looks at her calling her Margie asking her if she remembers him.

Nick goes home and finds the house decorated and says it is nice. He says he didn’t get much done at work today. He tells her Sharon was there and she resigned today. He says they are going to miss her meaning Beauty of Nature would. He said she had to leave if this is going to work. Phyllis asks if he still loves them both. He says what he feels for Sharon is in his past and it needs to stay there. He tells her that she and Summer are his future if that is what she wants. Phyllis tells him yes that is what she wants.

Sharon goes back into the office looking for Nick but he is gone already. She looks around the office and picks up a brass item from the table and puts it in her pocket. She turns the lights out and then leaves looking so sad.

Murphy comes home looking for Katherine with flowers for her but finds her gone and only a note left for him from her saying she can’t take anymore. She says she lied to him, she is not Katherine so now she has to leave then signs it with ‘til we meet again.

Jill goes to Crimson Lights and tells the gang that is there celebrating that she got the results. She says it is official. She says that woman is not her mother.

Cane is at home and he can’t get Lily off his mind. After a few minutes he asks himself what the hell is he doing? He paces the floor back and forth and asks “Lily, what am I doing?” He grabs the necklace he got from Jill and runs calling out for Lily as he is jumping over the furniture to get to the door..

Lily asks Cloe if she is that soulless that she doesn’t care that she has ruined two people’s lives. Cloe tells her it isn’t like that. Billy says it isn’t about hurting anyone. Lily questions him asking hurting anyone? She asks what the hell he thought was going to happen. She says they didn’t think about Cane or what it meant to lose him. Then she turns to Cloe and says and you, Cane thinks this baby is his, he loves it, she tells Cloe she is going to break Cane’s heart. She asks how sick and twisted can she be. Billy looks down quietly and so does Cloe. They are looking at a puddle of water. Cloe looks up and says she thinks her water just broke.

Jan Barrett

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